Adele vs. Beyonce - the revenge! Our predictions for this year's Grammy Awards (2023)

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TWith the 65th Grammy Awards taking place on Sunday, February 5, music fans brace themselves for the rematch of the century: Adele vs. Beyoncé.

Both artists are competing for album of the year, six years after Adele took home the top prize for her third album.25. Victory over Beyoncé's critically acclaimed surprise albumLemonadeit was very controversial;Adele herself said Beyoncé deserved the awardduring his acceptance speech.

This year, the British singer arrives with her record-breaking fourth album.30,published in 2021.A four-star review in The Independentpraised the songs as "beautifully crafted ballads about love and its various torments", with Adele's voice as the main attraction, as always. "Adele has this completely imperfect voice, gigantic and fragile at the same time."Critic Annabel Nugent wrote. “It's epic without resorting to flashy and melismatic airs. It yawns in unexpected ways and makes intonation fun."

For her part, Beyoncé wowed fans and critics alike with her disco- and house-influenced record.Renaissance. "In a general spirit of musical modernity, trap, house, glitchtronica, disco, ragga, South African gqom and future funk meld into an intoxicating mix, with songs that flow into one another and change course midway."said critic Mark Beaumont in his four-star review.

Also competing for Album of the Year are rapper Kendrick Lamar, Adele's British compatriots Coldplay and Harry Styles, pop star Lizzo, Abba, Mary J Blige and Brandi Carlile. Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny completes the list of 10 nominees and makes history with his albumA summer without a shirtThis is the first Spanish language album to be nominated in the AOTY category.


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Here's a look at the runners and drivers in the "Big Four" categories: Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist.

Nominees for Album of the Year

30– Adela

travel -ABBA

A summer without tea– bad rabbit

Renaissance- Beyonce

Good morning beautiful (deluxe)– Mary J. Blige

in these quiet days– Brandi Carlile

Music of the Spheres- Coldplay

Mr. Moral and the big climbers- Kendrick Lamar

Special– Lizzo

Harry's house– Harry Styles

Verdict: Kendrick Lamar has multiple Grammy Awards to his name, but he's been sorely rejected for Album of the Year three times in favor of Daft Punk, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. His fifth album, Mr Morale & the Big Steppers, is more than worthy of the accolade for its thoughtful and often tender meditations on childhood, celebrity culture, infidelity and parenthood. In the battle of pop titans, Beyoncé must surely triumph over Adele with her dazzling disco-inspired album Renaissance. A curveball (but still well-deserved) would be Bad Bunny with his sun-kissed swagger.A summer without tea.

Will win:Beyonce

should win: Beyonce

Record of the Year nominated

"Don't Shut Me Down" - ABBA (Benny Andersson, Producer; Benny Andersson and Bernard Lohr, Engineers/Mixers; Bjorn Engelmann, Mastering Engineer)

"Easy on Me" - Adele (Greg Kurstin, Producer; Julian Burg, Torn Elmhirst and Greg Kurstin, Engineers/Mixers; Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer)

Adele vs. Beyonce - the revenge! Our predictions for this year's Grammy Awards (1)

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"Break My Soul" - Beyoncé (Beyoncé, Terius "The-Dream" Gesteelde-Diamant, Jens Christian Isaksen and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Producers; Brandon Harding, Chris McLaughlin and Stuart White, Engineers/Mixers; Colin Leonard, Engineer- mastering )

"Good Morning Gorgeous" - Mary J Blige (D'Mile and HER, producers; Bryce Bordone, Serban Ghenea and Pat Kelly, engineers/mixers)

"You and Me on the Rock" - Brandi Carlile with Lucius (Dave Cobb and Shooter Jennings, producers; Brandon Bell, Torn Elmhirst and Michael Harris, engineers/mixers; Pete Lyman, mastering engineer)

"Woman" - Doja Cat (Crate Classics, Linden Jay, Aynzli Jones and Yeti Beats, producers; Jesse Ray Ernster and Rian Lewis, engineers/mixers; Mike Bozzi, mastering engineer)

„Bad Habit“ – Steve Lacy (Steve Lacy, Produzent; Neal Pogue und Karl Wingate, Ingenieure/Mixer; Mike Bozzi, Mastering-Ingenieur)

„The Heart Part 5“ – Kendrick Lamar (Beach Noise, Produzent; Beach Noise, Rob Besel, Ray Charles Brown Jr., James Hunt, Johnny Kosich, Matt Schaeffer und Johnathan Turner, Ingenieure/Mixer; Michelle Mancini, Mastering Engineer)

"About Damn Time" - Lizzo (Ricky Reed and Blake Slatkin, producers; Patrick Kehrier, Bill Malina and Manny Marroquin, engineers/mixers; Michelle Mancini, mastering engineer)

"As It Was" - Harry Styles (Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon, producers; Jeremy Hatcher and Spike Stent, engineers/mixers; Randy Merrill, mastering engineer)

Verdict: For the uninitiated or anyone confused by the Grammy distinction between "album" and "record," the latter acknowledges the producers, mixers, and engineers who helped create these hits along with the artist or band. There are many big names among this year's nominees, including Greg Kurstin, who produced Adele's comeback single Easy on Me, Abba's Benny Andersson on the Swedish pop group's comeback and The Dream for Beyoncé's powerful anthem Break My Soul. Amidst these exuberant performances, however, is Brandi Carlile's beautifully and finely crafted You and Me on the Rock, produced by Dave Cobb, one of Nashville's finest producers today.

will win: "Easy on Me" - Adele (Greg Kurstin, Producer; Julian Burg, Torn Elmhirst and Greg Kurstin, Engineers/Mixers; Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer)

should win: "You and Me on the Rock" - Brandi Carlile with Lucius (Dave Cobb and Shooter Jennings, producers; Brandon Bell, Torn Elmhirst and Michael Harris, engineers/mixers; Pete Lyman, mastering engineer)

song of the year

„abcdefu“ – Gayle

"Ya era hora" - Lizzo

"All Too Well" (10 Minute Version) (The Short Film) - Taylor Swift"

"As It Was" - Harry Styles

"Bad Habit" - Steve Lacy

"Break my soul" - Beyoncé

"Just with me" - Adele

"God made it" - DJ Khaled

"The Heart, Part 5" - Kendrick Lamar

"Just like that" - Bonnie Raitt

Verdict: It's interesting to see that a song that achieved viral fame on TikTok made it onto such a prestigious list. With almost a billion streams on Spotify, "abcdefu" is probably one of the most successful. But do you have a candle for the other nominees? No way. It's catchy, sure, but Gayle's lanky rendition is straight out of the Billie Eilish book, while her lyrics are clunky at best and childish at worst. It would be better if the judges voted for Lizzo with her defiant single "About Damn Time," Kendrick's "The Heart Part 5," or Beyoncé's "Break My Soul."

will win: "Break my soul" - Beyoncé

should win: "Break my soul" - Beyoncé

Best New Artist


Omar Apolo

DOMi and JD Beck

Mun wide

Samara joy



tobe nwigwe

Molly tuttle

wet leg

Verdict:A real mix here, including a rare win for the Brits in the form of Isle of Wight duo Wet Leg. The last UK act to win this award was Dua Lipa in 2019, followed by Sam Smith in 2015. Another four years later, maybe they have a chance? However, they face stiff competition from American singer-songwriter Omar Apollo and world dominating Italian rockers Måneskin.

will win: moonlight

should win: moonlight


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The winners will be announced on February 5, 2023 during the ceremony, which will be streamed live from the Arena in Los Angeles. US audiences can tune in to CBS and stream live and on-demand on Paramount+.

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