Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker Placement [Detailed Guide] (2023)

After choosing an amplifier and speakers, you must consider proper placement of your home audio system to achieve the desired result.Our surround sound speaker placement guide will help you do this with ease.

Quality equipment is only half the battle for great home theater sound. Remember that even the most expensive speakers are a waste of money without proper placement. Spend a little time figuring it all out and you'll get the most out of your entire sound system.

The center and front speaker pairs are the most important, as they play the main role in sound reproduction. But don't underestimate the value of other sound devices.
Now let's look at the nuances of placing these types of speakers.

Front left and right speaker placement

Their job is to reproduce most of the film's music and sound effects, and sometimes to reproduce dialogue. They should complement each other well to create a balanced sound field in your room.

Ideally, they should be the same distance from the TV as you are sitting.

However, not all rooms lend themselves to perfect positioning; therefore one speaker may be slightly closer than the other. If so, don't worry too much about it. Modern amplifiers can counteract the effects of uneven placement by changing the sound output level to account for differences in their position.

The tuning fork angle of these audio devices is between 22 and 30 degrees. If you stick to these parameters, the result will meet your expectations.

(Video) Correct 5.1 & 7.1 Surround Sound Positions for Speakers

Tweeters are small cones on your speaker. Preferably they are at head height and direct the sound to your ears in the viewing area relative to the speaker placement height. These parameters are relevant for floorstanding and bookshelf speakers.

Many people like the "toe-in" effect for the speakers. Occurs when the speakers are tilted slightly toward the center viewing area. But it depends on the listener's personal preference and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore feel free to experiment with the angle of the acoustics and find out at which level it is most comfortable for you.
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Center channel speaker placement

The placement of the right center speaker is crucial, especially when watching movies as it is responsible for most of the dialogue.

The ideal viewing position is in front of the TV and the center speaker should be facing the viewer directly. It's usually above or below the center of the screen, depending on where you can place it. If watching a movie makes you think the sound is too far from the screen, then this speaker is too far away. Move it closer so you don't spoil the viewing experience.

Placing the center speaker at the right height is just as important for optimal sound. As with previous devices, the tweeters on this speaker should be at ear level when seated. It is also desirable that the tweeters of all three speakers are on the same level.

If you have trouble placing the speaker at that height, you'll need to try a different angle. If you move it up or down, you can solve the problem.

We recommend not placing the center speaker behind the screen. Thus, the sound reaches the TV first, and then your ears.This can distort its quality.

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Center speaker placement is often the most difficult part of any system setup. Therefore, do not be afraid to use shelves, stands and other furniture. The main thing is that it should be stable on a flat surface.

Placement of the subwoofer

The main task of a subwoofer is to reproduce low-frequency bass. Unfortunately, these noises don't propagate as high-frequency sound waves, making their source harder to pinpoint in a room.

It affects thePlacement of the subwooferin space, making its meaning less critical than that of previous speakers. It doesn't matter because they are usually not the smallest sizes.

In fact, you can place it wherever you like, but there are some guidelines to keep in mind.

First of all, it is advisable not to put this device directly in the corner. Low frequencies can create hum in such a situation. On the other hand, positioning in a corner can improve bass sound.
But then the low frequencies become more difficult to control.

Also, try not to place the subwoofer halfway between two walls in the room. Instead, it's best to place it closer to one of the edges of the room so as not to cause mutual cancellation of reflected signals.

Finally, you can use the "subwoofer crawl" method. You need to crawl around the room with the device and listen for the low-frequency sound. Where you like it best, leave it there.
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(Video) How To SETUP DOLBY ATMOS Home Theater - EASY!! Dolby Atmos Guide

Adding a second subwoofer

Installing an additional subwoofer can be ideal for larger rooms or rooms with multiple quiet zones. A second speaker helps balance the bass across the room.

Two people are required for the perfect placement of two subwoofers. One acts as a listener and the other moves them around the room. How to find the ideal combination.

This solution has its problems. First, low-frequency waves from two locations can attenuate each other. Also, not all receivers support two subwoofers. Therefore, the decision to install a second device must be made based on the capabilities of the device and the characteristics of the room.

Placement of the surround sound speakers

Surround sound is the only way to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a film from the comfort of your own home without having to go to the cinema.

These systems use multiple channels and speakers to provide deep immersion and a sense of reality. The position of each surround sound speaker is important for an unforgettable experience, so below we discuss their correct placement in different systems.
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Placement of 5.1 and 7.1 speakers

For the above speakers in such systems, you can use the same recommendations.

  • The 5.1 speaker placement has the following special features. The ideal angle for side surround speakers is 90 to 110 degrees. The recommended position of the tweeter is 2 feet above your head.
  • 7.1 speaker placement must take into account the nuances of surround back speaker placement. They are usually angled at 135-150 degrees and go behind a sofa or other seating area at the same level as the sides.

Placement of 9.1 and 11.1 speakers

The 9- and 11-channel systems provide even more immersion thanks to the wide and high presence channels.

(Video) HOW TO Set Up a 5.1 HOME THEATER Surround Sound Speaker System

The wide ones must be positioned between the front and side surround speakers at a 60 degree angle at listener's head height.

The correct position for the speaker height channels are the top corners of the viewing stage. It's 40-45 degrees and 8 feet tall.

Speaker placement of more than 11 channels

Systems with more than 11 sound channels are the most advanced sound systems available today. In them, ceiling speakers are added to the channels of previous systems, which are responsible for the sound effects that reach the viewer from above.

Dolby Atmos setup explained

Dolby Atmos moves away from the traditional channel system and allows sounds to move in all three dimensions. Sounds are not tied to pre-assigned output channels, but go in the direction in which they fit best.

You need to add 2 or 4 ceiling speakers to your existing surround sound system to create such a system. This setting gets an additional character after the period in the name. For example, it could be 5.1.2 or 9.2.4.
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latest tips

Finally, we give general guidelines for home theater speaker placement. By following them, you'll get as close as possible to ideal sound and maximum efficiency from your devices:

  • There are practically no ideal spaces. This means that you will most likely not place the speakers at the exact ideal distance. But you can always adjust the receiver settings and get great sound.
  • Stay away from walls, floors, ceilings and corners. This helps to avoid the reflection of sound waves from surfaces, thereby providing clearer and higher quality sound.
  • You also have to avoid obstacles in the path of the sound wave. You will never get good sound if furniture, objects, or the TV itself is blocking the sound path to your ears. The sound wave shouldn't bounce around the room, it should come straight from the speaker to you.
  • Feel free to experiment. Try to identify the changes in sound as you move your acoustics or change the angle. You might be wondering how even miserable changes can completely improve the overall picture. It is more convenient to do this together when one person listens and the other person plays with the speaker array.


The correct acoustic position ensures that you always enjoy your audio system. We hope this guide will help you achieve your goal of creating the best possible sound.
However, do not worry if you cannot strictly comply with all the recommendations, because each case is individual and everyone has their own preferences. So try to follow them while adapting to your specific conditions.

(Video) Tutorial - Speaker position problems and solutions


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