Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (2023)

Updates keep our Bose devices state-of-the-art and working for years to come. However, it becomes difficult if the update itself does not work. Below are some issues users faced related to Bose update service and how to resolve them.

Bose devices will not update if you have less than 20% battery charge on the device, if the connection between the update device and the Bose device is interrupted, or if there is an error in the firmware. Your Bose device can be updated using a cable and computer or wirelessly via the app.

Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (1)

More details on these issues are below along with various ways to fix them. It also detailed how to update your Bose device, including the speakers and SoundTouch adapter.

Bose is not updated

Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (2)

There are several reasons why your Bose won't update.

The most basic requirement for a system upgrade is a sufficient charge. There must be at least 20% battery left for the update to install, otherwise the update will not install. If you have the option, it's best to connect the speaker to an uninterrupted power outlet during installation.

If you're having trouble updating your system using one of the methods below, try the other. Sometimes the wireless method using the Bose Connect app causes connection issues between the app and the speaker. In that case, using the manual updater is more reliable.

Some people found that they couldn't update the speaker until they cleared the speaker and device's Bluetooth pairing list. Sometimes the speaker receives mixed signals and therefore the connection must be re-established.

How to upgrade Bose speaker

Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (3)

You can upgrade your Bose speaker in two ways; Update it manually via a computer or use the Bose Connect app.

Manually update your Bose speaker

Follow the steps below to manually update.

Step 1:Go to the Bose update page.

Step 2:Click Download to download the Bose Updater. If you already have this software installed on your computer, you can click Start.

Stage 3:Run the Bose Updater .exe file to install the software on your computer.

(Video) BOSE Soundlink Mini Not Working, Easy Reset

Step 4:If the webpage doesn't change, select Supported Products in the upper-right corner of the page.

Step 5:Find your speaker in the list.

Step 6:Follow the instructions on the screen. This requires inserting a USB drive into the speaker or connecting the speaker to your computer with a micro USB cable.

Updating your Bose speaker with the Bose Connect app

The Bose Connect app is free and can upgrade your wireless speaker. When a new update is available, the app will automatically detect it. The option to download the update will become available.

Step 1:Make sure the speaker is turned on.

Step 2:Select the "Download" icon in the app.

Stage 3:Wait for the download to complete, which can take up to 45 minutes. You can continue to use your speaker during this time.

Step 4:When the download is complete, click "Update" in the app. This process only takes a few minutes, and you shouldn't turn off your speaker until the update is complete.

Bose app is not up to date

Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (4)

There are several Bose apps available for download from the App Store. Some people have had trouble updating the SoundTouch app, which lets you control your Bose SoundTouch speaker with your phone.

This was considered a bug on earlier versions of Mac computers. This has been fixed with a fresh copy of the app.

If the installer doesn't open, you may need to adjust permissions on your Mac. To do this, follow the path below.

Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Open Anyway

(Video) BOSE Soundlink Colour II - How to Fix "It Won't Power On / It's Not Charging!"

Here you just need to make sure that "Allow apps from the App Store and from identified developers" is selected.

If you're having trouble downloading one of the Bose apps, you may not have enough storage space on your device.

Bose Updater not working

Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (5)

The manual method of updating your Bose device using Bose Updater may also malfunction.

Also make sure you are using the latest version of the Bose Updater software or the Bose Connect app. Sometimes there are bugs in the firmware that require another update to fix them.

Some past examples of this were problems with Mac computers and also the inability to use the software on a specific web browser.

Sometimes the updater may not recognize that your Bose device is connected to your computer. First, you should try a different USB cable or port on your computer to make sure it's not the physical connection.

If this is not the problem then you can try to factory reset your device. This can be done in the following steps.

Step 1:Turn on your Bose device.

Step 2:Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until the device turns off.

How to update Bose speaker firmware

Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (6)

Bose speaker firmware is updated when you update manually or through the Bose Connect app. These updates are easy if you follow the steps outlined above.

How to Update Bose Soundtouch Wireless Adapter

Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (7)

Upgrading the Bose SoundTouch wireless adapter is similar to upgrading any Bose speaker. You can use an app or manually install updates from a computer.

Manually update Bose SoundTouch

You can update your SoundTouch manually using the steps below.

(Video) Bose Portable Smart Speaker – Won’t Turn On or Charge

Step 1:Download the latest SoundTouch update from the Bose website. You can save this file to your desktop or automatically download it to your Downloads folder.

Step 2:The file is named Update.stu. Do not rename this file, otherwise the updater will not recognize it.

Stage 3:Connect a SoundTouch USB/Micro USB cable to your computer and make sure the SoundTouch adapter is turned on.

Step 4:Typehttp:// your browser (or click on the link).

Step 5:Choose "Choose File" and locate the "Update.stu" file you downloaded earlier.

Step 6:Select "Load". This will start the update. Once the update is complete, the device will restart.

Update your Bose SoundTouch with the app

The SoundTouch app is available for free from the App Store. This allows you to update the SoundTouch adapter over the air. Normally, a new update will be automatically detected and the app will ask you to install it the next time it is opened.

If you want to check if new updates are available, follow the path below.

Menu > Settings > Speaker Settings > Update

If the update option is grayed out and you cannot select it, your system is up to date.

Bose speaker update not recognized

Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (8)

There are two main reasons why your device won't recognize an update.

· There are no new updates available.

(Video) How to FIX - UE Wonderboom 2 does not connect, does not charge

Content copyright owner: and originally published on 5/12/2021.

· Your device does not have internet access.

As I mentioned before, if the update button is grayed out and you can't select it, it usually means there are no new updates available. If you've heard that a new update has been released, the update may not yet have been released in your region. It may take up to two weeks for updates to roll out in all countries.

If your device does not have internet access, the updater app or software will not be able to check for updates automatically. In that case, you need to connect to a network and restart the application or software.

If you suspect something is wrong with the software or app, make sure you have the latest version or try uninstalling and reinstalling it on your device.

Bose Updater does not start

Bose Update (Not Working/Won't Start/Not Detected/Instructions) - Ready to DIY (9)

As I mentioned earlier, there were some bugs on some Bose systems that caused the updater to fail. This has been recorded on Mac computers and fixed with a later version of the updater.

Article copyright is owned by for this article. This post was first published on 2021-05-12.

For more Bose Updater troubleshooting methods, see above.

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How long does a Bose speaker update take? ›

Updating your speaker

Updates typically complete quickly and should not take more than 10 minutes. While updating, the TV light on the front of your product blinks amber.

Is there a reset button on a Bose speaker? ›

This reset erases all settings and returns your speaker to its default out-of-box state. Connect your speaker to power. Power on your speaker. Simultaneously press and hold the AUX and Volume – buttons for 15 seconds until a tone is heard.

How do I update Bose firmware? ›

To update your product, you can either connect it to a computer with a USB cable and then visit the Bose update site or you can update it wirelessly from the free Bose Connect app on an Android or iOS device. Typically, connecting to a computer will update your product faster.

How do I update my Bose remote firmware? ›

To update the system, connect it to the Internet.
  1. If an update is available, the system will automatically download it. ...
  2. If the Bose remote control is able to control your system, it will also be updated during the installation.

How do I refresh my Bose speaker? ›

Product settings are not lost during this reset.
  1. Press and hold the Mute. button for 10 seconds until the lights on the speaker briefly blink.
  2. Press the Power. button to turn the system back on, then resume normal use.

How long do Bose speakers last? ›

When fully charged, the battery typically provides about 6 hours of playing time at a moderate volume levels. Battery power is consumed faster at higher volume levels.

How do I reset my Bose system? ›

If you enabled the decreased bass option, this reset will retain that option.
  1. Power off your speaker.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the back of the speaker or the power outlet.
  3. Wait 5 minutes.
  4. Reconnect the power cord. ...
  5. Wait 30 seconds.
  6. Resume normal use of your speaker.

How do I reset my Bose to factory settings? ›

Restore the factory settings of your speaker.

Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds until the speaker powers off and the lights on it turn off.

Why is my Bose not working? ›

Software needs an update and/or reset

Go to the Bose Software Update Center to check if your speaker is up to date in software. Second, if the speaker is up to date, preform a reset on the speaker and the device. Third, make sure you are connecting to the right device in the Bluetooth menu.

How do I manually update the firmware for my device? ›

Get the latest Android updates available for you
  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Near the bottom, tap System. System update.
  3. You'll see your update status. Follow any steps on the screen.

How do I manually update my computer firmware? ›

Install firmware or BIOS updates in Windows 11 or Windows 10
  1. Search for and open Device Manager.
  2. Expand Firmware.
  3. Double-click System Firmware.
  4. Select the Driver tab.
  5. Click Update Driver.
  6. Click Search automatically for drivers.
  7. Wait for the update to download and then follow the instructions.

Is it OK to update system firmware? ›

A Firmware update improves the functionality and features of your device. It can provide fixes to any performance issues that may occur. With the ever-changing advances in technology, a firmware update also helps a device remain competitive with newer models.

Can Bluetooth firmware be updated? ›

Go to Files in your phone or tablet to add the latest firmware already downloaded. Then tap update to get the firmware updated. After successful update, Bluetooth is disconnected and the controller's indicator blinks blue slowly. Restart the controller to enable the update to take effect.

How long does Bose Soundbar take to update? ›

The update for the Bose Soundbar 500 can take anywhere from 1 to 2 full days.

What is advanced CEC Bose? ›

CEC (Consumer Electronics Controls) is a way for communications and operations to occur between devices connected with HDMI cables. This feature allows for one device to control basic functions of another device, such as turning a device off or change the selected input of a TV.

How do I stop my Bose speaker from saying ready to connect? ›

To turn on or off voice prompts using the Bose Connect app:
  1. Open the app and wait while it searches for available Bose Bluetooth® products.
  2. Tap the Settings icon in the upper-right to open the product settings menu. ...
  3. Use the toggle next to Voice Prompts to turn prompts on or off.

What does resetting a speaker do? ›

A reset can reboot your product or it can clear locally-stored product settings, such as paired device lists.

How do I reboot my speaker? ›

There are two ways to reboot your speaker or display.
Unplug your speaker or display
  1. Unplug the power cord from your speaker or display.
  2. Leave it unplugged for one minute.
  3. Plug the power cord back in.

Why is Bose shutting down? ›

The company announced the decision earlier today and pointed to the fact that its headphones, speakers, and other products “are increasingly purchased through e-commerce” as the reasoning. Hundreds of employees will be laid off as a result.

Is Bose still the best sound system? ›

Bose speakers are the best in terms of sound quality. They have a very good bass and treble, which is why they are preferred by many people. The clarity of their music is also amazing as compared to other brands available in the market today.

Does Bose have a lifetime warranty? ›

The Bose® Limited Warranty for Professional products lasts five years from the date of purchase for all amplifiers, digital signal processors, MSA12X, loudspeaker products that are not self-powered (amplified), speaker components for products that are designated weather rated or environmental, and the speaker ...

How do I reset my Bose for free? ›

Reset your earbuds.
  1. Place your earbuds in the charging case.
  2. Connect charging case to a power outlet with a USB cable and charger. ...
  3. After 5 seconds, disconnect the USB cable from the charging case, then wait 1 minute.
  4. Remove your earbuds from the case and resume normal use.

How do I reset my whole system? ›

To reset your PC, go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC > Get Started.

How do I factory reset my Bose Quietcomfort? ›

With the case open and earbuds inside, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the back of the case for 30 seconds (The earbuds status light will blink blue while holding the button). Then the status light will blink white 2 times, slowly blink blue, and then turns off. Release the button.

Does a factory reset delete everything? ›

Perform factory reset

When you do a factory reset on your Android device, it erases all the data on your device and returns the phone back to its original out-of-the-box state as it was from the factory.

Does factory reset remove all programs? ›

This reset option will reinstall Windows operating system and keeps your personal files, such as photos, music, videos or personal files. However, it will remove apps and drivers you installed, and also removes the changes you made to the settings.

How do you check if I have a broken Bose? ›

Signs and symptoms of a broken nose include:
  1. Pain or tenderness, especially when touching your nose.
  2. Swelling of your nose and surrounding areas.
  3. Bleeding from your nose.
  4. Bruising around your nose or eyes.
  5. Crooked or misshapen nose.
  6. Difficulty breathing through your nose.
  7. Discharge of mucus from your nose.
Jun 28, 2022

Why is my Bose speaker not responding? ›

Disconnect and reconnect the charging cable at both ends.

Unplug both ends of the USB cable then reconnect both ends to ensure they are firmly connected to the speaker and the USB power source.

How do I force a device to update? ›

The best way to force an Android update is to go to Settings > Software update > Download and install.

What do I do if a firmware update is stuck? ›

#1: Try to Soft Reset
  1. Press and hold Volume down and Power buttons for a few seconds until the device logo appears on the screen.
  2. Then, wait for a few seconds and again press and hold power button to switch it on.
Nov 23, 2020

What happens if firmware is not updated? ›

Firmware is made up of programs written by software developers to make hardware devices tick. If the firmware is absent, this results in most of the electronic devices used daily by the masses being unable to function. They simply would not be able to do anything.

How do I manually run the update Service? ›

To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Press the Windows logo Key+R to open the Run box.
  2. Type services. msc in the Run box, and then press Enter.
  3. Right-click Windows Update in the Services management console, and then select Stop. ...
  4. After Windows Update stops, right-click Windows Update, and then select Start.
Mar 23, 2022

How do I trigger an update manually and enable automatically updates? ›

To turn on Automatic Updates yourself, follow these steps:
  1. Click Start, click Run, type wscui. cpl, and then click OK.
  2. Click Automatic Updates.
  3. The following options are available: Automatic (recommended) This option lets you select the day and the time that updates are automatically downloaded and installed.

What is the difference between a firmware and software update? ›

You may conduct one or two software updates a month on a given device, whereas firmware updates are few and far between. Another key difference between firmware and software is that firmware is stored on non-volatile memory. Non-volatile memory refers to types of storage that retain data even when a device is not on.

Why does my firmware update fail? ›

Firmware updates that have failed to install because of low battery power are always retried after the next computer restart. If your PC doesn't have the required battery power available, firmware updates may fail to install. However, Windows will continue to try to install the firmware update at each restart.

How do I complete a firmware update? ›

To update your router's firmware, type your router's IP address into your web browser and enter your login information. Then locate the Firmware or Update section and download the latest firmware update on your router manufacturer's website. Finally, upload the update and reboot the router.

Can firmware get corrupted? ›

Firmware corruption can happen at any time, to any type of hard disk drive, new or old.

Does my firmware need to be updated? ›

Why do we need firmware updates? As firmware carries out the integral functions of hardware, firmware updates bring some alterations in the program, which are necessary to enable the corresponding devices to operate proficiently as well as to fix the bugs for better security.

What is the latest Bluetooth version 2022? ›

Bluetooth 5.2 can be found in 2021 and 2022 wireless earbuds including the Sony WF-1000XM4, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Beats Studio Buds and smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. Bluetooth 5.2 focuses mainly on improvements to audio devices – great news!

How do I update my Bluetooth manually? ›

To manually update your Bluetooth driver on Windows 10, follow these steps:
  1. Open the "Device Manager"
  2. You'll see a list of devices and you should see one or more available under "Bluetooth"
  3. Right-click on the device you want to update under Bluetooth and select "Update Driver"

How long does a Bose system update take? ›

Wait for the update to complete, which can take up to 20 minutes per system depending on update size and network speed. Once updated, the system reboots.

How long should a Bose soundbar last? ›

Soundbars: 6-16 years

A newer amplified soundbar, like a Sonos Arc, should not become obsolete anytime soon, though expect the hardware to operate for up to 7 years before needing a repair or a replacement.

Is Bose coming out with a new soundbar in 2022? ›

October 10, 2022 — Today, Bose announces the new Smart Soundbar 600 — a small, sleek soundbar that features Dolby Atmos® and proprietary Bose TrueSpace™ technology to deliver exceptionally immersive audio for its size.

Should CEC be on or off? ›

The CEC auto power and device priority can sometimes conflict with Harmony's ability to power on and change inputs, and it is highly recommended to disable all the CEC on your connected devices including your TV.

What happens if I disable CEC? ›

Disabling CEC completely on your television will prevent sound from being transmitted through HDMI to other devices. Press the Menu button. Navigate to down and select System or Settings. Navigate to down and select CEC.

What are CEC commands? ›

CEC - Consumer Electronics Control - is an HDMI feature designed to allow a single remote to control multiple devices by sending commands through the HDMI cable connecting the devices together. For example, the TV remote can be used to control the Blu-Ray player connected to it.

How long should Bose Soundbar update take? ›

The update for the Bose Soundbar 500 can take anywhere from 1 to 2 full days.

How long does it take for Bose replacement? ›

Once we receive your product, we will ship out your replacement. The exchange process should take no longer than four weeks.

How do I update my Bose Soundlink 3 software? ›

To update your product:
  1. On a computer, go to to open the Bose updater. ...
  2. View the terms of use, then click Accept and Continue to start.
  3. Click Download and save the file to your computer.
  4. Open the file and install the updater. ...
  5. Connect your product to the computer with a USB cable.

What does Bose Updater do? ›

Bose USB Link Updater software provides a quick and easy way to ensure your USB Link module is running the latest firmware. Simply plug your USB Link module into your computer and open the Bose USB Link Updater software.

How long should a firmware update take? ›

How Long Should a Firmware Update Take? The estimated duration of the firmware update process is 30 minutes. Nonetheless, this relies upon the speed of your internet and at what stage you are at of the update. Android phones stuck on firmware update is a transitory issue and can be fixed with no expert complexities.

Does Bose still take trade ins? ›

Yes and yes. You can sell your used Bose earbuds and headphones. Anything you sell through BuyBack is professionally cleaned, repaired, and restored to perfect working condition — as good as new!

Can I trade in my old Bose system for a new one? ›

Sonos and Bose are different companies and as a result, there is no trade up programs for the older Bose systems for a new Sonos system. If you have an older Bose system and are moving to the new technology of a Sonos system, we often suggest that you donate your older system to a church group or veterans' group.

Did Bose go out of business? ›

There is one store brand that has closed down, but not for pandemic-related reasons. If you haven't heard, at the beginning of the year, the popular audio equipment company, Bose, made the decision to close all of its retail Bose stores, in favor of focusing solely on ecommerce.

How do I reset my Bose Soundlink 3? ›

Reset the speaker. Press and hold Mute on the speaker for ten seconds until all status indicators briefly illuminate and the speaker turns off. Turn the speaker on again, and pair your device.

Is there an app for Bose Soundlink 3? ›

The Bose Connect app is available for iOS and Android devices.

How do I update the firmware on my audio device? ›

Using Device Manager
  1. Open the Windows menu, type device manager, and select Device Manager from the results. ...
  2. Click Sound, video and game controllers, then right-click your sound card and click Properties.
  3. Click the Driver tab, then click Update Driver.
Dec 18, 2020

How do I reset my Bose software? ›

On your headphones, press and hold the Power/Bluetooth® button. While continuing to hold the button, connect the USB cable to the right earcup. The Power light on your headphones will quickly blink twice. Once connected, wait two seconds and then release the Power/Bluetooth button.

Is it good to update system firmware? ›

A Firmware update improves the functionality and features of your device. It can provide fixes to any performance issues that may occur. With the ever-changing advances in technology, a firmware update also helps a device remain competitive with newer models.

Which is the best software updater? ›

  • 2) UCheck.
  • 3) Systweak Software Updater.
  • 4) IObit Software Updater.
  • 5) Glarysoft Software Update Pro.
  • 6) Avira Software Updater.
  • 7) Heimdal Thor Agent.
Dec 6, 2022


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