Omnilife Review: Is it a Scam? (2023)

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(Last update on November 9, 2022)

There are a lot of MLM companies out there.

Multi-level marketing companies, as they are also known, are becoming so popular that it is hard to keep up with all of them.

Because this type of business has such a bad reputation, it's important to separate the bad from the good.

Today we are going to do an open and honest review on Omnilife, one of many MLM brands.

I don't work for them so this is an unbiased review.

What is Omnilife?

The first thing many notice about Omnilife is that it is based in Guadalajara, which is in Mexico.

This is interesting because most of these companies are run outside of the United States.

Otherwise, they are usually found in Europe or Canada.

Another interesting thing about this company is that the owner was not a business executive.

They had no other brand.

They themselves did not work for an MLM.

They worked as taco vendors on the streets of Mexico and then smuggled thousands of dollars worth of Herbalife products across the border.

Thereafter, he became a billionaire CEO and film producer.

That certainly says a lot about the company.

Is the CEO trustworthy?

Do you have good business ethics?

If you've ever seen someone selling tacos on the streets of Mexico, you know their business acumen.

But that doesn't mean they are ethical.

And the smuggling of goods across the border suggests otherwise.

Still, business can be a good way to earn money.

However, there are certainly more profitable MLM products.

Omnilife: What do you sell?

Omnilife has 4 different categories of nutritional products.

  • moisturizer– drinks and drink mixes.
  • Habit– things you can use to start your own specific diet plan.
  • Energy– for helping him get that extra spark to get him through the day.
  • light nutrition– for those who think that Mexican street tacos contain too many calories and want to control their weight.

Their products are designed to help people achieve better overall health.

Depending on what you purchase, there are a number of benefits you can expect to experience. These include:

  • Increased energy and stamina.
  • Increased metabolism and the ability to burn fat.
  • Better mood or better ability to maintain a stable mood.
  • Enhanced hydration capacity through enhanced electrolyte levels.

Omnilife's Most Popular Products

Some Omnilife products are much more popular than others.

Whether this is due to their commercialization or because they are actually better products remains to be seen.

Here is the main list.

To stop

It is a product that is intended to help control your circulatory system.

It has a lot of vitamin E that helps fight cholesterol.

This is great because it can help balance the risks of too much caffeine in many Omnilife products.


It is a drink that is a mixture of coconut and pineapple extracts.

Coconut water is incredibly healthy in its own right, so I'm not sure why it's so popular.

turtleneck pastillas

They are grapefruit flavored pills that are loaded with fiber and Gymnema to help keep your intestines healthy and improve your overall health.

double C mix

It is without a doubt the most popular product and it is just a huge amount of vitamin C.

It tastes citrusy, just like a vitamin c product should, and it has rave reviews.

Omnilife does it work?

Many of their products use caffeine or other stimulants like synephrine.

This is probably the main reason why they are considered somewhat effective in helping people lose weight.

There are no clinical studies to support any of the claims the company makes about its products.

In many ways, this is something of a red flag.

A company must have solid scientific evidence to back up everything it says about its products.

Since the products are not FDA-approved, they may cause adverse effects.

That being said, they do include a host of ingredients that have been shown to help in the areas that Omnilife promises.

Its various products are intended to provide physical health benefits, mental health enhancements, and therapeutic value.

However, trying to improve your health with products that are not validated by the FDA is risky business.

Your best bet is to read a few more reviews and do your own research on the ingredients listed in any product you want to buy.

Additionally, two of the ingredients in many of their products, synephrine and caffeine,it can cause problems for sensitive people.

On their own, they can cause increases in blood pressure and heart rate.

When mixed together, the chance of developing negative side effects is significantly increased.

Some countries even havedeclared Omnilife products unsafe for this combination.

They cannot be sold in Sweden or Denmark,They are known to be two of the healthiest countries.

Omnilife MLM business opportunity

Omnilife operates as an MLM business structure.

This means that you can join the company as a distributor and sell products to them to earn money, bonuses and discounts.

You will also be able to recruit new members to do the same. Typically, you make the most money from these people, who are known as your downline.

MLM companies have received a lot of criticism.

They are usually considered scams or pyramid schemes by people who have no knowledge on the subject.

Omnilife certainly isn't the best MLM out there, but it's not the right word for it either.

The only thing that really sets these brands apart is their compensation plans, which vary greatly between different businesses.

Omnilife: The Compensation Plan

To participate in Omnilife you will have to buy your kit from distributors.

This is quite common among many MLM companies.Fortunately, the Omnilife kit is reasonably priced at just $39.

In the first-aid kit you carry some supplements, some promotional DVDs to help you understand the company, a training manual and a backpack to carry everything.

You will need to purchase at least 300 PP (Personal Points) worth of products each month.

It's okay, because even if you don't make money, you can get the products you need at a discount.

Your commission depends on the number of things you sell in a single month. It starts at 20%, which is really good for MLMs, and can go as high as 50%, which is really great.

You will receive different commissions based on your personal points.

  • 0-999 PP will give you 20% commission
  • 1000-1999 PP will give you 25% commission
  • 2000-2999 PP will give you 30% commission
  • 3000-3499 PP will give you 35% commission
  • 3500-3999 PP will give you 40% commission
  • More than 4000 PP will give you 50% commission

You will also receive a 10% Fast Start Bonus on your recruits and their purchases within the first 90 days of Omnilife.

You also receive a commission bonus on your downline, the people you recruit, based on their rank.

For example, Premier Bronze Level Distributors earn a 5% commission on their Level 1 or First Generation recruits.

Bronze Supreme members will get 9% on their first generation recruits and 5% on their level 2 recruits.

Continue Silver Supreme members, for example, earn 10% on level 1 members, 8% on level 2, and 4% on level 3.

Is Omnilife a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is nothing new.

Unfortunately, most MLM companies have taken the pyramid scheme label as a bad thing.

The reality is that a pyramid structure applies to virtually every business we deal with on a regular basis.

Think about it. The CEO stays on top and earns the most money.

Everyone else in the company supports the CEO and helps him make money.

If that doesn't sound like a scam, then I don't know what will.

The nice thing about MLMs is that you don't come into the company expecting to become a CEO.

You know exactly where you are and how much money you can earn.

You don't go into an opportunity like this hoping to one day become a CEO because it's just not going to happen.However, many businesses of this type were created by people who were distributors.

Omnilife Reviews and Complaints

There are a fair number of reviews for Omnilife, but certainly not as many as for some companies.

With that being said, most of their products available online boast solid reviews.

His latest Magnus boasts a rating of 4.4 out of 5, yet there are only a handful of reviews.

The first reviewer said that “the material works, it gives a lot of energy for the training (s)”and assures us that theywill order again.”

Another member says they have “I have been taking this for over 10 years.”

They were working as distributors, but they ran out of products, so they bought more on Amazon.

They didn't want to stop using because "it helps me have the energy to exercise and helps me with colds.”

However, there are not many reviews about the company itself.

In fact, there aren't any at the Better Business Bureau.

This is interesting because virtually every other MLM business has a BBB rating score.

Another recent product reviewer said that she buys her neighbor's stuff. She gets it for her husband because "he works 10 hours a day.”

The thing works and gives you power, but"don't give you an accident",and they like the fact that it's"not full of sugar.

Omnilife Prices and Where to Buy

The products that Omnilife sells are not cheap compared to other brands.

For example, if you want to stick to a nutrition or weight loss plan for a single month,you will spend more than $200.

Although Omnilife works like an MLM, there are many places where you can find their products.

Your website, first and foremost, is the best place to get them. You will get a good deal if you sign up as a dealer.

However, you will need to continue to purchase products each month to remain a distributor.

You can also find their products for sale on sites like Amazon or eBay.

The prices are pretty comparable on these sites. For example:

  • Omnilife Cafezzino Plus!It will cost you $29.25 per box, which is about the same as what you would buy on their website.
  • omnilife greatit will cost $29 for 30 servings
  • Omnilife Plus OrangeIt will set you back $53.94, which is a pretty good deal.

Omnilife Money Back Guarantee

I couldn't find any information from Omnilife itself about the money back guarantee.

this helpIf you buy their products on Amazon or eBay, these sites offer money-back guarantees.

You may receive a refund if you visit these sites.

Pros and Cons of Omnilife

It's a good idea to know the ins and outs of any website or business before spending your time and money on it.


  • A very strong business that continues to grow
  • The products are known to be effective, at least according to users.
  • The business owner is quite business savvy.


  • Products are expensive and can be hard to sell.
  • The owner was involved in some shady dealings before starting the company.
  • It can be very difficult to make money with this MLM

Omnilife Review: Final Verdict

It is hard to say whether or not Omnilife is a completely legitimate company.

Online reviews are scant, but the reviews that do exist appear to be quite positive.

However, the fact that there are so few reviews, coupled with the fact that the business owner is an ex-criminal, makes it a bit suspicious.

However, the owner is widely revered in Mexico for being a great businessman.

The people who work at Omnilife, and who understand the mechanics of the business, seem to like it and don't want to stop.

If you think this is the right opportunity for you, try your luck!

So, what did you think of our Omnilife review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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