How can you be drunk?Science to become drunk explains (2023)

How can you be drunk?Science to become drunk explains (1)

Have you ever wondered ... What about the scientific level?If so, you came in the right place.Let's undo the science to be drunk on our full guide.

Many of us love a fun night with friends at the bar, or maybe they prefer to drink mugs in the pub.Anyway, they are usually drunk.

But what does it mean to be drunk?How does it work to get drunk?What does alcohol do with your body?And what does alcohol affect them if they also have Asian leveling?

You have questions, we have answers.We will approach all this and more, including asAsian light pillscan help youFree the red face after alcohol.If this is said, let's take a look at science to get drunk:

Why does alcohol make you drunk?

Let's go straight to the point: Your body may not be alcohol, if your body enters your system, your body will work hard to disassemble it and get rid of it immediately.A lot of alcohol in the system is drunk.

But how does it work to get drunk?

The specific type of alcohol in alcoholic beverages isEthyl Bicycle Bicycle(Ethanol).Happiness contains alcoholic beverages that you buy at the bar, without pure alcohol.Pure alcohol consumption can be seriously dangerous, because only a few jaguars are needed to rapidly increase blood alcohol level to a dangerous level.

Instead, different types of beverages have different concentrations of ethanol (according to the volume), such as.B.:

  • Bier= 4 bis 6%

  • Wein= 7 bis 15%

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  • Culpa= 8 bis 14%

As soon as you consume an alcoholic beverage, stomach alcohol (approximately 20%) and small intestine (80%) are absorbed before entering the bloodstream.Exercise the body.

The observed effects hang directly from theBlood alcohol concentration(Bac) What is related to the amount of alcohol consumed.

Then the body is working to get rid of alcohol and people are removed from the kidneys, others are eliminated by the lungs and by the majority by the liver.

OScishowIt has a great video about the effects of alcohol on humans.

An ordinary person can eliminate 0.5 ounces(15 ml) alcohol per hour, so it would take about an hour to remove alcohol from a 12 -year -old beer.If you get this alcohol out of your system, it looks very serious.

Then you took a glass of wine and your body begins to break alcohol.The liver produces an enzyme called dehydrogenase alcohol.Alcohol converted to Acetaldeido.

Acetaldehyde is a toxic chemical that should be reduced as soon as possible in harmless acetic acid.A washed face and headache.

In view of time, your body will dismantle acetaldehyde and remove the remaining alcohol of your system.If you drink enough in a short time, feel the symptoms of getting drunk before your body cleans your system alcohol.

You can also try all the funny symptoms to be soldered the next day.

Flush and Asian Acetaldehyde

In a "normal" body, acetaldehyde is divided into acetic acid and the individual drinker is no longer wise.You can still be drunk and later the symptoms of the hangover fall later, but with the usual severity.

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However, not all of them are affected by acetaldehyde.

Those with the state of "Asian Flush" make the individual experience much more serious symptoms and quickly acting if they are exposed to acetaldehyde.This poisonous chemical is in its system much longer and causes immediate symptoms, such as the skin with red washing, headache, dizziness and/or hive.

If someone has a drink or even a few sips of Asian discharge alcohol, they may immediately have negative symptoms.It looks like it's drunk immediately.

Although it seems that those with Asian discharge have low alcohol tolerance, but it is due to their genetic enzyme deficiency, which they react so strongly to acetaldehyde when drinking.

People with this state need to be more aware of how much they drink, because a high level of acetaldehyde can be dangerous in their system.

Although it is usually called "Asian Fluctination", this state can influence everyone, even if they are white.know more aboutCaucasian Asian LevelIn our full guide.

How many units do you need to get drunk?

People often ask, "How many drinks will I be drunk?"This is a difficult question!How many drinks or units of alcohol that are needed to let a person vary from person to person.

The poisoning rate depends on several factors, such as.:

  • Gender
  • To alter
  • Body type and weight
  • How fast you consume alcohol
  • What kind of alcohol you drink

How can you be drunk?Science to become drunk explains (3)

What is it like to be drunk?Alcohol consumption symptoms

So - how is it exactly?Or even the symptoms of a sum?

Obviously, all are different, so that drunk symptoms vary.Different types of alcohol may even have different effects on them.However, one of the frequent symptoms of drunk may include:

  • Vitreous or red eyes
  • Smell of alcohol in breathing and/or clothing
  • Impaired motor function
  • speaking indistinct
  • Mood swings
  • Change in personality (eg extrovert, higher than normal, becomes more aggressive, etc.)

Some people can see that certain drinks likeThey leave the bonus sleepywhile Gin leaves his bubble.Much depends on the person and how your body reacts to the alcohol you drink.A person's personality can also affect how you drink symptoms.

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However, there are some different phases of "drunkenness" that most people will experience.

How is drunk?Different stages of poisoning

Different BAC values usually correspond to different drunkenness.

euphoria(BAC = 0,03 a 0,12%)

  • More confident
  • Reduced attention
  • Problems with fine motor skills (for example)
  • Immediate trial

excitement(BAC = 0,09 a 0,25%)

  • com are
  • Problems to remember things
  • Delayed reactions
  • Decoordinate
  • Vision can be blurred

confusion(BAC = 0,18 a 0,30%)

  • Can be confused
  • tonto
  • can become very emotional (aggressive, withdrawn or excessively love)
  • com are
  • Problems with the language of seeing and attacking

Stupor(BAC = 0,25 a 0,4%)

  • Hardly move me (walk, stopped, etc.)
  • To vomit
  • can fall inside and conscious

Arrival(BAC = 0,35 a 0,50%)

  • unconsciously.
  • Lower body temperature
  • Breathing is slower and more flat
  • slow heart rate
  • Possible death

Death occurs with a person with a BAC of more than 0.50%

How to reduce the effects of alcohol

Although you want to drink at the bar, you may not want to be drunk.After drinking alcohol - although they are not drunkIf you just want to avoid it2 -day Hanfra.Anyway, you have options ...

Of course, you can avoid alcohol in general, but sometimes this is not very practical (or fun).Hier are some simple tips for minimizing the symptoms of alcohol consumption when drinking alcohol:


When you force yourself to consume alcohol more slowly, give your body time to stop it in your system.

Based on our general rule, your chances of drunk diminish tightly if you have no more than one drink per hour. So the pace is the key!


To help you drink more slowly alcohol, try to order very cold or ice -filled drinks.If you order a glass of red wine, it can be easy to drink quickly.Location to drink a drink when it is too cold and forces to drink slowly.

Choose your drinks carefully

Choosing drinks with less alcohol content is an easy way to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume.So reduce your chances of being drunk.Drinks like shandies that are beers are mixed with a non -alcoholic drink like lemonade is a good choice.

You still have the fun of traveling and drinking with friends, but your drink's alcohol content is much smaller than usual.know more aboutHealthy mixed drinksIn our collapse ofBest alcohol for Asian fluctuation.

Enjoy enough

Change your alcoholic beverages with water and/or non -alcoholic beverages at night.In total, drink less alcohol and stay with moisture.To maintain moisture, it makes a big difference if you get drunk and have possible hangover symptoms the next day.

It is also useful to leave a glass of water next to your bed so you can continue to moisturize when you wake up in the morningHow to turn red when a hangover quicklyThe next day they look back and thank you!

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How can you be drunk?Science to become drunk explains (4)

Effects on Alcohol Health

We all know that alcohol is not healthy for us, but it is anchored in many aspects of our lives.From a beer with friends in a bar to a glass of wine at a business dinner, alcohol is everywhere, which is why it is so important to remember the effects of your body's alcohol and alcohol health.

Alcohol shows two main phases.In the beginning, the individual will experience "Stimulating effects and euphoria. "At this early stage, alcohol reduces its inhibitions and will release some dopamine so that they feel good.

Then the depressive effects begin.

Alcohol consumption increases the effect of inhibitory gamma-amino acid (GABA) on the brain. Gaba is a neurotransmitter that decreases reactions.Communication between neurons in the brain to slow down, Reduction in perception, fine motor skills and judgment.

We all know the feeling, but it is important to remember what really happens in your body during these phases during alcohol consumption.

Long -term effects of alcohol

We know that alcohol is not healthy.The strange drink here and may have minimal effects, but persistent alcohol abuse can lead to numerousLong -term effects:

  • An increase in liver activity causes cell death and tissue hardening
  • As alcoholics lose their balance and fall more often, they usually suffer from bruises and broken bones
  • Stomach and intestinal ulcers can form because constant alcohol stimulates and worsens the coating of these organs
  • A bad diet reduces iron and vitamin B levels, which leads to itAnämie

It is important to keep an eye on alcohol consumption and ensure that it remains at a safe consumption rate.

No matter what type of drink you prefer, it is important to drink responsibly.

There is also a connection betweenFlush and Asian Cancer- We have a comprehensive article about which you would like to learn more.

Latest thoughts about science to get drunk

We hope that after reading this complete guideline, you have a better understanding of science to be drunk.What is it like to be drunk?How does the drunk work?What makes you drunk in the long run?

If you want to learn more about drinking alcohol, read our blog.We have great resources for you.How to get rid of the Asian shine, our full guide tooSudden alcohol intoleranceGiftHow to get rid of the alcohol rate immediately, or why could you beShort counselor after alcohol.

(Video) How does alcohol cause hangovers? - Judy Grisel


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