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Learning to contact the dead does not come naturally to many people. We've all dreamed of talking to the dead or visiting a deceased loved one and thought, no, that can't have been real, I must have missed them. Right?Right?But actually, talking to the dead isn't necessarily sitting down, lighting a candle, and casting a spell. It is about having an open mind, thinking about the people or person with whom you want to communicate and following some of the advice that we highlight below. But if things don't work out for you, it's not a big deal. If they do, that's great. The key is that you have to reallybelievein what you are doing. Generally, if you think it's all bullshit, things aren't going to work out, so keep that in mind.

1. dream

When thinking about how to talk to the dead, one of the main things to think about is where we go and what we do in our dreams. Have you ever talked to your deceased loved ones in your dreams or seen them when you went to sleep? Do you ever get a message? Even if you've never been through something like this before, if you think about your family or friends before you go to sleep, have a strong image of them in your head and think of everything you'd like to say to them. Dream visits are a great, non-threatening way to visit loved ones, seek support and guidance, and collect an interesting story or two for those still with you.

2. Visions

You can call them hallucinations (and so would your doctor), but psychics and psychics call them visions. Have you ever seen a loved one appear before you while you were awake? Have you ever seen a stray pet running across your bed late at night? It may be that you are more open to these things than you think. If you've ever experienced anything like this, chances are you're coming into contact with the dead without even realizing it. The next time something like this happens,go with itTalk to the person or spirit you see, even if only in your mind, and try to have a conversation. See where this conversation takes you.

3. Aromas

If you're really wondering how to talk to the dead, a great place to start is scent. When you think back to your childhood, for example, there are likely to be many evocative scents that take you to certain places and times in your childhood. The smell of an open jar of Playdoh might make you think of kindergarten, while the smell of cooking beans and sausage might make you think of tea time after grade school (at least for me). We all have our own unique olfactory memories that can be incredibly helpful in communicating with the dead. If you want to communicate with someone with whom you have unique olfactory memories, such as perfume, try leaving the perfume at home. This will not only help you feel comfortable, especially if you are missing your loved one, but it will also signal to any spirits or ghosts that you are trying to communicate.

4. Coincidences

When you have "coincidences" with the spirit world, or come across anything or everything that reminds you of a deceased loved one or friend and you think about it.absolutelyIt just has to be a coincidence, stop and think for a second. For example, if you listen to a record that reminds you of a friend, then you see someone who looks like him, you order a drink at a bar,etcetera could be more than a coincidence. Your friend or loved one might be trying to send you a message. Listen to this message and appreciate it for what it is.

5. Be aware of everything around you

When looking for instructions on how to talk to spirits, the most important thing to remember is to be aware of your surroundings. Not all communication from the other side is as solid as a complete look that feels as real as the person you remember and a complete conversation. Some can be as fleeting as a glimpse of a translucent apparition or a conversation in your head thatfeelingsreal. If you ask for help or guidance in any way and feel like you got something in return, isn't that all you need?

6. Talk to them

One of the best things you can do is talk to your loved ones as if they are still close. If you want to chat, open your mouth andconversation.Spirits often stay close to their loved ones, especially if they sense they are hurting or in trouble, but you should also keep in mind that they may have moved on to the next realm, so they won't always. be around to hear their cry for help. Speak up, ask the questions you need to, say what you feel needs to be said, and say what you feel hasn't been said. You can retrieve spoken words or words spoken in your head. You may receive a message in another way, just be aware of it.

7. Look for feathers

(Video) Tips for Talking to Spirits

White feathers have long been considered a sign that our deceased loved ones are close. They are usually left as messages, especially if you are feeling strong emotions. I have onemuchof white feathers over the years and often get stuck in places that are directly in my line of sight to make sure I can see them and get the message that someone is there to check on me. Keep an eye out for those white feathers, they might indicate something.muchimportant.

8. The unconventional route

If you're looking for less conventional means of speaking to the dead, there are always things like Ouija boards, séances, and using the services of a medium to contact the deceased. This is often a bit tricky as you can have mixed results, especially if you're participating with other people in the room who don't believe in or are trying to influence the session in a certain way, the results you're after may not be the same. . entitle Going to see a psychic may be the best option, but then again, they may do a cold reading and say things you don't like.want to hear.Ultimately it all comes down to your personal choice and whether or not you trust the people who are going to the session or ouija board with you.

Thinking about how to make contact with the dead can be a bit scary, but remember that just because someone is no longer with us in body doesn't mean they are no longer with us in soul or mind. He can still talk to his loved ones and they can still leave him messages; all you have to do is open your mind, open your heart, and communicate whether or not someone can hear you.

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