Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (2023)

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (1)

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Are you on your way to becoming bilingual and looking for the best Spanish classes for adults?

High-quality Spanish resources for adults make it easy to get started with valuable topics in Spanish. Whether you're looking to learn Spanish as a beginner or an intermediate, knowing Spanish courses for adults is crucial.

Being bilingual has manycognitive benefits. When you learn Spanish as an adult, you keep your brain sharp while learning something fascinating and fun.

By learning Spanish, you can fulfill your dreams of speaking fluently. These resources will help you start your Spanish language journey and immerse yourself in new cultures. Read on for a list of amazing resources for Spanish classes for adults!

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High Quality Resources

If you want to learn Spanish as an adult, knowing which resources to use is key. Use the resources on this list to find Spanish classes for adults. Be sure to incorporate vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing and reading into your studies.

For more tips and resources for practicing Spanish, check out:

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1. Spanish school at home

To whomSpanish school at home(HSA), we work with students of all ages and levels, including beginning, intermediate, and advanced adult learners. All of our professional teachers are native Guatemalan Spanish speakers and offer an authentic and effective learning experience.

We train every HSA teacher in-house and work tirelessly to provide you with the best Spanish education possible. Our mission is to make learning Spanish as effective, efficient and enjoyable as possible. Our vision is to overcome language and cultural barriers, building meaningful relationships and experiences.

We have over a decade of experience, as well as helpful resources to make the most of your Spanish learning experience. See the following links for more information about HSA services:

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Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (2)

2. News in slow Spanish

slow spanish newsis an excellent resource for studying Spanish and improving your listening skills. When listening, make sure you have a notebook and pen handy.

Each weekly podcast episode discusses current events in slower paced Spanish, making it ideal for beginners. They also teach grammar and expressions and offer courses.

Listening to the news in Spanish is an ideal way to expand your vocabulary while immersing yourself in Spanish-speaking culture.

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (3)

3. SpanishDict

spanish sayingis one of the best online Spanish dictionaries and features a verb conjugator, vocabulary lists, word of the day and much more.

SpanishDict is for all ages and completely free. It's easy to study vocabulary on this site and you can even plan fun games like charades in Spanish!

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (4)

4. Spanish Language and Culture

Spanish Language and Culturepresents study topics based on current affairs in Latin America and Spain. So you'll be fully immersed in what's happening in these fascinating countries while you practice your Spanish.

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They also offer grammar lessons on topics like past tense and imperfect tenses. The site offers grammar practice music, as well as activities such as fill-in-the-blanks and rewriting short paragraphs.

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (5)

5. Questionnaire

Quizletis an excellent Spanish vocabulary building site for adults. Studying long lists of words is boring. Instead, this site offers Spanish classes for adults where you transform and memorize new words to boost your Spanish learning! Quizlet also includes fill-in-the-blank exercises, quizzes, and matching games.

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (6)

6. bust

Busuuspecializing in flashcards. Learn yourself new Spanish vocabulary related to various topics. Busuu uses repetition to help you remember vocabulary. The site offers a social feature where a Spanish teacher will correct your spelling and pronunciation.

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (7)

7. Study Spanish

Study SpanishIt has quizzes and mini-lessons to practice your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. When it comes to planning Spanish classes for adults, this is ideal if you want to address specific problem areas or brush up on certain concepts. Free membership to the site allows access to many lessons, tests and quizzes.

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (8)

8. Speech

SpeechIts purpose is to help you improve your Spanish pronunciation and your speaking rhythm. Descriptive exercises allow you to work on your adjectives and narratives. They also have a feature where you write your own content and record yourself.

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (9)

9. 123 teach me

123 teach meprovides free spanish learning material for your spanish classes. Site exercises include games, audio quizzes, flashcards and more. 123 Teach Me offers several self-study resources and some basic courses on business, medical environments and travel. They have content for beginning Spanish learners of all ages. They also have a good Spanish verb conjugator which is important for any adult Spanish curriculum.

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (10)
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10. Monthly

A monthis a modern language website with interesting content of Spanish lessons for beginners. If you're looking to expand your vocabulary for your next Latin American vacation, this site is for you. Combine visuals and audio tracks. Tracking your progress keeps you motivated to come back.

Spanish Lessons for Adults: 10 High-Quality Resources (11)

Take online Spanish classes for adults

I hope these resources help you get started on your Spanish language journey. Remember that while reading, writing and listening skills are essential, speaking the language is the fastest path to fluency.

Plus, you'll be able to broaden your horizons and communicate with more Spanish-speaking people. In the United States alone, there are approximately 53 million people who speak Spanish. Surprisingly, the United States is the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. According toCNN, there are 41 million native Spanish speakers in the US who speak Spanish at home.

Becoming proficient and fluent in Spanish opens up countless new possibilities for your life and career! To see how quickly you can learn and improve your skills, sign up for afree 1-to-1 classroomToday at Homeschool Academia Espanhola.

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