Love sweet love - Cash_Drabbles (2023)

"¡Otra Ronda, Samu!"

Osamu groans and gets up off the floor to frown at his brother. He and Atsumu have been dueling non-stop for the past three hours. His arms buckle under him and he falls back onto the grass with a soft thump. blow.

His muscles ache from careless stretching. He knows it's no big deal, it's his everyday life after all, but the dull ache running through his body still hurts.

Atsumu's face suddenly appears in his field of vision, his brows furrowed and his lips pursed in what appears to be disgust.

I thought you could do a little more.” He smiles.

Osamu lifts a foot to kick his twin in the shins, causing him to collapse next to him. Atsumu hisses in pain from his fall and grabs a handful of silver hair.

"Small piece-"

"Children. That's enough." Kita, her advisor, calls from the sidelines. Despite being on the field with them all the time, he still looks as trim and trim as ever, his dark red kilt contrasting with the sweaty clothes they wear to their training sessions themselves. Ironically, it looks more regal than the princes themselves.

His bodyguard and leader of the Royal Guard, Aran, is at his side should he need to separate them. His uniform is very similar to Kita's, but also consists of heavy armor made of dark gray metal and his sheathed sword. If the twins didn't know him so well, they would feel almost threatened by his appearance.

Both men quickly walk away, but not before Atsumu lands a quick kick at Osamu's leg, who is too exhausted to return it.

"Osamu, how are you feeling?" He trusts his advisor to be just as caring while making him feel like a stupid kid. Osamu finally gets up and brushes off his workout clothes: an old white top and brown pants, both worn from his tough workouts.

Like I'm going to faint at any moment. He moans again and stretches his arms up, hoping to get rid of the throbbing pain in his back.

"Well then, everyone's fired for today." Kita escorts her back to the palace and begins his own stride. Beside him, Atsumu is sulking like a little kid who has been told playtime is over.

"But I'm not tired yet! Aran-kun! Train with me!"

"Over my corpse." Says the commander simply and hurriedly follows Kita back.

"Why do you always spoil my fun, asshole?" Atsumu throws his sword aside and scowls at Osamu, who is still trying to ease the pain in his muscles.

His twin tilts his head back as he wipes away sweat, his golden hair igniting and glowing with the last few rays of light as the sun dips over the horizon. The field they are in dominates their realm. It's beautiful, really. From here they can see their employees returning home after a long day at work.

The sight makes Osamu's skin itch. They all look so small and insignificant.

Each of them could have had the worst day of their life. They could have had a heart attack, lost their job, their child, theirs Life - and from this point of view everything seems so meaningless. His brother tells him he's too sentimental that it doesn't matter what they look like as long as they can help who they can. Maybe he was right, but in a weird way, he always stuck with Osamu. He es too sentimental

Maybe that's why he let Atsumu inherit the throne too easily. I wouldn't be able to handle that guilt.

"Because I want you to suffer." He now rolls his eyes and also goes back to the palace.

The kingdom of Inarizaki prepares the princes for the annual duels that take place every year. Princes and princesses alike, gathered from across the country for a sport that unites them all. At least that's how it is allegedly be.

But everyone, even their own twin, knows what they are. As a matter of fact hungry for:

The pride, the boast and the trophy. Something Atsumu has been looking for since they were old enough to participate.

Atsumu was eighteen when he finally got a chance to set foot on the court, nineteen when he took home his first win, twenty-one when he won his second, and now at twenty-three he has his sights set on judged him third.

All those losses in the middle had always put him under more pressure than before. Atsumu fought as if he were alive: determined, thinking through every step, but managing to look like a carefree teenager.

Osamu was also eighteen when he stepped forward, nineteen when he realized he didn't like it that much, and twenty when he gave up dueling as a sport for good.

However, it wasn't that easy.

He had to deal with his mother's disappointment, his people's disappointment, his brother's disappointment. All of these lingering worries crept up his skull, leaving holes everywhere that he could fill with whatever he could, but none of it was enough. He didn't allow himself to give in to his needs. She didn't allow herself to relax, not for a minute. He kept up with this brother, but no matter what happened, he always felt the flame in the other's eyes, or rather, the lack in his own.

No matter how hard he trained, nothing could shake that blinking signal in his head that echoed with his every move, true or false:

'I do not want that'.

It rang continuously, leaving him empty, a shell of the person he once was, until he was too tired to continue the charade.

"'Tsumu." He had drowned one day during his training and dropped his sword on the grass of the field. They were twenty years old at the time and only had a month until the next competition. "I can not do this anymore".

"What are you talking about, Scrub?" Atsumu also dropped his own weapon and walked towards his twin, who buried his face in his hands, trying to silence Kita and Aran's worried looks. He couldn't bear to see their faces as he gave up. He could already feel the disappointment burning his skin.

"I don't want to fight". Osamu sobbed, still not looking up. "I hate it. hate It is . I can't do this, I'm not as good as you. I hate it, I hate it, I I hate it!" She sobbed even harder and finally let go of the weight she had carried for years.

"Osamu, please breathe." Kita was suddenly at his side, one hand on his back, rubbing it in circles, trying to comfort him. She just shrugged and cried even harder as she fell to her knees.

"II can't do this anymore."

"Who said you had it?" Atsumu's voice wasn't filled with the disgust or anger he'd imagined as he knelt. his brother was concerned .

"You've always had this P-Plan! How am I supposed to do that? give up Already?!" he yelled, the burning question finally leaving his system.

"We still live in the same castle, dramatic baby!" Atsumu shouted back. "You won't leave me for shit!"

"You are not mad at me?"

"Of course I'm mad!" Osamu stepped back only to put Aran's arm around his shoulders.

"I'm crazy." Atsumu repeated, softer this time, and Osamu heard his voice coming closer as his hands pulled away from his face. But not for your departure. I'm angry you did this to yourself. Why didn't you say anything sooner, Scrub?

"I was scared." Osamu was twenty years old, a grown man, but at that moment he had felt like a child again when he was caught by the guards for sneaking into the kitchen rooms in the middle of the night.

"You don't need to be afraid of me, 'Samu." Atsumu's arms wrapped around him and lifted him slightly. He almost sounded hurt. "I'm just me."

His brother held him until Osamu finally gathered himself enough to get up.

"Let's get you back inside, thicket."

And that was it.

He's still exercising, but not hard enough to be in too much pain. He learns, greets his people, but doesn't do anything exaggerated. your life is now GUT he says to himself. There's no reason for him to be dissatisfied, he urges. So shut up and be thankful, he tells himself.

But from time to time you can't help but get that nagging feeling that there is further for him out there, beyond the castle walls.

"Hello Samu." Atsumu also trotted after him on the way back to the palace. "Are you hungry?"

"I am always hungry." A couple of guards run past him, holding some towels. Kita must have told them they were done for today.

Both princes accept them with quick nods as they scurry away.

"I know it's you, so I think we should date."

"So that?" Osamu turns to his brother as they head back to their rooms. "I could do something here."

"Yes, but I want to eat something sweet and you still haven't mastered it." Osamu complains about this and slightly drags his feet. It is not Are Blame baking was a very different domain than he was used to.

"Good." says finally. "Where were you thinking?"

"Gin told me about a bakery in the mall." All the high-flying businessmen open their office buildings on the Business Plaza. What is a bakery doing there?

You know we're not allowed to go there. People will recognize us."

"We will wear cloaks!"

"So that?" asks Kita behind them, who seems to have appeared out of nowhere. He has a gift for something like that.

"Oh! Eh...Hi, Kita-san!" Atsumu flashes his advisor a nervous smile. Osamu internally wrestles with his twin's inability to lie to him. "We've been talking going out to eat... .?" He falls silent, keeping his eyes on his feet like an embarrassed child.

"NO." It's just a word, but Osamu could swear he felt a chill run through the room. "We let the staff do something for you."

Please Kita-san? Atsumu kneels and takes the advisor's hands in his. Osamu also squats down, he is very hungry.

"We'll do it fast."

"Well..." Aran suddenly appears behind him and puts a hand on Kita's shoulder. "I could carry them myself."

Kita raises an eyebrow questioningly. The twins look at their advisor and the knight and rejoice. It was clear to everyone that Aran was the only person who could distract Kita from any decision. The security guard smiles slightly at Kita while awaiting his reply.

"Hmm..." Kita thinks for a moment, walking away from the three of them and running her hand through her perfectly styled hair. He finally looks at the twins, his face relaxed but not quite smiling. "But only one of you."

The twins immediately stand up and face each other.

"Scissors stone paper?" Osamu offers (He is a twenty-three year old male).


"A year."


"Scissors!" They scream in unison. Atsumu's smile disappears from his face at the result.

"That's not fair! That was it mi Idea, I I should go!"

"Well, you're a Scrub too, so I I should go!"

Osamu won fair. Kita shakes his head like a disappointed father, while Aran looks back and forth between them, seemingly amused. Suddenly, Osamu realizes that the guards are warning them and that they are used to seeing his arguments. She As a matter of fact You didn't keep faces in front of you, did you?

"Well then." I have aran in Osamu, I will wait for you outside when you are ready Osamu." And with that he goes to the main exit of the palace.

Many people find it strange that the Prince's Counselor and Guard are so informal with them. They don't use formality or hesitate to scolding them in front of staff or even other royals, but this has always been the case.

The twins met them at the training academy their parents sent them. They first encountered Aran but only admired him from afar as a strong soldier until Kita showed up. He was strong but not as bulky as the other cadets, quick on his feet but not exactly agile. Kita was and is something of a riddle: Safe with the now correct unlock code.

One day when they were sixteen, Kita was approached after a training match while all the cadets were lying on the grass and catching their breath.

"So..." Atsumu began, boldly charging forward and putting himself between him and Aran. The latter rolled his eyes when he realized his little plan to befriend the white-haired boy. "What brings you here, Kita-san?"

"Yes train." Kita answered as if it were that simple.

"What he means is, what are you going to do when this is all over?" Osamu joined them as well, pointing to the small field and the rest of the cadets resting after a long day.

"Hmm ..." Kita thought for a moment and fiddled with the lid of her canteen. "I haven't even thought that far. My grandmother brought me here to serve the country in any way she could...

The twins exchanged skeptical looks. Are you sure that can't be?

"You two must learn to stay out of your personal affairs." Aran slapped the twins on the back of the head and got an "ow" at the same time.

"We were alone" ask me" Atsumu groaned and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Because we know you want to fight for the country, Aran-kun. And how Ōmimi-kun wants to move into a more medical field. And how gin is here because he sucks at everything else."

"I have heard that!" The grey-haired boy frowned at her from across the field.

"And that's because it's yours passions Osamu continued for his brother. "I think I want to know what it is Tu Passion, Kita-san?

Kita looked up at the sky and watched the clouds slowly narrow at the edges above them for a moment before answering.

“I like to organize things. to keep them clean. hold them straight. He said with a straight face before he burst out laughing softly. He noticed that Aran quickly looked away.

"Sorry," she continued as her laughter died away and her face broke into a small smile. "I guess it's not as cool as the rest of your boys stuff."

"No, it's great!" All three boys answered at the same time, but Kita just shook her head.

"I'm not as strong or as partisan or as ambitious as the rest of the people here. I'm just passing the time until I find a position that I can fit into and hopefully make my grandmother proud."

This conversation proved to be as momentous as it was brief. From that day on, the four of them spent more time together and became even closer as a result.

Kita and Aran somehow completed the twin duo without doing much. The two older ones kept them out of trouble while the younger ones tried and failed to incite them.

The perfect balance.

Thinking of daycare seemed almost strange at the time. He's much more comfortable with himself now. Her hair has grown long enough to be tied in a small ponytail. He wears a single earring in the shape of a fox's tail, and while he's not as big or bulky as the others, he's just as strong. Osamu can't help but be proud that he and Atsumu played a part in it.

When the twins were finally old enough to appoint their own staff, Kita was the first person they went to to offer the position of their advisor, which in a sense already was and the rest is history.

Aran joined them shortly thereafter after being sent for two years of military training.

Atsumu also went to the military program.

2 years.

Osamu spent two years alone in his head.

He goes to his room, the memories rushing back to him before he can push them away.

nights without sleep. Solitary walks through the castle walls. The overwhelming feeling that something or someone is missing in your life.

It's not a time I like to think back on. Though the palace was normally quiet, it was almost so without its twin mysterious . The slightest sound of a sword, the slamming of his feet on the carpet in his room, the sound of guards entering and leaving their posts, all echoed so loud, echoed in his skull.

However, his mind was even louder. He was only eighteen at the time and had no one to talk to. Even though people preferred him to Atsumu, he didn't come close to either of them. He preferred his solitude, but this was... lonely. The letters she received from her twin once a week couldn't do much, but she looked forward to receiving them nonetheless and could always hear Atsumu's lively voice rambling on about one thing or another.

He tried several hobbies. reading, painting, archery, wood carving anything to occupy it, but none of it remained. After a while, they all merged into a sombre pattern. But then he found something that would say that Amado Again.


He started with small tortillas, some rice pudding, and a few servings of candy, but then progressed to more complex dishes with more steps, ingredients, and challenges. He was never bored. Whether baking, roasting or freezing, there was always something new to do.

When Atsumu finally got home, he was better at it than any of the cooks in his palace.

To this day, Osamu hasn't given up his hobby, sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of the night to snack on something for himself and his brother. With your kitchen you have something you know you can do. his passion.

"Come on Samu!"

It knocks aggressively on his bedroom door.

"Give me a second, rub." He calls back and pulls a clean shirt over his head.

"I'm hungry!"

"Well, you still have to wait for him to come back, so hold on."

Atsumu growls back, probably in insult, and uses his punch. Osamu grabs his robes from the headboard and wraps them around him as he opens the door to his room.

Atsumu stands there, still sulking.

"Stop whining baby and tell me what to get you."

"Hmm..." His twin hums dramatically as he leads him out of the palace. "I heard they have Fantastic Macaroni."

"Okay, we'll get that for you."

The great gates of the palace open as they approach. The direct sunlight from the summer sun is almost blinding compared to the warm orange inside. Once his eyes adjust to the near-blinding light, Osamu sees a black carriage waiting for him, with Aran already at his side.

He opens the door and jumps in with one punch.

"See you, 'Tsumu."

"See you Sam."

Aran climbs in behind him, gives his twin a quick nod and closes the carriage door.

Osamu watches his brother as the carriage begins to move. He keeps an eye on him until he's just a stick figure like the ones he sees from the training ground.


"All right, that's the place."

Osamu looks at Aran's sudden words from the carriage window. You were offline for the entire (relatively short) trip.

It's hard to believe that a small bakery could stand in such a busy neighborhood full of blacksmiths and carpenters.

It doesn't look like the gray and brown buildings on either side.

The building is small, actually almost a hut. The walls are painted a soft creamy yellow and the window frames on each side of the door are light pink. Flowers decorate the space below in small pots. It looks like something out of a child's drawing but is just as charming.

"Cute, isn't it?"

Aran's voice brings him back to reality. Osamu opens the carriage door, knocks the bus driver over, and elicits an irritated " zk" of the.

A small crowd has gathered around the carriage and is being controlled by a few attendant guards. Aran follows him as he walks towards the door and positions himself directly in front of it.

I'll give you fifteen minutes until Kita stomps over here to kick both of our asses. Osamu snorts at that. Twenty if you get me a lemon meringue pie.

The prince nods and finally opens the door to enter.

The inside of the store is exactly as he suspected. adorable . Pale pink shelves adorned with all sorts of cakes and pastries, all so brightly colored they must have been baked with them some Type of artificial coloring. A small counter sits in the center of the store across from a back door, pastel yellow and surprisingly empty. Behind it is a door, without a door and with a curtain over it instead.

"Hello?" He calls for silence. At this rate, anyone could steal here.

"Yes, yes, come." A man's bored accent hangs in the air until a figure steps out the door and...


That's a handsome man.

Osamu was greeted with pale, milky skin and golden eyes, finely carved and delicately outlined in black. Her hair is a soft chocolate color, parted in the middle and falling slightly from the ends. Her arms are wet, apparently freshly washed, and show black nail polish. The man himself clashes immensely with the store, dressed in a black apron and matching black pants.

"How can I help you, sir- oh?" His eyes widen slightly when he sees Osamu. For a second he forgot he was a prince.

"How may I help you, my lord?" Osamu flinches at the formality.

"Uh... hello..." Why is he so awkward?

"Okay...uh...should I bow, or would a bow suffice?" Judging by his accent, he's not from Inarizaki. hmm

"Why the hell would you do that?" Crap.

Act like a prince, idiot.

"Blasphemy, Sir .” The man puts a hand on his chest and grins before pulling away a little, as if remembering who he's talking to.

He has a nice smile.

"Do you treat all princes with such respect?" He answers, hoping to strike up a friendly conversation with the stranger. He usually hates small talk, but right now he wouldn't mind too much.

"Only those who bless me enough to stand awkwardly in my tent like they've never seen the light of day."

"You're a real gem, aren't you... huh...?" She leans forward and puts one arm on the counter, not knowing how to call the stranger.

"Most people just call me Sunarin." She answers, wiping her hands on her apron.

sunarine A handsome name for a handsome man.

"Osamu. I thought everyone knew that.” He knows it sounds like what he's saying, but it's true, after all, they kind of rule the place.

"Yes, but..." Sunarin falls silent, seemingly worried about who he is talking to.

"But…?" Osamu decides to take the piss.

"But it's... two... of you..." Sunarin falls silent, turning his back on him with a small smile. Osamu snorts.

"You don't have to be so rigid. I won't execute you because you don't know my name.

"How should I have known?" The baker narrows his eyes, but the action has no bite.

"Common sense?" He jokes and smiles slightly.

The knot that usually forms in his chest when he talks to strangers loosens at the light joke. Sunarin sighs, obviously losing the argument.

"So what may am I doing this for you, Prince Osamu?"

I like the way he says my name.

Shut up, he'll listen to you.

"My brother recommended this place to me."

"Oh yes. The other one." That smile again.

"Naughty, isn't it?" He raises an eyebrow as the man, Sunarin, leans forward and blushes slightly.

"What are you going to do? behead me? The baker snorts, rests his chin on his hand and leans forward as well.

you are close

"You're lucky I'm in a hurry. Give me a box of four macarons.

"Which type?"

"Coco, he hates them." Shit, he shouldn't be able to get that last part out of his head.

To his surprise, Sunarin laughs. A soft and clear sound like a bell. Melodic. Pretty.

Stop saying pretty, he'll think it's weird.

Keep your mouth shut.

"I guess sibling rivalry doesn't change no matter who you are." He hums, walking to a row of glasses on the counter and cracking open one. A thought occurs to Osamu.

"Sohn Of Who designed this place?

"Why? Does he sound weird? His words have no bite, just the hint of a smile that Osamu can't see from this angle. Damned.

"I don't love it". The truth.

"They do NO .” The baker turns around, carries a small paper bag with the macaroni and places it in Osamu's hand. "Anything else?" He adds.

"Two slices of lemon meringue pie. and I do. It's nice. He takes another look around as Sunarin walks to a stand to the left of the counter that has a selection of cakes and tarts.

"Thank you very much." They fall silent as Sunarin carefully begins to cut the cake. "A lot of people think it's too much. childish .” he says dismissively.

"Yeah sure. It's a damn candy store. What did you expect, champagne and a receptionist?

"Exactly!" There's a new passion in her voice as Sunarin returns to the bar.

Osamu opens the small bag in his hand, grabs a macaron and bites into it, closing his eyes.

It's a habit he's had since childhood. He finds that this enhances his other senses. This is how you judge everything you eat.

The macaroni are good, otherwise a little crunchy. But the overall taste is good. It's tasty and light.

He opens his eyes and sees Sunarin looking at him expectantly, holding two small triangular boxes.

"So?" the baker asks and puts down the boxes.

"It's good. But a little too crispy, next time try brushing the bottom with milk before baking them."

Sunarin just stares at him, slightly shocked.

"How the hell Of know what?"

"Blasphemy, Sunarin.

"Not seriously."

"Cooking is a hobby of mine." Osamu shrugs, resolutely reserving the rest for Atsumu. Sunarin just stares at him, a mixture of shock and disbelief spreading across her face. "What? Did you think princes didn't have hobbies?

"A little bit. I mean you generally visit small bakeries just to flirt with the owner? He shrugs and packs the boxes into a large paper bag. Osamu blushes at her words.

"I'm not flirting with you. If something Tu flirt with Mich."

"Mm... so why are you sounding so guilty?"

"W-because you make me nervous!" Sunarin just smiles and raises an eyebrow. You enjoy this.

"I am?" He brings his voice to a pure tone that sends shivers down Osamu's spine.

"N-no! Fuck you.” The prince puts a hand to his face, hiding the blush forming on his cheeks.

"Naturally, Sir .” The son of a bitch lifts his apron slightly and fucks decency . "Do you need anything else?"

I guess we're getting away from what it was.

"Mmm...I need something for myself...but I'm not sure what."

Sunarin drummed her fingers on the counter and thought for a minute before lighting a cigarette.

"I have just the thing. Wait here.” With that, he disappears into the back of the store, leaving Osamu alone with the things.

As she turns toward the entrance, she sees Aran tapping impatiently on her watch outside the window. In response, he picks up one of the boxes, revealing the small piece of cake, earning a smile and a small roll in the eye from his guard.

"Here." Sunarin returns with a box already packed.

"What is it?" Osamu looks at him curiously.

"I do not tell you". Sunarin grins and goes into Osamu's room to put him in the paper bag. From here, the prince can see just how flawless her skin really is, with a few light-colored freckles above it. It also looks smooth, like you could run your finger across it with little to no resistance. Her eyes are the best though. They are cut so sharp, finer than any diamond in the palace and they shine brighter than any gold coin, no matter how finely polished.

He is gorgeous.

"Didn't anyone teach you that it's rude to stare at him? Or am I so captivating? Sunarin smiles mischievously as she meets his gaze.

Osamu can feel his whole being bursting into flames at the sensation.

"Er... something like that..."

"Oh, is that so?" Sunarin leans in again, too close to be considered friendly. Osamu doesn't dare to move, let alone think . "And are you going to do anything about it?"

This doesn't happen. He's not being flirted with by an adorable baker he met five seconds ago. Sunarin is probably just kidding. Probably.

The silence lasts, neither of them moves until there is a knock on the door.

Right, twenty minutes.

"This is um... for me." Eventually he turns to face the door, breaking the tension of what it was. The Eras.

"Mmm... then you should probably go." Sunarin's voice sounds further away. He jerks his head back and sure enough the baker has walked back to the counter, smiling innocently as if he hadn't just turned Osamu's whole world upside down.

"How much will that be?" he asks, deciding he can play loose. Also .

"Five gold and two silver coins."

"Here you have." Osamu drops the money on the counter. Sunarin looks through and then sulks a little. this grown man smoldering .


"I was hoping you would leave me a huge pile of gold without counting it because you have no idea how currency works." Answer bluntly.

Osamu laughs and shakes his head. This man's nerves.

"Damn, it is The What do you think of your princes?

"Don't shoot the messenger. Also, I gave you this little box for free.

"You didn't have to, I can afford it."

Apparently . But I try to be nice. Consider this a peace offering to further this friendship."

"Wow, are you trying at The princes you know so well?

"Not usually. I make exceptions for the pretty ones.

Osamu blushes again, but this time he's sure Sunarin will see it as his smile only deepens.

"Thank you for your visit. See you soon."

"Confident, isn't it?"

"One bite of this candy and you'll eat your words."

"I hope so. See you soon, Sunarin.”

"Take care."

With one last look at the baker, Osamu leaves the shop. Two guards immediately take her bags and put them in the carriage.

"Why did it take you so long?" Aran asks from where he is leaning against the wall.

"The baker was nice." He says simply, hoping his face isn't as red as it feels. "Oh, and I have a piece of cake for Kita-san too."

That's all the errands, right?” Aran makes his way to the carriage square and looks back at Osamu.


"So let's go."

Osamu looks back at the bakery one last time and walks back to the carriage, feeling lighter even with the new weight of a new feeling he can't quite place.


"'Samu! Why did it take you so long?!"

Atsumu runs out of the palace gates as soon as Osamu's feet hit the ground.

Never a moment of peace.

Kita follows his twin, doesn't say anything, but sees the same question in his eyes.

"I got something for it at .” Osamu sniffs and hands his brother the smaller bag.

Atsumu lunges at him, his face lights up, but he falls as soon as he looks inside.

"You ate one, pig! There should be four.

"Oops." The gray-haired twin hands Aran the bag of his and Kita's slices of cake and ends up keeping his own.

The four go back with their candy as Atsumu perks up again, still with a macaron in his mouth.

"What is that?" Her voice is slightly muffled by the treat.

"I don't know it. The baker gave it to me as a 'friendship gift' or something.

"O'en i'!"

"Don't talk with your mouth full, swine." Osamu smacks the back of his twin's head, who swallows the macaron and puts on a rather suffocating show. She rolls her eyes as she opens the lid of the box to find... chocolate chip cookies.

He snorts at how dramatically this all happened before seeing a note on the inside cover.

I don't know if princes eat these things, but I thought I'd take it upon myself to give them something I haven't debuted at the Bakery yet. Tell me what you think when we talk again.


Osamu smiles as he reads the message. He's only spoken to Sunarin once, but he can already hear her muffled voice reading the message to him, that slight smile on her face.

"Oh, is he yours Freund Now?” Atsumu rests his chin on Osamu's shoulder and scans the note with a smile. The grey-haired twin pushes him away, but not before he gets his hands on one of the cookies.

Atsumu bites into it, making an almost pornographic sound.

"Are GUT ~” He groans and Osamu rolls his eyes. He knows Exactly what does he do

"Are not you ashamed?"

"Only when it comes to embarrassing you. So what's up with this guy?

"Nothing. He's just friendly.

"I don't know…" Atsumu narrowed his eyes, looked back into the envelope and probably skimmed the note. freundlich For me.

"That's because you have no concept of romance, Tsumu."

Atsumu gasps and puts a hand on his chest in mock insult.

"Clow blow, 'Samu. And I know a lot shit about love


"How handsome," he leans in to whisper in Osamu's ear, looking around to make sure no one is looking, "Kita-san and Aran-kun are a couple."

Osamu just rolls his eyes.

at you know, idiot

"You know what?" Somehow, Kita reappears behind them, a small plate with the piece of cake Osamu is holding. "And thank you for that, Osamu."

"You're welcome, Kita-san. And it's nothing..."

"Samu has one Freund~“ Atsumu sings and twirls theatrically around his brother.

"Oh congratulations." Kita answers without any emotion. Behind him, Aran stifled a giggle behind her hand at his perpetually rigid demeanor.

"N-no! He's not my friend.” Osamu stammers and blushes profusely. "He's the uh... baker from the... bakery."

Atsumu snorts. "Apparently."

"Keep your mouth shut. He just gave me a box of cookies...for free..."

Aran raises an eyebrow, his eyes darting from Osamu's face to the box in his hands.

"Now, I this I noticed that on the way back you smiled a lot more than usual.

"B-for the free meal!" Osamu stammers, confused by all the interest in their little interaction. "Besides, I probably won't even get a chance to talk to him much."

"Well," Kita thoughtfully begins to put another cake fork in her mouth. "If Aran would continue to accompany you every Travel, I could arrange a carriage for you every day at this time.”

"Er... I'm not sure... He has a job..." Why were all eyes suddenly on him?

"Well, you can talk to him morning and fix something. For now, you should both go to bed.

"Yes indeed." The twins will tan at the same time. They're both grown men, but they still have it. An eight o'clock bedtime. It's almost sad, but they can't exactly reason. After all, this is daycare.

"Good night folks". Kita nods to each of them and turns on his heel as he walks to his own room, with Aran close behind.

Yes, they are definitely a thing.

They quietly return to their rooms, escorted by two guards. Not that they have to be accompanied, but it serves as a guarantee for Kita, so what's wrong with a few ears listening to their conversations?



"How do you feel about your macaroni?"

"They were the best I've had, even though they were coconut."

"...should I bring you more tomorrow?"

Even when he's not looking at his brother, Osamu captures the smile that spreads across his features, teasing but honest at the same time.



The next day, the twins finish their daily workout earlier than usual and run to their rooms to change.

"What are you two doing?" Aran sighs and runs to catch up.

"Samu will bring me more macaroni." Atsumu snorts and tries to get ahead of the other two.

"Yes, could you look for the carriage?" Osamu grabs Atsumu's wrist to slow him down, earning him a quick kick to the shins.

"So that?" Kita stands in front of them from the adjacent hallway.

How is it always here?

The three stop abruptly and almost trip over each other. Aran steps in front of her and puts a hand on Kita's shoulder, clearing his throat. even apparently he is he is not immune to Kita's aura.

"Osamu is going back to the baker."

"Oh, is it about your boyfriend?" asks Kita because he doesn't have a damn filter.

"He is it is not my friend."

"Sure, change now. You don't want to seem like a mess." Atsumu and Aran snort at that.

"Yes indeed." He sighs and goes back to his room, trying to ignore the guards' curious looks.


Half an hour later he's back in front of the bakery and is fiddling with her neck. He spent twenty minutes looking for a shirt that was casual enough, but it wasn't Also casual. At least Atsumu did, he just sat on his bed and stared while his brother gushed about how black "would make his eyes pop." So now he's wearing a shirt of that color with his usual pants.

It feels ridiculous.

"I look good?" He asks Aran for the tenth time, which makes him roll his eyes.

"For the love of God, And . Now And . We don't have all day.

He doesn't understand why he's so nervous. He doesn't even know what Sunarin's intentions are. Sohn . Osamu doesn't even know what Are intentions are.

He takes a deep breath and pushes the door open, determined to get this over with as quickly as possible.

Once again Sunarin is not at the reception.

Osamu decides to look around a little more this time before calling out to him. She takes in the warm light of the store, the faint smell of baked goods, the posters covering the walls. All are typical phrases like "eat sweets" or "pieces of life" followed by pictures of some products.

With a smile, he remembers the appearance of the shopkeeper, which becomes even more contrasting the longer he looks around. As if on cue, he hears a voice singing from the door as he approaches.

summer in the rain with you "Mine!" Sunarin pauses in the doorway, her perpetually narrowed eyes widening slightly. A flush covers her face as she flinches, presumably at her door. "Your Maj-Osamu."

"You have a beautiful singing voice." The prince jokes as he walks to the counter while watching Sunarin appear. He's covered in flour from head to toe. Her face is painted with stripes of blue icing and her hair is tied back. Seeing him like this makes Osamu's heart beat faster.

"Shut up the damn thing. I've been busy.” Sunarin frowns and wipes her hands on her apron, but her blush doesn't fade.

"Shall I come back another time?"

"No, do not worry. A customer ordered a larger cake, so I've been busy with that."

"Oh, can I see it?" Osamu raises his eyebrows slightly. "I didn't know you did custom stuff."

"Of course not, you've only known me a day." Sunari grins. "But of course the kitchen is in the back."

With that he takes Osamu's hand and leads him to the door. His hands are softer than hers, very calloused, and much smaller. They feel delicate enough to break with a little force, and in some ways that's more endearing than you thought it would be. He smiles to himself, feeling the warmth of the other in his palm somehow grounds him.

Sunarin silently leads him into the kitchen, seemingly unaware of their bandaged hands. You pass through the curtain and enter a room adorned with long shelves and a stove. There's also a fridge in the corner, he notes, with a selection of fridge magnets on it. On closer inspection, he recognizes the names of the various kingdoms and their symbols.

Karasuno Shiratorizawa Itachiyama Nekoma

The names of all kingdoms around the world except yours. Strange.

"Tada". Sunarin theatrically waves his arms in front of one of the counters, drawing Osamu's attention to the mess.

The granite surface is littered with empty piping bags, smudges of icing, loose pieces of cake presumably cut in the shape of the main piece, and a few cigarettes lying around.

The main piece itself looks almost gorgeous.

Three layers of pristine white sponge separated by an inky black glaze that he assumes It's chocolate. The highest and smallest levels are already decorated with light blue icing and white accents.

It's the perfect wedding cake.

"Wow! That looks great. Osamu breaks the expectant silence and smiles at the baker, who just shakes his head.

“It's due in a few hours. I don't think I have enough time to finish the glaze. j the details of the fondant.” He snorts and wipes his hands impatiently on his apron.

i could help you The words are out of Osamu's mouth before he can stop them.

I mean sure me Military free for the rest of the day, but did it have to sound like it? bored ?

Sunarin turns her head to meet his eyes, obviously surprised by the gesture.

"No, I couldn't do that to you. Let me help you from the beginning. You obviously came here for something.

"No, it's great, honestly. In fact, I've only just arrived…” The prince walks away to hide his blush. "... take care".

"Oh." Sunarin seems stunned by the revelation before smiling. "Oh."

"Sh-shut up." Osamu curses himself for stuttering.

She refuses to look back at Sunarin until she feels arms wrap around her waist, black fabric trailing behind her. He stutters for a minute before realizing it's an apron.

"Well, if you want to help me, I have to ask: How are you in the kitchen?" The baker walks past him again and puts his hand on his shoulder. At that moment, Osamu realizes that he is slightly taller than him.


"I told you, cooking is a hobby of mine." She crosses her arms around her chest and challenges those golden eyes with her own charcoal grey.

"Then I guess you won't have too much trouble icing the first layer of the cake for me, huh?" Sunarin leads him behind the counter and hands him a piping bag.

"Of course I can." Osamu scoffs before remembering his love-hate relationship with sweet foods: he loves them, they hate that he makes them. "But… can you explain it to me? Just a bit?

Just make a big line like that down the middle…” The baker places his hands on Osamus and begins applying enough pressure to scoop a generous amount onto the sponge cake… off the counter and begins smoothing the frosting around the cake . "Then just slide this across the page to balance it out." Take what looks like a long, thin piece of plastic, almost like a sheet of paper, and is smooth out the edges. Edge.

The result is a bumpy cake with spots all over it that are either too much frosting or not enough.

"Are you sure you're a baker?" Shit, this shouldn't go through.

To his surprise, Sunarin laughs. It's really a small hiccup, but it still lets out a warm buzzing in his chest.

"Needs some shifts, silly." He rolls his eyes, goes to the refrigerator, opens the door and pulls out a large white plate, probably fondant. " Of I have to do this."

"Hey! I'm a prince, you know. Osamu gleefully sneers and starts channeling the cake again. "You can't talk to me like that."

"Well, you're my assistant right now. So get to work Assistant .” Sunarin lashes out, a small smile on his face. She sets the fondant down and runs her buttocks over it with her hands as they settle into a peaceful silence.

"By the way, what about them?" Osamu nods towards the fridge and Sunarin's eyes follow the gesture before smiling into the fondant.

"You probably noticed, but I'm not from around here." He explains and turns the now flat white plate over. "Before I settled in Inarizaki, I went through the whole ordeal of exploring each kingdom and seeing what life was like there." There's a brief pause in which she grabs a rolling pin and smooths the fondant even more deletes.

"I never grew up happy in my house." Sunarin's voice is calmer now, and as she speaks, Osamu notices the almost sad smile on her face. "My parents weren't really involved in my life and it just seemed like I was acting out someone else's wishes."

His words sound so familiar to Osamu even though he's never said them out loud.

"So I decided to leave. Find me a home where I feel good. During my trip, I decided to collect small souvenirs from each of the kingdoms." He chuckles. "Fridge magnets were the cheapest and easiest to carry. Finally, I found myself here in Inarizaki. People are nice, money is not that hard deserve and the royal family is not as rigid as I thought." Playfully nudges Osamu's arm.

"It's a real honor." He rolls his eyes and pushes back. "But I understand it".

Sunarin looks up from the fondant. "You?"

"I know it's silly. I'm royal and all. There really is nothing to complain about. He sighs and absentmindedly turns the baking sheet. "But I really get it. Me and 'Tsumu had this whole plan to fight until we were forty and show what the king was in every duel. Then I had to go ahead and screw it up."

"What do you think?" Sunarin stops his hand from turning the tray. There is a brief moment when his fingers linger too long before the prince withdraws his hand, a bubbling sensation at the tiny touch.

"I could not anymore. All that dueling crap. So I fucking gave up. Gave at above, the sport, the throne, the pride of my people. I don't even deserve to live in the palace.

"Tell me, did you want to lead the throne side by side?" Looking up from the cake, Sunarin looks at him patiently. His gaze nearly pierced her heart.

"No, we had the plan to fight for it when the time came."

"So I think you did the right thing." Just tell Sunarin and get back to her task. "Either that or it could destroy the very strong bond you and your twin seem to have. Would you have risked that for the throne?


Osamu never thought about it that way. He always seemed to be a coward who was looked down on by the likes of Kita, Aran, and Atsumu because of his weakness. He always felt less than her in some ways, but now that he thinks about it, he would have As a matter of fact Did he want to fight Atsumu for the throne when it came down to it?

"Hey wake up, my cake is about to melt." The baker's snapping fingers bring him back to reality. "I'm not paying you to stay there."

"I didn't know you were paying me." He grumbles and applies the next layer of frosting.

"My aetheric presence should be enough payment." Sunarin moves her hair and they both burst out laughing.

"Here, your cake is ready." says Osamu once he's calmed down. He rotates the stand one last time to show Sunarin the finished piece.

"Wow, that was quick." He raises his eyebrows slightly and leans closer to get a better look. The proximity makes Osamu blush a little.

"Is there anything else I can do?" He balances on the balls of his feet as Sunarin finally sits back contentedly.

"Hm... what time is it?" Osamu looks at his watch.

Twenty-five past six.

"Then we have time to shape the little flowers." He reaches up to rip off a small piece of fondant and places it in Osamu's hands. "Just tap it with your hands and roll it up."

It conforms and ends with a crooked rose. Sunarin laughs as he starts doing something himself.

"It takes a few tries."

You work in silence again. In about fifteen minutes, the cake is ready and decorated with the roses and a small figurine of two brides that Sunarin took out of her fridge.

Now they drink lemonade and admire their work.

"Thank you, Osamu." says Sunarin again. "I couldn't have finished it without you."

"Don't thank me, pay me." He jokes, drinks the contents of his glass and puts it on the counter.

"I'm poor, I don't know what you want from me." The baker grumbles, puts down his glass too and wipes his hands on his apron before standing up thoughtfully. "Well, there is like something i could give you

"Hmm?" Osamu raises an eyebrow as Sunarin leans closer.

Her heart stops as a pair of hands land on one of her shoulders and the smell of vanilla engulfs all her senses before buttery lips flutter down the corners of her mouth, almost touching hers. As she walks away, Osamu raises a hand to cup her cheek.

"I think I deserve more than that, don't I?" He breathes, his eyes focus on the other's lips.

"Mm... maybe you're right." Sunarin smiles, but before she can continue, a voice breaks the intoxicating silence.

"Samu!" She flinches and slowly turns towards the door, her hand still on Sunarin's cheek.

Indeed, Atsumu Idiot blond hair appears through the door. His twin looks back and forth between them and grins devilishly.

"Oh, sorry to bother you." He's talking lazily as he comes in, arms folded behind his back. "But our advisor was concerned that Samu might be killed."

"That's the other one?" Sunarin turns to Osamu and smiles at his frown.

"Unfortunately." He sighs and pulls away, crossing his arms towards his brother. "Couldn't you wait five minutes, Scrubs?"

"Nah, I like tormenting you too much." Atsumu smiles positively. "Wouldn't you like to introduce yours to me? Amigo?"

"Asumu, this is Sunarin." he moans. "Sunarin, this is Atsumu."

"Hello." The baker doesn't smile as he looks at Atsumu across the counter.

"Oh shit, he's just as grumpy as you!" Atsumu laughs before Osamu throws a spatula at him. His twin quickly catches him and throws him back, making a disgusting noise on the counter. "Come on, we have to go before Kita-san shows up."

"Good." Osamu sighs. "I'll be there in a minute."

Atsumu nods and almost jumps out of the room.

"So that was your twin." Sunarin breaks the silence with her flat voice. "Funnily enough, I thought I'd like him as much as you."

"Shut up, you can't refuse it." Osamu rolls his eyes before turning to him. "So, Sunarin-"



"My first name is Rintarou." He clears his throat and quickly looks away. Osamu smiles before taking her hand, a gesture startling the baker. He lifts it to his lips and gently kisses his knuckles.

"Thank you for today, Rintarou." He whispers before turning to the door. "What time does this bakery close tomorrow?"

"Er... seven o'clock." sunarin Rintarou- he blushes brightly as Osamu stares at him. Seeing him so nervous fills him with a warm feeling.

"Then I guess I'll see you then."

"…take care."


The journey home is filled with doubts and insecurities fighting in her head.

Did I really just do that? what was i thinking I can't even commit to the job I was born to, how am I supposed to commit to a full relationship? I need to think about it and talk to him about it. What about Atsumu?

Shit, what about Atsumu?

The carriage pulls up and the twins, followed by their guard, reluctantly confront Kita, who crosses his arms and awaits an explanation.

"I'm sorry, Kita-san." Osamu lowers his head as he speaks. "I got carried away and forgot the time."

"What took so long?"

Rintarou needed help with this cake he baked for a wedding.

"Oh, so you helped him then?"


"In that case, I'll let you go now. But the next time you take more than fifteen minutes, you won't be able to see him for a week. And just go back inside, Aran in tow.

"Gut, 'Samu."

Osamu doesn't answer and walks back to the castle as well, his thoughts still floating in his head.

"Hey!" His brother starts again and pats him on the shoulder. "What about you? Looks like someone died.



"Would you like an overnight stay?"

"'Samu, I'm twenty-three years old."

"Me too." A silence.



An hour later, they change into casual shirts and pants and lie down on their respective beds in Osamu's room. Both have a few in their own rooms for such occasions. Opportunities when they want to talk away from ears and prying eyes.

"What's the matter Samu?" Atsumu lays back on his mattress and leans on his arm to face his twin.

"I wanted to ask you..." Osamu begins, lying on his back and looking at the ceiling. "How do you know you're in love?"

He hears Atsumu stiffen for a moment, thinking he's raised a sensitive subject, until he crawls onto his mattress to look at the ceiling as well.

"Well..." she begins, her voice softer and a little more dreamy than ever as she talks about her past love.

Sakusa Kiyomi, der kaltherzige Prinz von Itachiyama.

Atsumu met him when he was sixteen. She fell in love with him when she was seventeen. He confessed it to her in a letter when he was eighteen and was rejected in the same way after a few days.

Osamu could only read the first half before he had to put it down, pain searing in his heart. Some of the words and phrases he caught still stuck with him.

Disgusting...I don't know why you think I...I can't believe a prince would have such thoughts...keep your communication with me to a minimum...

Atsumu cried for days, clutching the letter he received to his chest until it was almost dissolved by his tears. He didn't exercise, he didn't eat, he didn't even get out of bed.

She fell in love with a man and suffered greatly. Osamu now tends to avoid balls and galas because he is afraid of what he will do or say to Prince Itachiyama.

"Your stomach gets upset when they're around." Atsumu's voice snaps him out of his thoughts. He looks up at the ceiling, a pained smile painted on his face.

"You start to feel insecure when they look at you. And you feel the need to just... reach out and touch her.” Raise one hand toward the ceiling and let it fall freely to the side.

"And... how do you behave with this person?"

"If you're like me, an idiot." His brother laughs. "All of a sudden you start saying and doing stupid things that aren't even that bad, but you feel like a complete clown."

"And... how do you know when you're falling out of love?"

A heavy silence fills the room. It's almost as if every molecule present anticipates the blonde's reaction.

"I'll let you know..." she replies softly, a single tear sliding down her smile.

"Even after all this time?"

"I don't think I'll ever get over this, 'Samu."

"Do you think I should avoid Rintarou?"

"A part of me will tell you, 'Yes! Love only breaks you!” but the other half says every feeling is worth feeling, even the ones that hurt. You grow on them.

"So should I...?"

“Give him a chance, Samu. Never open your heart to anything or anyone. Besides, what are you gonna do if I take the throne from mom?

Osamu thinks for a moment.

"I want to open a restaurant." This is the first time the thought leaves his mouth. "Once."

Atsumu snorts at that. "Of course you're thinking about food, pig. But I think you should. You're better than all the cooks here anyway.

"I know who I am. That's why I want to do it."

"Hey! I congratulated you asshole! Atsumu throws him a pillow. Osamu catches it with one hand,

"So?" Pull the pillow back with more force. It hits the side of his head and Osamu laughs.

"So you should return the favor." Atsumu grabs it and jumps onto Osamu's bed, repeatedly hitting him with it.

"But you're no good at anything." She covers her face and grabs her own pillow as her bedroom door opens.


You'll see.

Both turn their heads towards the voice. He's standing in the doorway, his long hair casting a slight shadow over his eyes just enough to hide them. The sight sends shivers down their spines.

Atsumu jumps back to his bed, pillow in hand.

"Osamu is a bitch, Kita-san."

"You have to be like that to understand it."

"Enough, you two shut up. It's the middle of the night.

"Yes indeed." They sing in unison. Osamu turns to Atsumu after making sure Kita is gone.

"Would you hate me for loving Rintarou?" He looks back at Atsumu, who shakes his head.

"I could never hate you 'Samu."

"Danke, 'Tsumu."

He falls asleep that night with a warm feeling building in his stomach. A few words buzzed through her head.

It will be fine.


At seven o'clock in the afternoon. The next day, Osamu is back in front of the store and takes a deep breath.

Here we go.

He comes in, anxious and scared, but sure of himself. Rintarou isn't at the counter again so he goes into the kitchen and of course keeps a batch of cupcakes in the fridge. Osamu slams the counter as he approaches.

"Osamu!" The baker smiles as he turns, closes the fridge and walks over to him.

"Hello Rintaro. I think we need to talk before something like this happens. He gestures between them and the other man nods and gestures for them to sit at the counter.

"What's up?"

"So." He breathes, briefly closes his eyes. "First things first, I've never done this before. I've never really thought about relationships that much, so I'm going in a whole new direction here."

"Oh me too." Rintarou nods.

"Yes, wait, really?"

"I mean, when you're traveling the world, the last thing you're looking for is a relationship."

"Right..." He frowns, dismissed of course, but shakes his head. "Anyway, second of all, this relationship is a secret. Must be. There's a lot of people who could hurt you if they knew we were a thing."


"Is rare." Osamu nods. "But I value your life more than I want to date you."

"Sounds good to me. Is there anything else?"

"Just one thing." Osamu jumps off the counter and stands in front of Rintarou. He looks up at him and cups her cheek like he did before. "I really like you. And I want to date you and be your friend. Will you date me?


"If our-?"

"Joking." Rintarou snorts, leans on his hand and closes his eyes. "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

"You cheeky bastard." Osamu clicks his tongue before bowing. "Can I kiss you?"

"Fuck ja."

Rintarou grabs her face and presses her lips together. The first is hasty, just the light touch of his lips before finding the right angle. The second is sweet and persistent. Osamu runs his tongue along Rintarou's bottom lip. When invited, open your mouth and let him explore your mouth. Rintarou tastes of apples and caramel.

Osamu pulls his thighs and he flaps his arms around her waist as they share their third and fourth. Instinctively, he runs a hand through his soft brown hair and smiles into his mouth.

It's as soft as you imagined.

When Rintarou finally walks away, they are both breathing heavily.

"You know, I'm a little pissed that you asked me first." The baker pouts and frowns. Osamu sniffs and picks his nose.

"Me too. Especially with all the flirting you've done.

"Shut up, it's not my fault I didn't want to be beheaded for whatever nonsense you may say."

"What about you and the decapitation?"

"I'm a careful man."

"Keep your mouth shut." Osamu leaves a trail of kisses on his sharp jaw. "Would you like to come to the palace sometime?" Rintarou rolls his eyes.

NO, Osamu.I NO I want to visit a damn castle with butlers and golden paraphernalia and more rooms than I could ever need.

"I think our paraphernalia is actually silver, and I'll take that as a yes."

"What about being a secret?"

"Kita-san, Aran-kun, and 'Tsumu already know about this, so we can come up with an excuse."

"Fine for me, but how about you take me to dinner first?" He smiles.


"Hey." Osamu looks at Rintarou who jumped off the counter.

"What's up?"

Baker cups her cheek and runs a hand through her hair before planting a kiss on her forehead and pulling away. "I've wanted to do this for a long time. Anyway, let me close up shop.

Osamu watches nervously, his hair still combed back. God, if this man is going to kill her, she doesn't know what it will be.

He is not sure. And scared and unsure, but he knows he wants to enjoy Rintarou. Even if it's for a while.

Even if it's just for a day.

Even if it's just for a minute.


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