Pioneering where possible - Sharing Sweden (2023)

Pioneer the possible is a communication concept developed to promote Sweden from a business perspective to target groups interested in doing business, investing or working in and with Sweden.

This communication concept has been developed for your task of promoting Swedish exports or attracting foreign investment and talent. It is designed to help you use Brand Sweden to strengthen and add credibility to your offer, so you can make a bigger impact and beat the hustle and bustle.

This toolkit consists of pre-built social media campaigns and an event setup guide.

Pioneer the Possible is organized by the Swedish Institute in cooperation with organizations such as Business Sweden, Vinnova (Swedish innovation agency), Tillväxtverket (The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth), Svenskt Näringsliv (The Confederation of Swedish Companies), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish regions and many more.

Pioneer of possible criteria

We have seen a lot of interest in using the Pioneer the Possible concept for events that are not based on the material in this toolkit, and to ensure the credibility of the concept, we have established some basic guidelines as to when the concept is applicable. .
If you would like to brand your event with Pioneer the Possible without using the toolkit display and/or related material, or if it is not a Swedish mission abroad, please complete the form below and ensure all items below are apply to your event:

A Pioneer the Possible event should focus on all of the following:

  • Sustainability/ Green Turn
  • co-creation
  • innovation

Your event must:

  • Do you have an international target group?
  • Do you have a Sweden team station?
  • Be innovative and avant-garde in design and execution.
  • Being designed with the Swedish brand
  • Engage Swedish companies

Your communication must:

  • Being designed with the Swedish brand
  • Use the tone of voice described in the Pioneer manual (be bold, don't be boring, be a breath of fresh air, be personal).
  • Always be tagged #Pioneerthepossible

See the Pioneer Manual for more details.

building blocks

The Pioneer's Handbook

This brand manual is a practical guide for anyone creating events and/or communications based on the Pioneer the Possible concept. This should be read before planning activities.

The Pioneer's Handbook

Thank you - campaign material

If you want to create a public relations/social media campaign that highlights successful bilateral relations, we have developed tools for a concept we call "thank you." Funding for ad sponsorship and social media posts can be requested through the toolkit. SI also assumes the costs of creating advertising material.

  • Thank You Campaign Guidelines and Information
  • Template to collect local cases for a thank you text
  • Example of a thank you display add-on module

taller Manual

This co-creative workshop was designed for embassies and consulates to connect with government and business decision makers who have an interest in working or doing business with Sweden. The workshop creates a space to explore new and unexpected trade/partnership/investment opportunities between local and Swedish stakeholders.

  • pioneer the possible workshop manual
  • Taller Plantilla PowerPoint

power point presentations

PPT: Join Sweden - Why Sweden
This power point presentation provides detailed information on Sweden as an investing nation. It contains a general background chapter and a chapter for each Business Sweden ecosystem.

You will also find useful information in the speaker's notes to introduce Sweden from an investment perspective.

PPT: Pioneer of the Possible

This speaker script Powerpoint presentation can be used when opening an event or speaking at a summit or meeting about Sweden as a broader economy.

Cases relevant to specific audiences and/or local contexts can be added using material in our case database (see link below).

Case bank (updated in July)

Stories and links to Swedish business cases that can be used to create additional content that can be adapted to local conditions and/or highlighted at events.

Case bank (Excel spreadsheet)

Visual elements and key images

There are three different key visual elements that should be used when creating communication material. The key images show the green transition in extreme close-up.

Manual and information on key images

If you are looking for photos to use in connection with potential communications from Pioneer, we recommend that you search for "ptp".Image Database Swedento see the images that best fit the concept.

Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts Overview

Topic #1: Social Media Post Texts (Make It Happen)

Theme 1 images:

  • Fossil Free Steel
  • load the future
  • Recycling

Topic #2: Writing Social Posts (Co-Creating Celebrations)

  • Images for topic #2

Topic #3: Copywriting for Social Media Posts (Emphasis on Pioneers)

Images for theme #3:

  • Fast, furious and future proof
  • Work-life balance
  • Bubbling tech scene

Swedish innovation questionnaire

The Swedish Innovation Questionnaire. By highlighting exciting new discoveries, inventions and creative partnerships born in Sweden, this questionnaire aims to stimulate interest in Sweden as an innovative, co-creative and environmentally conscious business partner.

Pioneer of possible films

Three short films about possible activities and marketing are available for Pioneer. All are available in three lengths; Long, short and social media stories.

  • Possible Brand Film Pioneer
  • Sweden's path to becoming the first fossil-free country in the OECD by 2045
  • Sweden as a talent destination

Additional video for social networks:

  • drum teacher

The journey to a fossil-free Sweden

This 10-minute talk by Svante Axelsson of Fossil Free Sweden explains Sweden's journey to become the world's first fossil-free OECD country.


Developed in collaboration with Fossil Free Sweden, the Environmental Protection Agency and Business Sweden, this exhibition on Sweden's climate strategy with examples of innovative companies driving change is based on thedisplay modules.


Event Planning Guide

Financial support

Swedish embassies and consulates can request financial support up to a maximum of SEK 40,000 for the promotion of social media campaigns, language translation and travel expenses, as well as remuneration for Swedish-language guest speakers. Part of the requested amount must be used to invite Swedish guest speakers.

Swedish embassies and consulates can request financial support up to a maximum of SEK 40,000 for the translation of the film(s) and the invitation of Swedish guest speakers (travel expenses and per diem).

For empowerment projectsCooperation in the Baltic Sea Regionthe amount of financial support is limited to a maximum of SEK 100,000. Up to 30 percent of the approved sum can be used for external project management.

How to apply

To apply, please completeregistration form.

If you would like to use the Pioneer the Possible concept for larger events in 2022 (events on the scale of COP27 or when Sweden is a nation of honor at a major fair), please indicate this in your application for further discussion.

By completing the application form, you agree to abide by the image and movie copyright agreement.

The application must be submitted at least two months before the event. Resources are limited and financial support may not be available at the end of the year. Restrictions may apply.

Application for other organizations

If you are not a Swedish mission abroad and would like to use the Pioneer the Possible concept or related materials in your communications, please complete the formthe application form for other organizationsand we will contact you to ensure that the Pioneer the Possible brand is applied to your event in a way that empowers it and aligns with the concept guidelines.

how to register

After a completed event, complete theproject reportfor tool sets.

If more than 10 percent of the total grant is not used, the full amount of unused funds must be returned to SI. The return is made through UD EKO. When paying, please include the project registration number (available in the agreement) and the name of your organization in the message field and notify the appropriate project leader.

Contact at the Swedish Institute

Contact for more informationKarin KarroKajsa Guterstam.

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