Safe Summoning Spells: A Guide to Contacting the Dead (2023)

Invocation and evocation are two of the pillars of any magical path.

So it pays to do it right. Unfortunately summonit is notlike riding a bike. You can lose your ability if you don't do this regularly. (At least that was my personal experience.)

But it's no big deal. Safe Invocation Practice is easy, fun and enlightening.

I focus on that by dabbling in a bit of Necromancy Lite™ on a regular basis, so this article will focus on that.

If you are new to magic then no problem. Using the steps below to contact the dead is easy. Prior knowledge is not required. Technically, you can contact the dead with little (or no) equipment; only do the things you need, when they are needed. but it isSomuch easier if you have a few things on hand:

  • Ouija-Brett. Just buy one. They're cheap on Amazon. (But don't buy a used one!)
  • candles. Any shape.I'm not a candle snob. I'll explain later.
  • incense. I'll explain that later too. You can buy what you need at your local supermarket. Do not worry.

Below is a guide specifically designed for summoning the dead. If you're planning on summoning non-human beings, I suggest you try this. Think of it like weight training before boxing. There's a lot of overlap in the muscle groups you'll be using. In addition, this process can easily be adapted to suit a group of non-human units.

When I describe this as "simple," I mean it in the sense that humans have been interacting with the spirits of the dead for as long as there have been archaeological records that we can see. Neanderthals built magic circles, buried their dead with grave goods, etc. Connecting with spirits is "easy" in the same way that something like fishing is "easy" - we've been doing it for tens of thousands of years, but

  1. Some people are better at it than others.
  2. Practice creates masters.

1. You settle

Before you even start, this is an exercise you should do at least once.If you're new to summoning, you're probably a little afraid of communicating with the spirit world.

In order.

(Video) How To Contact The Dead

If you think about it later, you'll realize itesa little creepy

However, I find long-lasting milk a little creepy. (Because it is! Chill it now!)

In any case, we have to take the wind out of the sails of the fear sails beforehand.

Complete these steps any evening before the invocation. Not the same night.

  • Choose a night when you can be home alone. Or go somewhere where you can be alone.
  • Turn off all the lights and sit in the dark. If you wish, you can light some candles to set the mood.
  • BildPeople you can't see A guy lurking outside the window, an invisible person standing right behind you. Imagine scary ghosts from movies you've seen. Really go to town.
  • Escucharto the sounds around you. The floorboards creak, the trees sway in the wind, the heat turns on, whatever. What was that??
  • Listen while afraid. You'll find that "quiet" is actually pretty loud in a home environment.
  • Sit scared for a while; listen and imagine.

Does Step 1 sound like a terrible thing? Why are you doing this you ask? Well, that's what's called a "default control component".placebo-controlled clinical trials.

It's important to understand that random, unexplained noises are normal all the time... It's just that we don't usually notice them unless we're worried. This is important because your mind can play tricks on you in an abnormal environment.

You really have to agree with that, because during the evocation it will be like thatyou are playing tricks on your mind. Determining this difference is key to successful long-term outcomes.

Pause to consider how many initiation rituals throughout history rely on the use of fear to alter the seeker's state of consciousness.

2. Play with yourself

I'm not above making an inconspicuous masturbation joke.

(Video) "How to Summon the Dead in Three Simple(ish) steps" | CreepyPasta Storytime

Before moving on to external entities, you will practice on yourself. (And that would be another).

Well, it might sound strange that the first one you "summon" is yourself, but chances are you're not afraid of yourself. You probably aren't afraid of your spirit guides either. So they are a good starting point.

  • Clean the Ouija board and iron it with a damp cloth rinsed with warm, slightly salty water. (Do this every time you use it.)
  • Go somewhere private, light some candles, and set up the table.
  • Pray or call as you see fit. The easiest way to do this is to imagine yourself bathed in white light from above. Then imagine that light being absorbed into your body until you see yourself glowing so brightly that it is almost too difficult for your mind's eye to focus on. Then feel this light expand from you to the four walls, floor and ceiling where they "block"; Leaving you in a safe and sacred space.
  • Say:

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, light the lamps. Saint Christopher, light the lamps. With the permission of the ILO SABAOTH we are making this space safe and sacred to trade with the Honored Dead. Beloved Saint Nicholas of Toletino, lead my guides and helping spirits to this place. Be here with us and speak through this forum. Indicate your presence here by moving the tab to Yes..“

  • And now wait for the planchette to change to Yes. Sometimes you can move to another location first. I had ghosts that had to walk around the board to get their bearings. What ever. You will know when it happens. go with it
  • As the planchette stops at each letter during the ritual, be sure to say that letter out loud. It seems to be the universal sign of "got it and move on to the next".
  • Classically, someone else should play the scribe who can write all the letters. This is really not necessary at this stage. But it is useful when communicating with the dead.

OMG it moves and I don't do it at all!Well, yes, you probably are. it's called theideomotor effect. You are moving the plank yourself, but you are not aware of it. This is how the planchette moves. That doesn't mean it doesn't "work". After all, you are communicating with your subconscious. Youshould notWatch out for movements. If so, then you're not doing it right.

It is extremely important to be familiar with the ideomotor effect, along with general "scary background noise". These are thereference conditionsshould consider if/when somethingthe resthappens (curtains move in a draft-free room, books fall off shelves, etc.), you can safely say, "Well, my brain moved the bar and the tree made the noise, butI do not know whatpostponed this book

Now you're ready for some dead visitors.

3. Scrub decks

As it sounds.

  • Wash the board and plank as above.
  • Use your fingers to spray some warm salt water on the summoning room.
  • Light some fresh candles. (Always use fresh candles for each invocation).
  • Light some incense. Sandalwood is good for raising the vibrations of a room without unduly affecting the results.
  • Do the white light exercise mentioned above.

4. Choose someone who is nice

The key to making a good, broad call is clearing the space and making sure everyone who wants to show up is genuinely friendly and helpful. Think of a broad, aimless call like Chatroulette. you could getBen Folds at an impromptu concert, or you could get an old Romanian to masturbate with you. If you want to target the former instead of the latter, do the following:

  • Open the door. Invokes an aspect of the great cosmic guardian. St. Peter's would work in a pinch, but I get the best results from Hermanubis:

"Hermanubis, guardian of the gate, lord of the hidden path between life and death, I invoke you. Hermanubis, I call you. A follower of the Old Ways is calling you. Open the gate between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead, for I would trade with the Peaceful Dead.”

(Video) How to Make Contact With Your Spirit Guides!

  • Get some spirits now:

“I call the Peaceful Dead. If there is any of you who would like to speak to us tonight, please stay with us in this sacred place now. Please indicate your presence and readiness by setting the tab to "Yes".

  • Relax and enjoy the flight.
  • A few tips: If you can't understand something that is being communicated, say so. Also, you will usually get the ghost to say "goodbye" if they wish, but if you wish to end, thank them for their time and ask them to leave peacefully.

Which brings me to my last point. What if they don't go?

5. Have a fireproof blanket ready

Best plans and all that, huh? It's important to know what to do if something goes wrong or if something doesn't go wrong.

Note that this has never happened to me when following the above scheme (although it has happened in other cases), but that doesn't mean I don't prepare for every eventuality.

As mentioned elsewhere, I amall about using readily available ingredients. There's something about a magical practitioner wallowing in silly, dark components (bought online anyway) that seems lonely and sad. Like they collect stamps or something. It's great if you're the proud owner of a fully stocked magic chest. But having a huge collection of tiny packets of freeze-dried ingredients doesn't make you a great swamp witch. It just means you have a hobby. Nice for you.

Me? I prefer the fresh and versatile. How to stock a cocktail bar:

  • Crush equal parts star anise and cloves in a mortar and pestle. This is a really good and cheap exorcism incense that does the job but doesn't completely shut off the energies in your home or temple. Of course you also need a charcoal briquette. (If you need a nuclear option, go for Dragonborn. But be prepared to rebuild the energies of the room you use it in afterwards.)
  • If necessary, light the briquette and drip some exorcism incense on it. Say:

"I banish you from this room and this realm. Go back where you came from and don't bother the living anymore."

Just keep repeating this until the space is cleared. Then open a window. Exorcism incense sticks will make your neighbors think you're opening a combination Thai restaurant and meth lab.


Rinse and repeat.

(Video) Meeting a Loved One in Spirit | Guided Meditation to Connect with Loved Ones

This article is broad enough in presentation to be useful for the absolute beginner, but I think there is something for the more advanced user as well.

Finally, let me expand on the muscle group analogy. Olympic champions still do push-ups. Learning to clear, summon, and banish is all about practice, it's about increasing your hours. Hopefully you'll also notice some mental learning as a nice and exciting side effect.

I definitely can't say that about push-ups.

One final note: you too can benefit from listeningthis episode of the Rune Soup podcast on spiritism:

Safe Summoning Spells: A Guide to Contacting the Dead (4)

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