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the last word is worth (1)


heused to beworthI don't regret it, it was worth it
I'm glad you didn'tworththat's really/really/not worth it
if a job isworthdoingheYeahworthwell done -If the work is worth doing, then it is worth doing well; you can't take it

automatic translation

spend, spend, spend, spend

translation of words

Value - cost, value, dignity, price, value, own, value
it —— this, this, he, she, it, he, last words, ideal


forget it he is notworth.

Forget about him, he's not worth it.

It's a lot of hard work, butheused to beworth.

It's a lot of hard work, but it's worth it.

all our efforts areworthLong-term.

All our efforts will be valuable in the future.

It will cost you a lot of money, butworth.

It will cost you a lot of money, but it is worth it.

It took a long time to make, but the finished product isworth.

It took a long time, but the final product is worth it.

I took this job with a big pay cut, but I thinkheused to beworth.

When I took the job, my salary dropped significantly, but I think it was worth it.

I thought about talking to him about it, but decidedheNoworth.

I wanted to try and talk to him about it, but decided against it.

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labeled example*, may contain slang and colloquial phrases.

Examples to translate

Do not accept too much work: extra money is notworth. the last word is worth (2)

this painting isworth somethingAround $3000. the last word is worth (3)

heYeahworthnoticedThatBelarus called for the lifting of all restrictions. the last word is worth (4)

esworthmentioned (=heIt is worth mentioning) that they only studied a very small number of cases. the last word is worth (5)

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We are abrasive
Never let me go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
like it's worth it
We are abrasive
Never let me go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
as I deserve

I wish I could turn back time
I wish I could press rewind
If I had a penny every time I lied
So I could buy a fucking private island
Diamonds are found once in a lifetime
But I traded it in for all those careless nights
i forgot about you
I regret everything I put you through
i can try to pretend
I will not do
But it's impossible when I never face the truth
But that might not be what you want
maybe i'll be honest
just to break the monotony
you can't stop me
all i do is keep waiting on god
this is my last apology

We are abrasive
Never let me go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
like it's worth it
We are abrasive
Never let me go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
like it's worth it

The look on your face when I stumble
I know the words but I'm muttering
I left you with scars and wounds
you tried to kill me but i already did
I deserve it, my image is not perfect
I never learned shit, am I worth it?
I just get nervous
but when i look back
can you feel the curse coming
I hate myself more than you
I think you'll never understand
now i'm here again
I'm a complicated, fucked up and simple guy.
you kept my letter
but you burned my sweater
I know I said forever
we will die together

We are abrasive
Never let me go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
like it's worth it
We are abrasive
Never let me go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
like it's worth it

Never let go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
I deserve it
Never let go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
I deserve it.

I wish I could turn back time
i wish i could rewind
If I lie every time they give me a penny
So I could buy a fucking private island
Only once in your life will you find a diamond
But I traded it in for all those pointless nights
i forgot about you
I'm sorry for what I put you through
i can try to pretend
I will not do
But it's impossible when I never face the truth
But that might not be what you want
maybe i'm being honest
just to break the monotony
you can't stop me
I always put my hope in God in everything I do
This is my last apology.

Never let go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
I deserve it
Never let go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
I deserve it.

(Video) Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: April 21

The look on your face when I walked in
I know the words but I mumble
I left you with scars and wounds
you want to kill me but i already killed
I deserve it, I'm not perfect.
I didn't learn shit, am I worth it?
being alone and nervous
But when I come to my senses, you feel
how the curse fell on you,
I hate myself more than you think.
I think you'll never understand
now i'm here again
I am a complicated, twisted, simple person.
you kept my letter
but you burned my sweater
I know I said forever
We will die together.

Never let go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
I deserve it
Never let go, you're my only
I'm not worth anything you're perfect
somehow you make me feel
I deserve it.

There has been a flurry of statements on photography forums recently that exposure to the right (ETTR) is an outdated concept. The point of contention is that while it may have worked in the past, modern cameras are so quiet that ETTR is currently a waste of time and brain cells. If you believe this reasoning, who am I to question what image quality you think is good enough? — You can save a lot of money. keep reading.

Photon noise dominates the noise in modern cameras with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) greater than 10:1, which I consider to be the lowest level of acceptable noise for photography. Assuming similar sensor technology, shot/Poisson/photon noise is proportional to the square root of the pixel area. Therefore, it is inversely proportional to the pixel size. We can remove the sensor resolution from the image by noting that, for the same pixel size, the SNR is proportional to the inverse of the square root of the sensor area. Therefore, it is proportional to the inverse of any linear dimension of the sensor area.

This means (eliminating differences in sensor technology) that all of the following have roughly the same resolution-adjusted SNR:

  • Nikon D810 6 steps underexposed
  • Sony alpha 7000 5 stops underexposed
  • Micro Four Thirds Camera 4 Stops Underexposure
  • Leica D-Lux 6 2 stops underexposed
  • iPhone 5 correctly exposed using ETTR

Another way of looking at this is that if you have a full frame camera and are often left two stops blank to the right of your raw histogram, you can get the same image shadow SNR, and ETTR reason is to maximize the shadow SNR. - buying an MFT camera and practicing ETTR.

The above ignores a lot of things, including lens quality, sensor technology, readout noise, PRNU, diffraction, depth of field... However, I think this is a useful way of thinking about ETTR.

While modern sensors produce very little noise, practicing ETTR can allow you to improve the power of shadows in post-processing or allow you to use a compact camera to achieve results comparable to larger, heavier, and more expensive instruments.

followIN G


the last word is worth (6)

official:Boy, you've terrorized the whole town, you've lost all your friends, and now you're going to juvenile detention for a week! It's worth it?

Every action has consequences. Some actions or goals have particularly unpleasant consequences, or are exhausting and stressful to unpleasant that the character has to ask himself, is it really worth it?

For most fictional characters, the answer isYeah.Especially if the end result is interesting.

This common phrase is usually said after a character has done something they actually did,realThere shouldn't be, but the opportunity is too good to pass up. Laser-guided karma kicks in and the voyeur/vandal/thief ends up jailed or ridiculously injured. But the character gladly pays the price: it's worth it.

If a character is going through absolute hell, but doing so to achieve something they very much want, the trope can also be used in drama. The stress and exhaustion of doing something for a loved one, such as a child or a close friend, can also be worth it if the loved one is happy and grateful for the outcome.

See also Sting Aesop. If they probably won't say this again afterward, the alternative is that I don't regret it. Every once in a while it coincides with me going to hell for it.

Compare All Men Are Perverts, which says that for a man, the probability of having sex isalwaysIt's worth it, no matter how slim the odds, or how difficult, expensive, or harrowing.

No real life examples please!


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  • An ad for Cici's Pizza shows a man in line at a cafeteria caught between a slow-moving woman and considering jumping ahead of her in line. He wondered "what's the worst that could happen?" He envisioned the woman and everyone else in the restaurant, including his grandmother, attacking him as a "jumper." The ad ends with him moving on, and the narrator says, "It's worth it."
  • Is there milk in an old woman? In the ad, a man is going to drink all the milk that is left in the fridge. He imagined what would happen when his family found out that he drank all the milk. Various dire scenarios, including divorce andsend to jailFill your head. She then said "hmm" and drank the milk.

anime and manga

  • used to beinuyashaKagome and Sango screaming in the showerhot springInuyasha and Miroku run to their aid... and see them naked. The girls beat them up, and at the end Milo laughed and said "it was worth it".
  • dead starPS. 23. "Hot Spring Star Order": Jean gave the witch's ribbon to the old wizard in exchange for the caster's shells. They watch tapes, women stripping (with a countdown on the screen). At the end of the countdown, the woman says "you must be the dumbest people in the world", and the tape explodes. But dirty old Khadur happily said it was worth it: "Now I can die happy!»
  • existsargento. ranaThis seems to be Kururu's attitude whenever one of his pranks results in the victim of the prank hitting him. In the Funimation voiced version of Episode 22, he actually says "It's worth it!" After a recent promotion, a power-hungry Tamama throws him through a trapdoor into a dungeon, locking Keroro and Angol Moa in the same cell inside.
  • a quart ofGundam Wing Mobile SuitThere is a tragic stage version in his backstory. In this case, space-born humans are often test-tube babies due to the genetic engineering required to adapt them to life in space. Quatre's mother insisted on giving birth to her only child naturally, and she died in childbirth. When Quatre's father asked her if it was worth it, this was her response.
  • episode 10blessing, the gang is up against a group of rich snobs in a music contest. Snob plays an elegant and classic tune. When it was their turn, before they could perform their chosen song, Tomoki suddenly sang a very perverted song that upset everyone and almost got them disqualified. Sohara angrily punched him, but Tomoki said it was worth it. They then performed the actual song, "Falling Down," and won.
  • let's go!: Usui's situation with Hime-gami is so bad that in Chapter 56, he willingly accepts a blow from his main opponent (Takeshi Yamato) so you can cover it with your shirt!

    Usui: (slapped with a smile)"I don't regret... that you are naked under my shirt."

  • piece:
    • Marines on an island are paying tribute to the pirate Luffy who left the island for defeating Captain Morgan the Axeman. The interim leader said that in the future they will fast for three days as punishment. Given the enthusiastic "Yes, sir!" in response, it was clear that everyone present felt it was worth it.
    • In episode 258, Nami changes her clothes in front of Lulu, Telestone, and Zambai, causing their nosebleeds. All three were indirectly quoting metaphors when they gave a thumbs up and said, "Shame is overrated!" before passing out.


  • Norman Rockwell's painting "The Shiner" shows a young woman sitting outside the principal's office, disheveled, with her namesake black eyes... grinning from ear to ear.

comic book

  • earlyBirds of preyRecounting the first meeting between Black Canary and Huntress, Oracle sums up the adventure this way:

    Oracle:"You have traveled five thousand miles. You connect with a loose cannon who doesn't value life, possibly a psychopath, and a world class criminal. You put the most pressure on my network. You have faced the deadliest martial artist in the world. It's about getting back at someone who didn't call you the next day. it's worth it "
    Black Canary:"Yes Yes."

  • los 90X MenThat's all Gambit has on the dangers of physical contact with the Power Parasite Rogue.

    rogue: begin,please!You know that the slightest physical contact means that you absorb your thoughts and your strength.

    begin: Worse destinies sprout t�mind chere。

  • insidesuper girlstory arcThe Red Daughter of Krypton, after Supergirl punched him, the alien Zilius Zox regained his spherical shape (he looked like a punctured balloon from a previous fight). He said, "it's worth it."
  • An obscure example comes fromzombie wonder: Colonel America is fighting Red Skull, who uses the Colonel's missing skull parts (both zombies) to dig out his brain and kill him. Spider-Man rips Red Skull's head off with a Power Cosmic, at which point Red Skull laughs, "So it's worth it...allIt's... just for this...", before being trampled by the zombie Henry Pym.
  • in astingy mike patoIn the story, Scrooge and his rival Glomgold race to find El Dorado (actually an ancient lakebed in Peru filled with gold artifacts) thanks to the paper records of an old bank. When the lakebed seemed to be empty, Glomgold stumbled uponrealThe distant ancient lake, where Scrooge had been digging, was a substitute. Glomgold seems to have tricked Scrooge into signing over ownership of the bank minutes before the truth was revealed, only for Scrooge to point out that while Glomgold now owns the bank, Scrooge disposed of all assets as soon as he got hold of the bank. account.yGlomgold now owes you about 200 years of interest on your deposits, which, given the amount of gold, is roughly equal toall the money in the worldUnfortunately, two representatives of the Peruvian government later appeared and explained that no one had paid any taxes on the property since the original owner died centuries ago, which means that he had died decades before Scrooge was born. While Scrooge was miserable at first, he thought the impossibility of Gromgold thinking he owed Scrooge was worth seeing.

Comic books

  • newspaper cartoonpostpartum depressionFeaturing a Sunday striptease in which younger brother Hammie trains unknowingly older sister Zoe with a garden faucet. Standing right behind Ha-mi, her father warns her that if she does what he wants, she will have to take a break. Hammie thought about it and then declared that it was "totally worth it."
  • ACalvin y HobbesThe strip shows Calvin refusing to scratch his itch, only to be tormented by it, until he finally gives in and scratches furiously. Emotion! "Oh man, was it worth it!" Except… his skin was on fire now from all the scratches.
    • Another clip shows Calvin making a snowball and aiming to hit Suzie with it. She warns him not to, and after considering her options, she throws it at him anyway, screaming that it was worth it before Suzie catches up with Calvin and chokes him.
    • The third was during one of the early strips where he and Hobbs frolicked in a puddle. Calvin gets paid to cover his ass with wet underwear. Hobbs simply replied, "That's why I never wear those things."
    • In the fourth strip, Calvin stalks a sleeping Hobbs and blows into his stomach to wake him up. In the final panel, Calvin stumbles away, clawing and punching, saying, "It's a heavy price, but rubbing your nose against a tiger's belly is one of life's greatest joys."
    • When Moe threatened Calvin with the lunch money, Calvin said he saw an ape-like expression on Moe's face. Moe is confused and Calvin happily gives up the 25 cents as he says "that's worth 25 cents".
  • existpeanut, when Lucy asked out loud whether to get her ears pierced, Linus helpfully suggested, "Why don't you just shut your mouth instead?" Of course, she punched him, and the last panel knocked him to the ground. Shang smiled with a dazed expression. state:

    Linus:It's worth a try! Two hits, no! But it's definitely worth a try!

  • garfield
    • In one of the early strips, Jon buys a rubber burger for Garfield to try, then laughs hysterically at the result... until he realizes that Garfield has noticed and gets mad at him. In the final scene, Jon's clothes are torn and he has bruises on his face, apparently Garfield punched him, saying, "It was worth it."
    • In later fragments,the last word is worth (7)Garfield asks an alarm clock what time it is and he says he doesn't know because he doesn't have a watch. Garfield tore it up and said "it was worth it."
  • in acathyIn the comic, the titular character tries on swimsuits in a boutique. Cathy hated how unattractive it made her look and she quickly replaced him before literally hitting him with her bag several times.tear the bathing suit to shredsangry. "It's worth it," he mutters to himself in the last panel as he pays for a stack of rags at the register.
  • Everett's outburst really: One of the strips shows Mr. True being fined $50 by police for assaulting an officer (a lot in the early 20th century, at least hundreds of dollars in today's currency). As he left the station, he said to himself, "It's worth the money! Any officer who abuses newsboys and peddlers is not a good candidate for this unit."

doujin work

  • (link is missing) atbuffy the vampire slayerXander once rescued a couple of very grateful succubi from an initiative. He proudly declares that since succubi feed on life force, the gray hair he will have tomorrow will be worthy of his gratitude.
  • A chance meeting of two moons: Solaris reminds himself to create a very irritating sun for Steel Barricade's day off, getting back at her for making sure he sticks to his diet and thinking he has to deal with her afterwards.
  • son of the storm:
    • Clarke taunts Harry in the sequel, saying that he got himself into a compromising situation while making out with his girlfriend.(carol), to master the Rules Lawyered rule over at least one layer of clothing (nobody said it had to be aeach…the end result was “one shirt, one pair of shorts, and two-thirds of the expected underwear”)—and not only that, it wasCapitan AmericaHarry only said, "The inexperienced voice said it."
    • In a spin-off of the second book,unfinished businessSaid Deadpool, that time in Jacksonville before gaining his powers allowed him to get a close look at Alison Carter (especially her butt) in a SHIELD spy outfit. While that meant he got too close to the explosives, which put him in a coma and sculpted her body, his response was literally metaphorical.
  • existretirethe last word is worth (8)Harry tried so hard to destroy the portrait of Sirius's mother in Grimmauld Place that he and his friends almost burned down the house. When nothing worked, they decided it had to be a Horcrux, and Harry stabbed it with the basilisk's fangs, after whichat lastFall off the wall.


  • For a darker treatment of this metaphor, inArc of Despair: Execution Failure?the last word is worth (9), Junko admitted that the failure of her plan was worth it because sheat lastbreak honesty
  • diplomatic visit: In Chapter 2 of the sequel.fugitive diplomatAfter "invading" Byzantium and paying off Griffin's debt, Twilight succeeded in getting him banned from ever setting foot in Byzantium again. She thought it was worth it.
  • Pessimistic air witch Irena Politek in the world of A.A. she realizes that she has to keep her aristocratic best friend Olga Romanoff completely grounded in reality so she doesn't start laughing. She also enjoyed her displaying her revolutionary sentiments, for example, wearing a red scarf when the air police were on duty, or encouraging new pilots and ground crews to address Mrs. Olga Romanov as "Comrade Captain". . Irena even used the phrase "totally worth it" after a joke that she intended to put "Fun" in "Funeral".
  • he got it right this time:
    • Although the fight with Angel Sachiel turned out much differently due to the multiple Peggy Sue incidents, Sakura Suzuhara ended up injured, although not as badly. But she saw a giant mecha pull a Suplex Terminator on top of the monster; In her own words, "completelyworth! "
    • This was later revealed to be Touji's sentence for the original fight with the Thirteenth Angel, on the grounds that it was directly responsible for his growing relationship with Light. Among other things.
  • Evangelion 303: Shinji and Asuka meet in Chapter 5. In Chapter 6, Shinji reflects on the uncertain and ambiguous state of their relationship, and how he sometimes gets irritated and tired of Asuka's bossy and moody attitude... He concludes that Not only is it worth it, I wouldn't change it. for nothing in the world.
  • existChaldean Shards, Blackbeard was caught peeking in the ladies' room. When Francis Drake angrily confronts him, he calmly grabs her breasts, telling himself that he was worth it just before she slams him to the ground.
  • Destination/Long Night: When Robert Baratheon was called to be Illya's servant, he finally said that his marriage to Cersei Lannister was loveless and he had to put up with her evil son Joffrey (Joffrey). After his death, he learns that all of his children were actually born from Cersei's affair with his own brother Jaime. Robert says that he does not regret her life, nor change it with a single wish, because he truly loves her other children, Tommen and Myrcella.
  • Joker announces he saw Benezia in her 'emergency dress'too oldthe last word is worth (10)The foot paid off when he spilled some drink on his foot.
    • Apparently fifty years before the story, Harry Potter had sex with a triathlete which caused him to have a heart attack and minor nerve damage due to the many dangerous chemicals in his system. After waking up in the hospital, he insisted that it was worth it.
  • existEvangelion GhostAsuka says that her daughter is worth the stress:

    Asuka:a bit. But do not worry. You're a good boy, so you're worth it.

  • existHarry Potter and the hormonesthe last word is worth (11)Fred and George clown in the auditorium.

    McGonagall:Fred! Jorge! detention!

  • existHarry Potter and the Pink-Haired Aurorthe last word is worth (12)Susan punches Draco in the hallway after Hannah is killed by Aunt Bellatrix.

    McGonagall:For the next three weeks, you will be in custody with me for unprovoked assault on another student.
    Suzanne:This is worth it

  • existin my arms, Kurumu bet Kokoa $20 that she would pass out from one of Tsukune's bites, because the latter insulted the others for responding so much. Just before blacking out, Kokoa thought it was "the best twenty bucks [she] ever spent."
  • green house inHow did he live forever without having time for his children?the last word is worth (13)It's worth getting up close to a potentially dangerous foe just to get some rare All-Might goodies.

    Aizawa:You are not rushing into a potentially dangerous enemy for some product.

    Green Valley:teacher teacherThere are things worth sacrificing for!

  • out of malicethe last word is worth (14):

    Harry:Yeah, well, last year I was still pretty happy with [Iana Malfoy's] Buzzing Boils Hex.
    Neville:How are your results? What was that, locked up for two weeks?

  • a moon and a world: After being told that her actions could forever cost her any chance to join the Wonderbolts because she lost a wing and that a mechanical replacement would be seen as an unfair advantage, Rainbow Dash said that if it meant saving lives, it would be worth it.
  • My little pony friendship is magic:
    • in the novelFriend circlethe last word is worth (15),immortal! Twilight talks to her apprentices about the many ponies she has seen grow and die, and concludes that the friendship she shared with them is something to be sorry for.

      "Soon, my most faithful student, the time will come when I send you to this world to learn its ways. By then, I'm sure, you will have discovered many great and wonderful truths about friendship. But now let me give you my first lesson. »
      «That's right: all things pass in time and never exist. Each hello contains the echo of its own goodbye. To everyone you've met on your life's journey, no matter how long you've known them, one day you'll see them for the last time. but…"
      "However... it's all worth it." The princess looked up at the stars and the moonlight reflected in her eyes. “The time between hello and goodbye, if filled properly, will sustain you through each day. Every moment, every laugh, every precious moment spent with the people you care about is treasured, always stay safe. "

    • "Totally worth it" appears at the endenemy minesthe last word is worth (16)Silver Quill comics.Long story short: On Bonding Day, Discord visits Celestia and starts talking about their bond. She relents only when he reveals that she brought him the cake, only to have it splashed in her face as she leaves. She cut to a petrified Discord on the castle grounds, smiling and holding a sign that reads "Worth It!"
  • existNew Dawnthe last word is worth (17)After Dawn told one of her knights to think positively and said she must be screwed, she purposely moved it to a place where it would be destroyed by Ron's queen.

    caballero:I hate you.
    sunrise:I know. If it helps, I'll forego the next step.
    caballero:So why... it's because I made a positive joke, right? It's worth it!

  • Some non-comedy examplesthe night falls.
    • Chapter 3, Original: Celestine reflects on how long ago she and Olga fought for the fate of humanity, leading to a centuries-long war and the breakdown of their friendship. For now, the war is finally over and a new one will soon begin, thanks to the favor of the black dogs, but Olga is by her side now, and it will be worth it in the end.grades.
    • Chapter 2 Remake: Kirill recalls defeating Ludwig, the silver-armored knight who had undergone a face-changing demonization, and the Moonlight Holy Sword bequeathed to him by Ludwig. He thought it was worth lying to him in the last moments of his life.
  • existfeel againthe last word is worth (18)(Not that), Lelouch gets slapped for seeing Kallen naked and declares the scene "worth it."
  • existan eye full of wisdom, Kakashi has no problem with being thrown out of a window, being chased around town and paying for repairs at a bar because after 12 long years,Finally he had to find someone to see what was under his second mask..grades
  • existthe one that harry had trouble withthe last word is worth (19)Ginny asks Harry to come with her to Slughorn's party.

    Harry:Ginny, yo...
    Ron:No! No, Ginny. That's what she meant. Seriously, don't you get it? he. Yes. Overcome. you! So back off, sis.
    [Ginny leaves]
    Harry:Ron, did you know that she was going to hurt you?
    Ron:SoysoDead but worth it.

  • Ranma: Abridged Chronicle: in CanonRanma, after Ranma's shirt is ripped and he transforms into a girl, Ryokawa can clearly see her breasts before being kicked in the face. Here, she yells "It's worth it!" while she takes a hit.
  • Ascent of the Minisucas: Fuyuki let Gendo know that she saw the video of him asking his son how his puberty was going and didn't delete it. She knew Gendo would make her pay for it, but she thought it was a small price to pay. This opportunity is too good to pass up.
  • RWBY: Epic of the Remnant: No matter how many times other people beat him up for it, Angra Mainyu thinks it's worth annoying people because it's fun.
  • bounce: Springtrap discusses approval of a script for a companion cartoon featuring Freddy, with goofy content like the canceled Gold Bonnie giving birth to triplet bears since going missing. He later said that when he was dressed as Fred the bear a few months later, kids would ask him about Kim Bonnie's bear kids, but he thought it was worth throwing the cartoon creator a bone in return.
  • existHaruhi Suzuki no indexWhile the SOS Brigade was working in a restaurant, Taniguchi ordered cup after cup of coffee, trying to get Kanzaki or Asahina, who were waitresses, to serve them. Kyosuke foiled his attempt by allowing Xu to accept and deliver his orders. after himWOMEN 97Cup, Sora took pity on him and begged Kanzaki to finally serve him. Taniguchi was ecstatic and said that losing almost all of his money was worth it.
  • This bite!:
    • Cross's version of the horrible stories of the pranks he pulled on the rest of the crew and his guests, even after he was mugged and beaten. Just how he wanted.
    • Cross and Soundbite said this while hanging Rocketman's window in response to Nami's criticism that they would die.
  • existstorm of change, Phoenix Wright had a horrible time in Equestria, didn't get the money he could use, and no one believed him when he returned to Earth. He thought the risk was worth itHe finds out that Trixie gave him a wizard hat, like he wanted as a child, and finds a picture of him with the ponies, which Trixie autographs and writes "thank you."

    phoenix: you know... maybe I got something out of that...

  • existSinuous roadthe last word is worth (20)Daphne taunted Draco, saying that he couldn't magically reveal what was going on in Harry and Hermione's room in Slytherin.

    Daphne's mother:I just spoke with Narcissa Malfoy. You have some explaining to do.

  • wolf childthe last word is worth (21):

    Fred/Jorge:We were detained, but it was worth it to see Snape's face after we traded everything he had for food!

  • existYu-Gi-Oh! aerodynamic series, when Melvin summoned the pterodactyl of Ra, Joy called hax and said that it was impossible for Melvin to capture Moltres without going to the Kanto region.

    Melvin:(pause) Of course you know, you're damned just for that joke.
    joey:it's worth it

Cinema - Animation

  • when cartoonists faced the prospect of deaththe simpsons movieReminiscing about his life of collecting comics, board games, and other solitary/geek interests, he smiles and smugly sums up "Life is good!" Which is funny because in the Halloween episode of the show, after he was in the moments before the nuke went off, he claimed that he wasted his life.
  • existJustice League: The Flashpoint Paradox:
    • Zoom is more than happy for the world to be destroyed, as long as Flash suffers and dies. He didn't even care that he died too.
    • Thomas Wayne agrees to help restore the timeline even though he and his wife are dead in the original timeline because their son Bruce will survive.grades.
  • MoviechickThere are the main characters who cause the city to panic as the sky falls. After everyone thinks he is an acorn, he is treated badly by the town despite his young age. The film ends with this metaphor, because while the sky didn't actually fall, a part of what looked like an alien craft did, and in doing so helped stop the invasion and restore their reputation.

Movie - Live Action

  • an important topic inshameless bastardThe morons know that they will almost certainly die hunting down the Nazis. However, they believed their cause was worth sacrificing their lives. This comes up several times in the film, most notably at the end, when two bastards lock themselves in a burning building with dynamite strapped to their ankles to make sure they can kill as many Nazis as possible before they die. And he could have killed Hitler himself.
  • Star Trek: Generations.Kirk is dead and mentions the affair (andallhis adventures in general), he said, "That's...placer
  • In the 2005 film versionCasanova,Giacamo Casanova seduces a novice (essentially a nun). When other church members went in to try to find him, she escaped, but they found a man's shoe under the novice's bed. They turned to her and said: "One night with Casanova, it was all over." The novice turned to himself and said, "Seems fair."
  • changes occur inMan in blackWhen Kay offers Officer Edwards the chance to join the organization of the same name, he fights against an alien threat and protects humanity. The problem is that Edwards has to be cut off from all human contact, and no one knows he exists, ever. She asked if it was worth it, to which Kay replied without hesitation, "Oh yeah, it's worth it. If you're strong enough." (Seeing that Edwards accepted his offer, she obviously thought thatused to beworth. )
  • existTransformers: The Dark Side of the Moon,Former Secret Service agent Simmons had this to say after he was threatened with arrest after kissing his (politically very powerful) ex-girlfriend in his post-victory euphoria.

    Arrest me, handcuff me.soworth.

  • existlost land, Will sacrifices himself by ordering Rick and Holly to jump the portal to Earth, while he immobilizes the big bad until the portal closes. At first, Will regrets that he won't be able to return to Earth and see his friends again, but then he discovers thatCha-ka has a group of very beautiful, almost naked women who surround Will and rub themselves on him.Will then announces that he made the right decision.
  • existforget, Beech said confidently that he would be happy to take a one-way trip if it meant seeingThe look on Tet's face the moment before he was destroyed, he got his wish.
  • Deadpool (2016): Deadpool ambushed a mob, but only had 12 bullets available ("Some of you will have to share!"). As he counts down the number of bullets remaining, he manages to shoot most of the bad guys in the head... until one lucky thug manages to shoot him in the ass. Deadpool kills him, then spends two more bullets on his corpse.

    dead pool:craziness! ……to worth.

  • longest yardIt is available in both the original and the remake.

    Pablo Crewe:Is it worth it when you bust the Guardian? Is it worth spending the rest of your life here?
    just:"It's worth it?" Worth every damn second.

  • existStar Wars: The Last Jedi, after Finn and Roses' mission to find the Master Codebreaker in Canto BightFar to the south, creatures called Fathiers were locked up and then escaped, leading the First Order on a frenzied chase and destroying much of Canto Bight and its casino in the process. They eventually reached the brink and seemed to have lost, but Finn said the city was worth destroying, whose wealth owes its fortune to First Order war profits. Rose then unsaddled her father's saddle, released her, and said it was worth it now.
  • league of gentlemenTo maintain discipline, Hyde said he would deduct £100 for minor breaches and £500 for major breaches from the offenders' loot. The only person fined was Lexy, who snuck out to meet her girlfriend the night before The Caper, only to be caught by Hyde and Race as she tried to sneak back into the house. Lexy smirked when Race asked how much she was worth. "Oh, I'd take the full five hundred, sir."


(Video) Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: April 19

  • Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Men: The infamous 'live weasel-filled surrogate mummy' hoax led to the demise of the Egyptian Empire. All parties involved felt it was worth it.
  • Merlin gives Queen Sally Ann a little surprise early in the fourth quarterSafe placeBook,mighty Fortress,It was there that he piloted his scout plane through a hidden hatch without first warning Sharleyan. To her, it seemed that he was about to fly into the mountains. Despite her anger and her determination to make Merlin pay, he declares that it was really worth it.
  • On Discworld, the witch Nanny Ogg often throws these things at her old friend Esmeralda Weatherwax. Mainly for the laughs, but also because she knows that without the foundation of frequent irritating and irritating things, Granny Wither Wax is such a powerful witch that she could easily lose all connection to reality and start laughing. "The sea and the little fish" is a tale that tells a story so "totally valuable" that the nanny pulls the granny.
  • Harry Dresden has an amazingdresden filesnovelgrave danger.Red Palace Vampire BiancaKidnapped Harry's girlfriendShe boasts that there is nothing he can do about it, because it will start a war between vampires and wizards. Harry said matter-of-factly that he couldn't think of a better reason than war.Save the woman you love.he continuesSummon the spirits of the dead, set almost anything on fire, and take down villains and houses.
    • Although, unlike most of these examples, Harry ends up questioning whether he made the right decision because the Red Court didn't joke about that war.
      • finally,Harry won the war. By killing the Red Court. all of them.
    • Mab gloats that his new winter knight is after him.he attempted suicide to avoid becoming a monster, then six months after she healed him,use it as a bargaining chipHe later held a gun to her head and threatened her when her body could kill her.
  • A song of ice and fireThere is an in-universe example, the song "The Dornish Wife":

    Brothers, oh brothers, my days here are over
    Dornish men took my life
    But what does it matter because everyone must die
    Tried Dornish Wife

  • An absolutely hilarious appearance ineverywhereAfter the Gate is kidnapped and taken to the maze, Hunter mentions that without the Angel Sign, they would surely go insane, as there is nothing to protect them from the Beast of London. The marquis took out an angel token, which he had taken from Dole's father's study earlier in the book, and asked sheepishly, "You mean like that?"

    The marquess felt, then, that the look on Hunter's face made up for most of what had happened the week before.

  • existfood codeAt one point, a cocky Jerkass tries to prevent a key ally of the main character from attending a meeting due to fantastic racism towards him, and Amara proceeds to beat the guy up, breaking her arm in the process, later declaring it was all worth it.
  • existfear of the wise man(a part ofChronicles of the Kingslayerseries), the protagonist Kvothe returns to the university after a six-month absence. During his re-entry interview, his most hated teacher declares that he heard that Kvothe is dead (in a tone that suggests he wishes it were true). Kvothe replied that he had heard that the teacher wore a cheerful red corset as proof that people shouldn't believe everything they hear. He was immediately accused of inappropriately addressing his host and fined for his insolence. He declared that it was money well spent.
  • existflame dome, the Styrian priestess Sephrenia had had enough of the obstruction of another Styrian. The final straw comes when he insults his goddess, and she resorts to Elene's "wild" intimidation tactics: knocking him to the ground and even threatening to put a death curse on him (which she eventually cooperates with). She later realized that she had sprained her wrist doing it, but later she admitted to the others that she had no regrets and that she saw how bad bullying can sometimes be.satisfying.
  • existlast questionDuring a morning meeting (this scene also appears in the movieSherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), Moriarty warned Holmes: "If you are clever enough to ruin me, rest assured I will do the same to you." Down with the Napoleon of crime:

    "Mr. Moriarty, you have given me a few words of praise... Allow me to repay you. If I am convinced of the possibility of the former, I will gladly accept the latter for the public good."

  • existThe extraordinary education of Nicholas Benedict, prequelmystic benedictineseries, which is why Nicholas Benedict humiliates a gang of orphanage thugs trying to subject him to the "enlightenment", which may involve Swirlie at the beginning of the book. He knew that he would probably make his enemy no matter how long they were in the orphanage, but after being bullied for so long in his previous orphanage, he decided that victory was worth it.
  • existA jerk in a magical high school, Mayumi retaliates against minor insultsgradesThatnot even on purposeCraft a bar of suffocating dark chocolate and give it to Tatsuya, knowing that etiquette will force him to eat it. It requires liters of ingredients, hours of preparation time, and Tatsuya consumes only a fraction of the end result. butIt isthe last word is worth (22)It is Mayumi's expression when her power move is successful.
  • In the original by Bram StokerdraculaAt the novel's climax, the protagonist's two true companions rush to Dracula's coffin, trying to kill him before Dracula has a chance to recover. They were successful, but Dracula's hired thugs fought back before scattering, mortally wounding one of them. His last words were to announce that seeing Dracula's murder successfully lift the vampire curse from one of his friends was worth even death.

reality tv

  • Twilight (1959):Uncle Simon: "That's why Batman's Gambit as the basis for the will succeeds. His niece still believes that she can get the inheritance (especially the money from him). If she didn't think the perpetual pain of tending to her invention was worth it, then State University would end up getting far less than it deserved.
  • health:
    • Cliff tricks Kara into being nice to him by making her believe that he is a judge in a waitress competition and humiliating her by giving her a foot massage. She finds out naturally, and Norm says that Cliff is dead. Cliff invokes a metaphor.
    • Point out that when Melville's freezer breaks, John Allen Hill offers $2 Cheers barflies for potentially spoiled seafood. He openly acknowledged that if food spoiled, they could suffer symptoms ranging from nausea to death.

      specification:I'm going to see if Melville's has another all-you-can-eat fry.

      Pablo: You should take it easy with that fish and chips. You were lucky last night that you weren't too sick.

      specification: Who says I'm not sick?

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: Go through a wormhole while experiencing a distortion of realityspace princeAt one point during the experiment, Mike transformed into a small robotic puppet with tentacles sticking out of his head. Despite Mike's attempts to salvage the situation with Applied Phlebotinum, the robot couldn't help but laugh.

    mike robot:But you will be annihilated!
    cuervo:Oh, I don't care! Seeing you like this makes it all worth it!

  • existScrub:
    • Dr. Miller told Todd that he could help her with the operation if she promised not to play puns during the procedure. He said that he did. Then Dr. Miller said, "Well, to do this, we have to go in the back." Todd looked up. The scene shows him walking out of the operating room, removing his surgical mask and saying "It's worth it!".
    • In another episode, Dr. Cox deliberately "passes out" and falls backwards after hearing half the first sentence of a "boring" story:

      J.D.:I hope it hurts.
      Dr. AS Cox:It's worth it!

    • Cox also said it when he dreamed of marrying Elliott and was arrested after murdering her. He also has a large Slasher Smile in the Imagine Spot that says the same thing.
    • Then there's the janitor trying to convince J.D. that he also eats a piece of his laxative cake. As they sat in the adjoining bathroom, the janitor said, "It was worth it."
    • J.D. has a fantasy sequence in which he fakes his death to get a hug from Dr. Cox. Cox murders J.D. with rage; J.D. Decide if the risk is worth it.
    • In retaliation for the Turk dropping his gum on the ground, the janitor once chewed dozens of gum and taped them to the Turk's car window with the words "Gum in the trash!" as he eased his jaw. he says "It's worth it!"
    • Cox agrees to apologize to JD and allows JD to yell at him in front of his (JD's) intern to win back the respect JD lost when Cox yelled at him.heIn his presence (one of the more idiotic moments where Cox is bothering someone else in JD, and even if not, yelling at them for something that wasn't their fault). When he got there, JD went further than necessary, prompting Cox to warn him, "The next minute you're alone, I'm going to kill you."
  • friends:
    • In "Haste, Less Speed", Joey and Chandler give up their big apartment to Monica and Rachel in exchange for watching them kiss. They strode into their old apartment, with Chandler yelling "It's worth it!" and they went quickly to their respective rooms, hastily saying "good night" to each other so that the images would not be wasted.
    • In "With His Birth Mom", Joey has dinner with a woman who specifically tells him not to touch her dessert when she goes to the bathroom. When she came out, she took the last bite with a smile and said, "I'm not sorry at all."
    • Subverted in "The one with all the rugby". Ross was so sore after his soccer game that he winced when Emily hugged him. She flinches, but he tells her "it's worth the pain." When she hugs him again, he pulls her away from her and says, "You know what, it's not like that."
  • existbuffy the vampire slayerSpike knows that if he hits Xander, the chip in his head (which causes him pain when he is violent towards humans) will activate. However, in the episode "The Weight of the World", he has to explain the same information to her over and over again due to magical amnesia, and decides it's worth a pat on the neck. The look on his face after him showed that it really was worth it.
  • existdifferent blows, Arnold got into a fight with the bully son of the owner's brother who was a short-lived surrogate. This led to a fierce confrontation, with the brothers confronting Mr. Drummond, threatening to evict the family, and causing Drummond to knock out the braggart. That gave the landlord an excuse to use the lease violations the brothers discovered to raise Drummond's rent and eviction threats to persuade them to back off. The joke: After Drummond succumbed to the threat, the father told the children that it was the result of his violence. However, when asked if it was worth it, Drummond immediately replied that it was for the fun of silencing bullies.
  • dragon house: Both Aemond Targaryen and Otto Hightower point out that claiming the largest known dragon is worth blinding Aemond in one eye (during the battle with the sons of Velaryon).
  • existmiddle malcolmFrancis said this after the fireworks display.literallyTurning night to day in seconds only cost him and his siblings their eyesight for about two days.
  • an episodeDrake y JoshLet the duo talk about what's at stake between them. As a result, Josh threw up a lot and Drake had to pay Josh his full allowance. They both thought it was worth it.
  • A very moving exampleHannah MontanaMiley finally reconciled with her grandmother and Aunt Dolly, and the three of them hugged. Miley told them, "You're crushing pop stars," and they broke into hugs to apologize. But Miley added "I didn't say I didn't like it" and they hugged again.
  • nurse jackieThere was one at the beginning of season 2. In the operating room, Thor is criticized by Dr. Cooper for his inattention. Later, Jackie questions him and explains that Thor has diabetes. Thor stands awkwardly as Dr. Cooper hugs him and apologizes. As the doctor walks away, Thor cheerfully chimes in, "It's worth it!"
  • existStar Trek: Deep Space Nine, which is what Quark said when he was treated in the room after dating a Klingon.
    • Quark, who was unusually altruistic in his dealings with arms dealers, betrayed him when he learned that his new client was planning genocide. They warned him that he could be killed for what he did, but he thought it was worth it.

      “One life for twenty-eight million. The best deal I've ever done. »

      • Then, when Sisko handed him the bill for the damages caused by his scheme, he again invoked the metaphor indirectly, asking if Sisko would pay in installments (showing that he was actually willing to pay rather than try to get away with it). ).
    • "Trials and Tribble-ations" used a framing device, Sisko went back in time to prevent the assassination of Captain Kirk and is describing his actions to Starfleet agents investigating the time travel incident. Sisko defended himself and his crew's actions to the end, admitting that he had taken the opportunity to talk to Kirk and get his autograph, and saying that he understood if they were reprimanded for their unprofessional behavior, but he didn't. he regrets. One of the agents shrugged and admitted that if he had the chance, he would too.
    • A more serious example is the critically acclaimed "In Pale Moonlight."

    Benjamin's sister:So...I lie...I cheat...I bribe men to cover up other men's crimes...I'm an accessory to murder...but worst of all...I think I can live with that. If I had to do it all over again... I would.

    • Another serious example is "The Ship," in which Sisko and others manage to capture a Jem'Hadar battleship, but lose five redshirts (one of whom dies a particularly brutal and unusual death). Jazia Dax then tells a grieving Sisko that as cruel as it sounds, it will be worth it if he saves more lives in the future. Sisko even admitted that he would make this sacrifice again if he had to, but that didn't make it any easier for him.
  • vocationHighlanderThe villain Callas in the TV series taunts Duncan, who knows of a computer set to email the entire watcher database to every news organization in the world, unless Duncan kills himself.In the end, Deus ex Machina kept the status quo: Duncan and Kalas fought on the Eiffel Tower observation deck, and when Duncan killed Kalas, the tower's radio antenna amplified Quickening's lightning bolts. A lightning strike caused a power outage throughout Paris and short-circuited Callas's computer.

    fiesta:remember, if youDoKill me and you too are finished.
    Duncan:If it gets out of your world, maybe it's worth it.

  • how I Met Your Mother:
    • In the montage of Ted and Robin falling in love, Ted can be seen tending to Robin, who is sick and bedridden. He leans in to kiss her, but Robin warns him that she's going to get sick. Ted kisses her anyway, and the scene cuts to Robin tending to a sick Ted in bed, which Ted says is "worth it."
    • Barney was accidentally hit by a bus on his way to visit Ted in the hospital. Barney survived, but with every bone in his body broken, he ended up in the hospital. Despite his injury, he made a joke before demanding Marshall give him a high five. Marshall slapped Barney's hand, and Barney cried out in pain.

      Barney:OWWWWW!!!!!!!.... worth it!

  • doctor who, "Silver Nemesis": The doctor betrays the villain, and when told that it will cost him his life, he replies "it's worth it." Ace saved him.
  • It isLaw & Order: Special Victims UnitIn the episode "Spectacle", a criminal deliberately triggers missing white woman syndrome by kidnapping and raping a girl so that the police are forced to focus on him and his demands. That is, he wanted to force themThey investigate the whereabouts of his brother who was kidnapped years ago.After the police complied, they found outThe kidnapping and the rape are both a ruse and the girl who plays the victim was involved from the beginning.When faced with this question, he simply said that he didn't care about the consequences because he got what he wanted:His brother found and rescued.
    • In the episode "User", Huang treats a drug addict with illicit drugs, sobering him up enough to testify against his drug dealer. When the trafficker threatened to report Huang, he said that he had already reported him and they suspended him for a month, which was worth it.
  • in the originallaw and order, Chris Noth's character was created by having him writeCouncilor assaulted on court stepsWhen he reappeared years later, the character - a homicide detective - wasTransport laboral en Staten Island.
  • in one episodecrime scene investigationAn investigation into a body stuffed into a chimney has led to the discovery of another body, belonging to a missing teenager whose owner was suspected of murder but let him go for lack of evidence. It turned out that the boy's father had stolen the body from the hospital and buried it in the fireplace in order to control the family. Catherine pointed out that the man had committed a crime, but that he was willing to face the consequences, because his daughter finally had a funeral and the murderer was finally brought to justice.
  • in one episodehigh-soundingRichard had renowned climate change professor Steve Coburn convicted of attacking James Watt, a skeptic who has been harassing him for months, appearing at all of his lectures and repeating the same bogus arguments against global warming. Dr. Coburn was fined and declared that he was worth it.
  • Kara indeath ValleyShe is seen in the episode "Raid the UTF Zone" after setting off a smoke detector which drives her crazy. She did so immediately after being warned not to waste bullets, as the vampires attacking the area had already stolen all of her spare ammunition.
  • criminal minds, from the episode "Memory of an Elephant":

    Rush:(Enter the room)I'm sorry, I was late.

    Rossi: I hope it is worth it.

    morgan: I hope it's her.

  • in acastilloIn this chapter, Beckett and Castle find a witness who breaks everything about her recently divorced ex-husband. When the ex arrives, he starts destroying his things. Beckett told them that if any of them broke anything else, he would arrest them. Gilligan cuts to the arrested couple and the woman declares that she was worth it.
  • once upon a time: Later in Neverland, Emma, ​​Snow and Regina are captured by a tree that feeds on remorse. Regina revealed that she couldn't stop her because even though she cast a curse that ruined thousands of lives and killed hundreds, it resulted in obtaining her child, which she doesn't regret one bit.
    • At the end of the Arendelle chapter, when Anna and Elsa remember Hans' last attempt to usurp the throne, Anna breaks her knuckles with her fist (return to a similar scene).Frozen (2013)), Ana admits that "it was absolutely worth it."
  • existProtection agents.In the episode "Providence", Garrett lies about entering an enemy base, then almost immediately blows his cover by bragging to the enemy about how he did it. When he was asked, he said, "That's a great line."
  • together: Panelists often say that in response to confiscation. For those who don't know, QI is a group discussion/quiz/comedy show where obvious jokes are often confiscated, but sometimes the panelists think the joke is too good to pass up. An example:

    Stephen Fry:What has big teeth and a facial expression?
    bill bailey: [buzz]Janet San Potter.
    bill bailey:I fell, but it was worth it.

  • subversion:Monty Python's Flying CircusA sketch of a "cheese shop" had Mr. Mousebender babbling about various cheeses he would like to buy from Mr. Wensleydale, only to find that there were none. Mr. Mousebender asked if it was worth asking if there were hamburgers and he didn't find any.

    mr mouse:Really predictable, I think. Asking this question in the first place is an act of pure optimism.

  • In a cameo, Edgar Bergen plays a fortune teller who tells Charlie McCarthy's fortune. As Bergen gazed into his crystal ball, a lovely attendant walked past, leaving Charlie narrowing his eyes, gasping with pleasure. end line:

    Bergen:I'm afraid I can see you're in a lot of trouble, Charlie.

    charlie: Yes, but it's worth it!

  • In "Alien Dinner"foreign residentsLiv Baker's side served deviled eggs, a recipe she stole from her grandmother at age 10, who has hated her ever since, saying she wanted to die early so she could steal her soul. Darcy Bloom told her that losing her grandmother's love was terrible, but that she was worth it given the taste of her eggs.


  • "I Just Made Love" from The Lonely Island:

    She has been looking at her watch. (Okay, make love!)
    But I kept crying. (Okay, make love!)
    I think it might be racist. (Okay, make love!)
    He put a bag over my head. (still important!)

  • The Who's "Bargain" relies heavily on this metaphor:

    «I would love to lose I find you,
    I'm willing to give up everything I have
    I would take any pain and be happy to find you...
    I would call it a bargain,
    The best I've ever had. »

  • From Carmina Burana (translated from Old High German)grades:

    "If the world were mine
    From the sea to the Rhine,
    I'll give up your charm
    yes the queen of england
    You should lie in my arms. »

  • Features of Float On by Modest Mouse:

    A fake Jamaican got his last penny from that scam
    It's worth it just to learn a few tricks.

  • "Come On Everybody" by Eddie Cochran:

    Well, we're really going to have a party, but we have to post a guard outside.
    If my family goes home, I am afraid that my skin will be stolen.
    no more movies for a week or two
    no more running around in the usual gear
    Who cares? Come all!

  • in the song titleburning furnace'blueberry boat, the captain decided that protecting her cargo from pirates was worth her life:

    Well it's cold and wet at the bottom of the sea

    but at least i have my blueberries

  • "Thrash Unreal" by Against Me! it's about a middle-aged drug addict stuck in a dead-end minimum-wage job, has a daughter who hates her and is likely to repeat the same mistakes, and desperately wants to sleep with guys who are half her. age she The song's closing line?

    If I had to live again, you know I wouldn't trade anything for the world.

  • In Afroman's "Crazy Rap," he recounts how he was caught beating up the daughter of the local KKK leader and nearly beaten to death. However, he claims that he was worth it because he was "the best fucking cunt he ever had."


  • insidelast podcast on the leftIn the Casey Anthony series, the host tells the story of a man chosen to be a juror in Anthony's trial who, not wanting to be a part of it, deliberately spoke to reporters as soon as possible, knowing full well that he had forbidden to do so so. That got him thrown off the jury and held in contempt of court. He stated that he does not regret the action.


  • According to the Bible, Jesus would considerthe last word is worth (23)He tortured and murdered this out of a need to not only save billions of repentant souls (including the souls of his earthly friends and family), but to convince them in the most honest and serious way: that theyYeahSaved by a God who understands their pain.


  • chorus line: In "What I Did for Love," the last 8 dancers were asked what they would do if they couldn't dance anymore. Diana Morales leads her dance partners to decide that, despite all the conflict and fighting, her journey will be worth it.

video games

  • existmass effect 2, Shepard may have a relationship with the ship's engineer Talizzola. Tully's species, the quarians, have barely any immune systems, just from normal exposure.SecondIt can be deadly. Therefore, sexual intercourse is taken very seriously and ideally takes place in a special safe room (and with both partners).stilleventually suffer from various ailments). In his case, he ended up taking several powerful supplements to maintain his system. The morning after Shepard and Tali "met", she said the following:

    "You know what, I have a fever, I'm coughing a lot, my sinuses are full of things I can't even describe. It's worth it. »

    • reproduced inmass effect 3If Shepard insists on staying with her.

      "¿Y Shepard?"
      "It's still worth it. »

    • Admiral Shala'Raan is a friend of Tully's mother and her honorary aunt, and wears a suit at the same time as Tully's mother when she was born so she can be in the same room as her. Raan said that she was "sick for a week, but it was worth it."
    • Another repeatedly experienced by quarians as a whole: since they can only eat D-amino protein, and space in the fleet is at a premium, quarians are necessarily vegetarians. So when the quarians manage to get their hands on dextromeat, they gobble it up until they get sick, even before they start to suffer from a lack of immune system response. The resulting fever and stomach ache were racially considered "worth it" for the chance to finally have some meat in their diet. The game's codex entry specifically compares the aftermath of a quarian binge to that of a human hangover: "Painful, but an excessive part of the overall experience.»
    • In the third game, when he faced Leng Kai, Javik used this as a single forward passing lane.

      "If I just kill him alone, it will be worth it!"

    • existMass Effect: Andromeda, if the player choosesmaybe laterBe an ambassador for the initiatives, and the next time Ryder meets Foster Addison, she'll complain about the headaches of having such a violent and cranky man as an ambassador... and then you'll notice that every time she sees the Principal Tann's face Expressions are worth itmaybeHe started throwing the table at her.
  • existLeisure Suit Larry 6: Shape or Slip!, Larry can join the exercise program with Cavaricci Vuarnet. If Larry continues to grab her shirt, she ends up getting a "quick look" under Larry before proceeding to slam him into the pipe above the room, killing him instantly. The narration lets you know that Larry thinks it's worth it.
  • existPortal 2, which came much later, from GLaDOS, naturally.Even though he's trying to help Chel against Whitley, and admits that his actions may have brought them closer to destruction, it's still worth seeing him electrocuted.

    GLaDOS:I know we're in a lot of trouble and probably dying... but it's worth it.

  • existLeague of LegendsRiot Games team Phreak is known for using the phrase "it's worth it" in the Champion Spotlight video, especially when he gets killed in exchange for his own kills.
  • This is the nameHalo ReachNoble pack achievement for double kill from the grave (two quick kills after death).
  • During the Horde Hillsbrad Hills missionworld of warcraft, you fought alongside Orcus the regicide, who said, among other things:

    Did I tell you about my encounter with Varok Saurfang? I made him sign my massive pecs. Instead, he hit me back, which is why I sometimes forget things now. It's worth it.

  • last wordsThe devourer in the final bad magic pathexistSoul Nomads and World Eaters' after havingHe abolished Hefness and Draziel, thus becoming the basis of his very existence..
  • raised fromFire Emblem: Path of Radiance, usually an n-rank non-actor, who once punched Oliver Duke of Begnion in the face. Oliver suffered only minor injuries, while Rayson broke every bone in his hand.

    Ike:"...but it feels good, doesn't it?"
    Rayson:"Oh yeah."

  • Varric thinks it's worth it.Dragon Age: InquisitionWhen, in his old misfortune to finish the next booksword and shieldIn the romance series, he sees Cassandra's reaction to seeing a preview of a pre-edited copy.

    "Ah. Totally worth it."

  • you can kill an enemyverdunEven if you're dead, usually by detonating a grenade and the enemy goes undetected, or with a cannon, or even chemical warfare. Interestingly, the title of this achievement is "Worthy". It absolutely is.
  • existsexy brutalThe background of the story is that a casino guard caught Trinity cheating at cards. And so, she met Clay, the man she would fall in love with and marry.
  • rock man x4: Magma Dragoon, a Blood Knight maverick hunter turned traitor, destroys Sky Lagoon at Sigmar's suggestion (and thus begins the chaos of plot events) so that it goads X into fighting him. If the player as X defeats him and mortally wounds him, his last words are to make the final battle worthwhile.

    magma dragon: «... worth it... for the final duel..."

  • make funofSerie Henry StickminWhen Henry is asked to destroy a SAM turret aimed at his partner Charles. Henry could ignore Charles for the cake. The fault display only shows "value".
  • existChoque de Genshin, Klee had a habit of fishing with her bombs, which often resulted in her being placed in solitary confinement by the Order of Favonius. In one of her tidbits, she said that it was worth it because the fish harvested this way tasted so good.

website animation

  • Red and blue:
    • It happened in episode 59. The team approaches the aliens who they think will kill and eat people.

      Turks:Well fuck it. You stay behind me, stand your ground.
      Fatigue:Bow Chika bow wow.
      Turks:It's okay, Tucker's up front.
      Fatigue:Well it's worth it.

    • Sarge apparently said this at the end of everything related to Grif's near-death, including spying on the Blues and clearing the base.
  • existThe what, During the Gemini Championship, Saturn-Diva was constantly annoyed by Foreva's random quotes throughout the game. When she's had enough, she decides to take Foreva with her and leave the combat area, yelling "It's worth it!" as they both fall out of the arena.
  • Brain: One of Mastermind's henchmen doomed his last chance in Finland not to blow up. Judging by the looks on his colleagues' faces, they seemed to think it was worth it.

    Secuaces:I-I-I think your speech was very good, sir.
    [to defeat]
    Brain:Actually? You thought it was-
    [Mastermind evaporates Finland]

  • how should it end:
    • in a season 1 episodeGame of ThronesInstead of being stopped by the Hound, Sansa kicked Joffrey in the groin before knocking him off the bridge Mortal Kombat-style. Of course, the surprising reality turned out to be the end of the episode showing his head caught in a side spike.his father'sThe disembodied head manages to whisper "totally worth it" as the episode comes to a close. associatedthe last word is worth (24).
    • in the episode that was processedX-Men: Days of Future Past, General Mystique will mimic the original words from the movie and say "It's worth it" as her last line, and then say that she still thinks Mystique is sexy in her real mode, and then she goes into perverted revenge mode and kicks his ass. rear. and she went into a coma.
  • existbonus stageJoel commented after meeting Cassidy "No wonder you're soMarimacho«. He promptly hits the wall and is crushed, but claims that the "inevitable t-shirt sales will give him his investment."
  • It ispadre tuckerThe short "Come Worship Him" ​​ends with Father Tucker going straight to hell for sexually abusing baby Jesus. He just sniffed his thumb and said it was all worth it.
  • an episodehell bossDid Blitzo say this verbatim afterburned down a theme park related to his dark and troubled past.

web comics

  • front view fromleague of super heroesBuckaress works at a Hooters-style restaurant.the last word is worth (25)Interesting that it happened before.the last word is worth (26)
  • When Marten spanks Faye's assthe last word is worth (27)existquestionable content.gasping from the ground afterwards: "My skull may be cracked, but my point is proven! Also, did you see her ass moving?it's worth it»
  • big order
  • genius girl: This is Agatha's attitude.CinderellaPlay until you get banned. Of course, after tricking Mamma Gkika's character into letting her fist pass through a swarm of specially made quilted bees, she was punished.
    • After crawling from his deathbed to watch Jill defeat a fighting force, Klausa hand:

      Dr. Sun:I hope it isworthhe.
      Noel:anything - due to paralysisLife- Seeing what my son is doing today, it is an acceptable price. OhYeah.

    • More Played for Laughs, but Gil finds out that Tarvek helped set up a meeting between one of Gil's upbringing heroes and himself... time so Gil was naked at the time.the last word is worth (28)Gil plans to hand Tarvek over to Bang for the "naked" part. Tavik responded with this metaphor.
  • existAnson replied,After showing Aerith fully whipping Axel, Axel turns to the group and warns them that if one of them makes a whipping noise, he willwillpowerFind a way to kill them with flower necklaces. Riku made a sound. Axel choked him. with a necklace Apparently, Riku thought about it.used to beworth.
  • The Black Mage utters this or something similar almost every time he apparently manages to kill one of his "teammates".who of 8 bitsHowever, he never sticks, as he is the Butt-Monkey of the universe.

    black magician:how is this goingusBusiness? Last time I checked, it looked like the Land of Elves and everyone in it was rotten except for themineLife.

    thief:[Snip] Elfland will only be the first place affected by Dirt Rot. All the lands will soon meet the same fate.

    black magician:As long as the elf kingdom goes first, I win.

  • onegato vgstrip provides some useful performance tipsX-Men II Legends, and suggested turning off Gambit's annoying distress signalSacrifice yourself like a night crawler.
  • existI was kidnapped by lesbian pirates from outer space! ! !Two lesbian pirates from outer space make this point while escaping from a god's harem, where all their companions are killed for being naughty with the sun god's bride.
  • chalkboard:
  • clumsy zombiethere is onekingdom heartsbandathe last word is worth (29)In which Sora built the Gummi Ship entirely out of weapons, making it completely unsuitable as a ship.
  • existBob's Unexplained Adventures!When the strip returned after a decade hiatus, Jean hit Voluptua,the last word is worth (30)Something I've been yearning to do since the last panel of the latest issue of the comic strip. jean: "that's itworthWait ten years! »
  • Asheet rabbitThe guest strip talks about other animal-ninja hybrids. Mantis Ninja Maiden is turned away due to a headless man holding a sign that says Worthy.
  • if you are one of themManly men do manly things,Sometimes it's worth the serious damage it takes to pull off that awesome Unflinching Walk shot.the last word is worth (31)
  • deconstructed inGunnar Krieger CourtWhat initially seems like a crazy prank turns out to be the best when Kate accidentally destroys some parts of the robot while trying to impress her girlfriend. This error was discovered later (and even KatexplainIt was all worth it) with darker consequences.
  • At one of the D&D meetingsFrikisA group of people are captured by elves. They were forced to march for so long that the weaker members of the party began to wear themselves out. When an elf guard, faced with his apparent weakness, begins to behave like a stereotypically snooty elf, Dustin's paladin tries to counter the outburst of anger by remembering the paladin's oath that he must abide by other races. When Sarah reminds him that his oath doesn't really mean he has to respect other races, in the next panel, the elf's eyes turn black and Dustin has actions. This is worth it
  • existThey meet by chance, after Claw's throat was slit, fatally if not for his resurrected immortality, to protect Paige, his reaction to seeing the scar left behind for the first time was "worth it".the last word is worth (32)
  • existNarbonnick,give me indating helen.

    david:(smiling) "I hope to die within a week, I don't care."

  • zebra girl: As Giant Mook approaches, Sandra fires back, squirting hot coffee into his crotch before he throws her off the roof. sandra said she was worth itthe last word is worth (33).
  • kathy y andyAndy irritates Mary by repeatedly joking that she has a big butt. The last panel has him hanging upside down over a fire.

    Casey:it's worth it


  • freefallSam Starfall, a scavenger and thief, draws this conclusion from some head-scratching logic here.the last word is worth (34).
  • devilTo save his niece from Child Protective Services and her abusive birth parents, he storms the castle, only to lose his giant robot and enter an unwanted arranged marriage with a psycho princess. Then, his brother's reunion with his stepdaughter delayed Cuteness Proximity.

    cuervo: worth.

  • twisted metaphor: Jon makes Garfield's lasagna, only to find that ALF is clearly eating him and calls for help. Alf thinks the taste is worth it.

web video

  • When independent astronauts do their Let's Play ofNew Super Mario Bros. Wii, actions that result in the death of another player at the perpetrator's expense are subject to this reaction. Usually through pipes!
  • two best friends playingthey have thisCapitan Americavideo,

    Mate:So Pat, do you feel hopeless when you wake up after 70 years of being frozen in the arctic circle and everyone you care about and care about is dead?
    shoot:I don't know, are you dead?
    Mate:Well I...
    shoot:It's worth it!

  • existsupraofDark Seed IIWrongpurae, slowbeef (knew the game) and Diabetus (didn't know) all became frustrated with long player backtracking and unnecessary replays and general boredom. So this happensthe last word is worth (35) Mama Mike's head exploded for no reasonslowbeef's initial reaction: “I waited six fucking hours! I waited six fucking hours for that to happen! “He then said that wrongpurae's goal was to see how Diabertus reacted to that scene, and that it was worth it.
  • FormReturn to Achievement Hunter Episode 3let's play minecraftseries, Geoff and Gavin created the entire City of Achievement and spent 20 hours building everything from scratch (note, this isforwardCreative mode is suitable forxbox 360 version) for the sole purpose ofTrick Jack's character is hit by lava in his house.They think it's worth it.
  • insidehonest trailerforThe Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, loudly announced the DLCDragon blood, which makes your characterride a dragon, it's worth it!
  • in a gameWorms 2: ArmageddonBetween the four Sidemen, Ethan, Simon and Josh, they decide to air attack Vik's Dora the Worm at the top of the map, away from a group of worms also at the top. When it was Josh's turn to deliver the finishing blow, he considered attacking Eric, a worm near the group, or Simon, instead. Simon makes a deal with Josh that if his worm ruins Dora in the final airstrike, Simon will have Eric jump into the water on purpose and drown on his next turn. Josh did, and Simon followed through on his deal, saying it was worth it.
  • Mighty Jingles often say this if they destroy an opponent at their expense, especially by ramming them.

western animation

  • fly into the future:
    • It's all over the place in the episode "Amazon Women in the Mood". Fry, Kif and Zapp Brannigan are sentenced to "snu-snu death" along with giant Amazon women. We see the skeletons of three ex-victims, their pelvises crushed,extremelySatisfied expression Kif is the only one who disagrees.
    • Then, with his and Zapp Brannigan's lower body fully fixed, Fry declared that incident his best adventure ever.

      Zapp: (satisfied)Tengo dream-dream.

  • periodFamily man, when Bertram travels through time and space to assassinate Da Vinci, Stevie and Brian warn him that doing so will lead to the destruction of the universe, and Bertram will be destroyed as well. Bertram considered it for a moment, decided it was worth it, and killed Leonardo.
  • The Simpsons:
    • A rather sweet example occurs in a flashback episode where Marge and Homer describe how they met. They are detained together and Homer continues to introduce himself to Maggie, though Principal Dondallinger detains him more with every word he utters. Finally, he got the last word in and then yelled at Don Darlinger, "It's worth it!"
    • In a later episode, Nelson shares the same emotion when he taunts Bart, which subsequently leads to him crashing his bike into a tree.
    • Another example involving Nelson is when he messes up Bart's science project, a model of the human digestive system, causing the entire school bus to spill drool.
    • Absolute cynicism in «Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy", where the exchange is introduced when Lisa sees that only one girl bought the new Lisa Lionheart doll.

      lisa: You know what, if we only met that girl, it would all be worth it.
      stacey lovell: Yes. Especially if that girl pays $46,000 for that doll.
      lisa: That?
      Stacey: Oh nothing. Thank you! honor.

      (Video) My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words [Official Music Video] [HD]

  • South Park
    • In "Casa Bonita", the policeman tells Cartman that he "caused a panic in the city, alienated his friends, and now he's going to a juvenile detention center for a week", all under the guise of going to the institution of the same name. . When asked if he was worth it, Cartman simply replied "...totally worth it."
    • Also, in Super Fun Time, with professional thieves.
  • Ocean Lab 2021«Stormy» Waters del episodio «The Policy»:

    Debbie:Stormy, don't ever say a word about yourself. period.
    stormy:(Dramatic pause)... Speaking ofperiod……

    (Jumps onto the chain Stormy is hanging in the dungeon.)


  • subverted in one episodesquidAfter having a computer (yes, a full-size computer) implanted in his head to get a free satin handbag (for the gagging!), Early gets a brief pinprick after the credits roll, vomits, and declares "not worth it!"
  • insideTom y JerryShort film «Million Dollar Cat» Tom inherits a million dollarsgrades— "Not even a mouse", as long as it doesn't harm other creatures during its lifetime. She instructs Jerry to use this clause to ensure that Tom cannot enjoy his newfound wealth. At the end of the cartoon, Tom finally reaches his breaking point and attacks Jerry, breaking the fourth wall and saying:
  • madagascar penguins: An episode ends with the world buried in ice after Skipper tells Kowalski to build something less dangerous, like a snow cone machine. We see Skipper yelling in despair that Kowalski "finally did it", and then Kowalski appears after scraping some ice off the ground and says "but you have to admit, these are good snow cones". The captain's response? "Yes, it's worth it."
  • regular production:
    • In "Don," Benson asks if anyone knows an accountant. He then threatened to fire Muscle Man if he mentioned his mother. Anyway, he does.

      muscle man:I know someone who can help.
      Honmori:If you say "your mom," they fire you.
      muscle man:my mom! !
      Honmori:go out!
      muscle man:This is worth it!

    • Made in "One Pull Up", Eileen helps Rigby, whose muscles are too big with a machine (in a nutshell), reach the pull-up bar so he can do one to keep up with his job. He was then wheeled into the hospital and thanked her, offering to hold her even though she didn't want to accidentally crush her spine. She let him do it anyway, on the grounds that it was "worth it".
  • Thundercat (2011)There's this in the episode "Between Brothers", where General Grune's personal philosophy (as explained by Panthro) is "to defeat the enemy, any sacrifice is worth it". faceSacrifice his own arm to trap Grune in the Astral; then, Panthro mutters "it's worth it" before passing out.
  • in the first episodeThe Legend of Zelda (1989), Link wondered why he would give up the wonderful life of an adventurer to live in a boring castle. He then looked out the window and saw Princess Zelda in revealing pajamas. "Well, there's a reason..."
  • oneAmerican father!In this episode, Stan (a CIA agent) meets his boss in Japan, both of them dressed as geishas. When Stan asked why they met under such strange circumstances, his boss said, "Because I thought we could keep it a secret."Asian

    They are:A 16-hour flight with a bad pun?(to defeat)Yeah.Yeah.

  • Phineas y Ferb:
    • Dr. Doofenschmirtz claims that the machine he built to make the game of golf go faster has the potential to destroy the universe. "But a game of golf? It's worth it," he said.
    • In the episode "Act Your Age", Isabella basically spent her entire life looking forward to it, commenting that it was finally worth it for Phineas to kiss her.
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants:
    • Squidward in The Yellow Book while reading SpongeBob's "personal" diary, despite being handcuffed and having tomatoes thrown at him for doing so.
    • Mermaid and Barnacle Boy III has Man Ray tortured with a tickle belt every time he misbehaves. As he punched Patrick, he said, "It itches, but it's worth it!"
  • The terrifying adventures of Billy and Mandy:
    • It's twists and turns as Grim and Billy come up with the clever idea of ​​putting Mandy in the beast mask. The mask sticks to the wearer, transforming into a terrifying monster whenever he is rude and malicious (and polite and polite are reversed). Grimm told Billy in advance that heSaberThey will pay dearly for this, but it will be worth it. It turns out to be true; at the end of the episode, after the two laugh at her for the worse, she turned into a demon donkey-like creature and tied them up and ran on her back to kick them. grim still says it ismaybeIt's worth it, but he said he just hopes the two "don't have to sit around for weeks."
    • Mandy herself in the same episode is also important. Grim told her in advance that she would only change if she continued to be cruel and mean. She tries not to be mean for a while, but she soon reaches her limit and attacks them both. She is last seen fully transformed, but she clearly prefers it to serving Billy and Grimm.
  • The final scene of "Dear Money". Unlike Daffy Duck, apparently, Yosemite Sam has every reason to have five million people.
    • That makes the ending of "Hare Trimmed," in which "local widow inherits $50 million," all the more interesting. Not realizing that Baggs was playing "The Widow", he ran off without looking back. In other words, avoided.
    • Another Looney Tunes example: In the Pepe Le Pew Wild Over You cartoon, Pepe mistakes a painted wild cat for a skunk. After being repeatedly beaten, Pepe invoked this metaphor:

      «I was wondering, Pepe, is it worth it? I answer to myself, yes, yes, Pepe, it's worth it! Long live love! »

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): In the third season finale, the Footmen and the Turtles formed an enemy mine to prevent the Triceratops from destroying the planet. However, at a critical moment, the Shredder literally stabs Splinter In Back, killing him and destroying the world. Tiger Claw is terrified, while the Shredder takes the time to gloat and finally defeat Splinter:

    Shredder:It's over Yoshi Hamamoto! The Earth can be destroyed no matter what I care! I finally won!

  • insidePato DonaldBrief "Bellboy Donald", Donald has to put up with an abusive child while at the same time being threatened with dismissal if he lays a finger on him. Once he's on the verge of intolerance, Donald will ecstatically accept his dismissal and start spanking the brat's ass.

    Donald:I am fired?
    manager:Yes, you're fired!
    Donald: That's all I need to know!

  • a classicThe Woody BirdThe cartoon character Woody is the babysitter of an adult gorilla. After enduring a humiliating punishment from the bouncer, Woody groaned, "Is this worth fifty bucks? (light up suddenly) Yeah! ! "
  • In "tradition"Rogue (2021), Angelica scares Chuckie into hiding in a closet with a story about a giant flying zombie deer. She then comments to her Cynthia doll that if Santa is watching, she might as well say goodbye to the Glitterglamper Van. "But it's totally worth it."
  • Full Drama Presentation: Ridiculous Race: In "A Tisket A Gasket Im Gonna Blow A Gadget", Crimson says this when she and Innui receive a time penalty for swapping places in a coffin challenge.

patrick's wallet

During the "Wallet Return" class, Patrick insists that his wallet is not his, much to Man Ray's annoyance. The next lesson is to help Patrick carry a heavy package, which he often drops at Man Ray's feet. When Man Ray asked what was in the heavy case, Patrick said it was his wallet.

brick prank

  • worst wedding ever
  • comedy tropes
  • I would rather suffer

  • snark world
  • NotRealLife/Too controversial
  • Saying "genocide" is rude.

  • Worst. any. once!
  • common phrase
  • I would rather suffer

  • Ultimate Player 386
  • QuoteSource/Western Animation
  • space ghost coast to coast

  • we will meet again
  • Image Credit/Web Comic
  • Learn with sleeves! FGO

[section 1]
seven days in heaven
two eighteen year old lovers
nothing but to feel
Who would have known that they would ruin each other?
She said, "Do you remember, long ago, when we used to kiss, we caught fire?"
flash here and now
he's a piece of shit, she's a liar

i will find one
i will find one
A way to forget what happened between us
The two years we were together fell apart
i will never get them back
But I leave with my heart intact
I bet you thought you were in charge
I counted to four and they told me: "You're not worth it"
you don't dare to do anything
Stay the years, I'm leaving with my heart

[Episode 2]
So, now he found some "Mr. correct"
keep her warm and safe at night
Baby get down, you know we call it 'bounce', baby get down
I don't want to see you in the street
We crash enough in our dreams
when i can sleep that is
i have to find a way

A way to forget what happened between us
The two years we were together fell apart
i will never get them back
But I leave with my heart intact
I bet you thought you were in charge
I counted to four and they told me: "You're not worth it"
you don't dare to do anything
Stay the years, I'm leaving with my heart

Catch tonight, let your hair down
when you get to town
Catch tonight, let your hair down
I don't regret what happened between us
I don't expect anything from you
I just want you out of my mind forever

I don't regret what happened between us
The two years we were together fell apart
i will never get them back
But I leave with my heart intact
I bet you thought you were in charge
I counted to four and they told me: "You're not worth it"
you don't dare to do anything
Stay the years, I'm leaving with my heart

Catch tonight, let your hair down
(don't you dare do anything)
Take off the night, keep the years, I'm leaving with my heart

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The song The Last Word by Take Cover from the album Waiting in the Moment was recorded on the Take Cover label in 2010, the language of the song is English, below you will find its translation into Russian, the song is performed in one genre alternative, You can listen for free, study the lyrics or download the text, comment on the song itself and what it means.

seven day tour

two eighteen year old lovers

nothing but to feel

Who would have known that they would ruin each other?

She said, "Do you remember a long time ago, when we kissed, we were set on fire?"

flash here and now

he is bad, she is a liar

i will find one

i will find one

A way to forget what happened between us

The two years we were together fell apart

i will never get them back

But I leave with my heart intact

I bet you thought you were in charge

I counted to four and they told me: "You're not worth it"

don't you dare do anything

Stay the years, I'm leaving with my heart

So, now he found some "Mr. correct"

keep her warm and safe at night

Baby get down, you know we call it 'bounce', baby get down

I don't want to see you in the street

We've collided enough in my dreams

when I can sleep, that is

I have to find out

go away and forget what happened between us

The two years we were together fell apart

i will never get them back

But I leave with my heart intact

I bet you thought you were in charge

I counted to four and they told me: "You're not worth it"

don't you dare do anything

(Video) Dax - "My Last Words" (Official Music Video)

Stay the years, I'm leaving with my heart

Come tonight and let your hair down

when you get to town

Catch tonight, let your hair down

I don't regret what happened between us

I don't expect anything from you

I just want you out of my mind forever

I don't regret what happened between us

The two years we were together fell apart

i will never get them back

But I leave with my heart intact

I bet you thought you were in charge

I counted to four and they told me: "You're not worth it"

don't you dare do anything

Stay the years, I'm leaving with my heart

Catch tonight, let your hair down

(don't you dare do anything)

Just take tonight to save the years I left with my heart

Translation of the song "The Last Word"

Seven days in heaven.

two eighteen year old lovers

From that moment on, I felt that there was nothing else,

Who would have known that they would kill each other?

She said, "Do you remember that time, when we kissed, we were on fire?"

flash here and now

he's a piece of shit, she's a liar

I will find it...

I will find

A way to forget what happened between us.

Two years together, falling apart

i will never get them back

But I'm leaving with my whole heart.

I bet you think you have the last word

I counted four and they told me "you're not worth it"

don't dare anything

What to do, just save the years, I left with my heart.

So now she's found "The Right One"

to keep you warm and keep you safe at night.

Baby get down, you know we call it rebound, baby get down.

I don't want to see you in the street

We crash enough in our dreams

when can i fall asleep

i have to find a way

Forget what happened between us.

Two years together, falling apart

i will never get them back

But I'm leaving with my whole heart.

I bet you think you have the last word

I counted four and they told me "you're not worth it"

don't dare anything

What to do, just save the years, I left with my heart.

So take it tonight and let your hair down

when you enter the city

Take it tonight and let your hair down.

I don't regret what happened between us.

I don't expect anything from you

I just want you to be crazy forever.

I don't regret what happened between us.

Two years together, falling apart

i will never get them back

But I'm leaving with my whole heart.

I bet you think you have the last word

I counted four and they told me "you're not worth it"

don't dare anything

Do it, save the years, I'm leaving with my heart,

Take advantage of the night and let your hair down

(Don't you dare do anything!)

So save the years tonight, I'll go as I wish.


(Video) Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy - The Last Word is STILL worth that primary slot?


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