Why aren't lithium batteries allowed on planes? (2023)

You have to travel so soon and that's probably why you landed on this great information. Know what's important when traveling with devicesLithiumbatterien? I bet not! That's why you're here. Well, there are limitations when it comes to traveling by plane. One such limitation concerns lithium batteries. They may seem small, but the effect they can have by causing an onboard fire is unimaginable. Lithium batteries can generate dangerous heat, easily ignite, short circuit and cause fires that cannot be extinguished. For this reason, well-known aviation authorities, including in the US, have banned lithium batteries while traveling.

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  1. Lithium batteries as a replacement- Bothlithium polymerand lithium metal are not permitted on aircraft in carry-on or checked baggage. Lithium batteries have made headlines in recent months. Suppose a single cell caught fire because of the dangers associated with thermal tracks. YouTube has had viral videos featuring various devices, from hoverboards to a pair of headphones. Videos showed these devices bursting into flames. Aviation authorities have banned some of these devices from entering planes, and the latest ban affected US Samsung Note 7 smartphones after they were proven to cause fires and explosives. There are precautions when batteries need to be brought onto the aircraft and they must be kept strictly separate from other combustible materials.

  2. non-spillable batteries- Car batteries or wet batteries are also not allowed on airplanes. But you can enter these batteries if, for example, you have a wheelchair or use the battery to charge a scooter. It may be permissible to have batteries on the plane. However, it is recommended that aircraft personnel be informed so that they can make the necessary arrangements to properly pack the batteries for a safe flight.

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It would be good to inform about the restrictions that passengers should be aware of when traveling with devices that use lithium batteries or with spare batteries.Here are some guidelines:

  1. Use fewer PEDs- PEDs are devices that use lithium batteries as a power source. These materials include electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones, laptops, e-readers and medical devices such as portable oxygen generators. When traveling by air, you must have less than fifteen devices in your carry-on or checked baggage.

  2. Battery Contents and Ratings- Each battery installed in a PED MUST not exceed the following ratings: for lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries; You are not expected to carry lithium in excess of two grams.

For Li-Ion batteries, you must specify an hourly power of less than 100 Wh. I know you're wondering how your battery is doing without a Wh rating, you need to calculate it using the formula below to determine the watt hour rating.Volt* Amp-hour = Watt-hour.If battery capacity is shown here in milliamp-hours, you must divide the amp-hours by 1000 before calculating.

  1. damage protection- Provisions must be made for batteries that may be carried on the aircraft and in checked baggage to prevent damage and prevent accidental fires.

  2. Turn off all devices- Devices on board with lithium batteries; must be completely turned off and not in sleep or hibernation mode.

Lithium battery travel and shipping can be complicated, and if you are not familiar with travel and shipping procedures and mechanisms, you can refrain from traveling.

How do you travel with lithium batteries?

  1. Smart Baggage- Some of the newly made cases come with the built-in charging system to power your phone. As relaxed as they may seem; It's important to remember that many airlines never allow them on board. These cases have built-in lithium batteries. It is advisable to check your luggage to ensure it contains lithium batteries. Take them out of your luggage and take them on board with you.

  2. Lithium Replacement Batteries- If you really need to travel with extra lithium batteries, you should carry them separately with each battery in your hand luggage to avoid and protect against short circuits. We recommend keeping them in their original packaging and sticking them over exposed connectors.

  3. Electronic cigarettes and vape pens- While some airlines still describe vape pens as dangerous, you should check with them beforehand to see if their rules and procedures have changed. Otherwise, electronic cigarettes with lithium batteries are allowed on the plane, but only in carry-on luggage.

  4. Power banks and external chargers- Power banks and external chargers suitable for charging other devices have built-in Li-ion batteries. It is recommended that they be transported with the same care as spare lithium batteries.

  5. Shipping of Lithium Batteries- All boarding requirements must be in accordance with Aviation Authority guidelines. For cargo consisting of lithium battery devices - laptops and phones being shipped and you, as an employee, are unsure if they were packed separately, please contact your sales representative for further assistance.


Traveling with lithium battery devices on board can be quite challenging. They are avoided on airplanes because of the dangers involved if they cause a fire. However, there are those that are not allowed while others are allowed. If you need to travel with them, pack them in your carry-on or checked baggage. Aviation authorities banned them. For those that are allowed, they must be limited to minimize the chance of a fire. Authorities are required to do so even though planes have fire extinguishing systems because; A fire caused by lithium-ion batteries is so big that the system has proved incapable of extinguishing it. Beware of your devices with lithium-ion batteries on the plane.

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