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Sony Walkman NW-A45/B Checkpreis

Sony Walkman NW-A45/B

Study quality sound

The Sony NW-A45/B Walkman is a basic music player that does not admit video playback and does not contain any application. However, it offers extraordinary audio quality.How is that?Well, you listen to every sound as if you were right in front of the musical artist.

The sound is very clear and natural, J.As intended.The manufacturer has achieved such clarity by improving hardware.People in Sony have designed a new circuit plate for a better current flow, which makes the stable power supply and sound lighter.Reduce noise and distortion, which makes the most pure vocal period.

Last but not least, the NW-A45/B Walkman Hi-RES and DSD audio formats, which are known to sound in the quality of the study.He obtains a superior authentic sound with all these improvements.

However, these are not all intelligent improvements that make this player sound so good.For example, the NW-A45/B supports the DSEE HX function, which restores the quality of compressed music files to provide them with a more natural and rich sound.

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Simple controls

The Sony NW-A45/B has the entire tactile screen 3.1 -1-'with the patented Sony.es interface looks pretty well and is bright enough to read well under sunlight.At home and configuration) are located at the bottom of the device and the improvements of equalizer and sound.The album image is shown above.

The software is quite simple and user's friend.You can connect the player to your PC or tablet, for example, without installing a special program.-Menu for high -resolution audio files and a convenient classification of the album/ artist.It is important that there is no rest on the album if there is a guest singer.All the songs remain together.

The NW-A45/B is also compatible with the Bluetooth connection so that it can combine it with its wireless headphones or try Sony's headphones in noise cranes and enjoy a really excellent sound.

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Good design

Sony's MP3 player feels good in your hands and is quite small to fit in the pants bag.Compatible 128 GBs).

The metal housing has a matte finish and, therefore, does not collect digital footprints.The quality of processing is perfect, as always with Sony.There are no crunch and holes.

In fact, the NW-A45/B player can please a user who demands the best quality of construction and audio, and with Sony you always get what you pay.

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Sony Walkman NW-A45/B

Sandisk clip sport plus review price

Sandisk Clip Sport Plus

Thousands of songs in your pocket

MP3 players that have been replaced long after smartphones still have a small but loyal market segment.This is because these devices are extremely economic and have high quality for them, which makes them this market, which will carry out with the Sandisk Clip Sport plus an MP3 MP3 player with Bluetooth.

One thing that people will immediately notice about this MP3 player is that it does not have the same "flat" design that many other players have.In fact, voluminous appearance seems bigger than it really is.This MP3 player, which is found in a blue waterproof plastic houses, are particularly durable and capable of supporting a rhythm and elements and at the same time be extremely light.If you even let it use outside your pocket, in a belt or in an arm strap, which means going through strict exercise regime.The light design of this player also means that you do not feel it, no matter where you hold it or use it so that you do not have your activities along the way.

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Wireless skills

One of the good functions that many users appreciate about this MP3 player is that it contains Bluetooth functions with which you can use wireless functions by combining them with other devices.bocina BluetoothFor example, you can easily combine the device to use it as a virtual jukebox for you and your friends.If you want to listen to more music yourself, you can also combine a series of wireless headphones to combine a complete wireless experience offer the people who like to listen to music while doing activities such as sports or sports will really appreciate not having cables along the way.

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Enjoy music from anywhere

If the 16 GB capacity of the player, which allows up to 4000 songs, does not receive the selection of the songs you want or need, you can use the integrated FM tuner to listen to your favorite radio.The tuner admits the entire area of The Spectrum so that you do not have to worry about missing a radio station, and with the integrated memory you can save up to 30 different stations to get quick access to you.The device can have up to 20 hours with a complete load can be carried out with wiringheadphones, give them a lot of juice to keep them all day and some more.Soon if you are looking for a tested MP3 player to offer you the complete wireless experience, this Sandisk model is your best option.

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Sandisk Clip Sport Plus

Soulcker 16gb cheque preis

Soulcker 16gb

More than just music

The main objective of an MP3 player is to play music what each model should do well, but sometimes users want a little more of their multimedia players than a single basic music player.For this user, Soulcker 16GB MP3 player with Bluetooth 4.0 is a good choice that should meet their requirements.A direct view of this MP3 player shows a design that is common in many others, including a flat body and a decent LCD screen, but the internal functions of this multimedia player really differentiate it from the competition.

Many of those who prefer to use MP3 players for smartphones are those who like to listenActive can pursue their physical activities, including the distance they covered on a given day so that they can easily follow their jobs and run without having to carry a bulky smartphone.Ideal because it does not feel the weight of the device, regardless of how you use it..

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Video reproduction and wireless connectivity

As we have already mentioned, this MP3 player is good for more than music.The player also admits the reproduction of video files and allows you to enjoy visual entertainment at any time.The 2.4 -inch LCD screen has a high resolution of 240 x 320, so that all the videos you see should appear in high quality, without granular distortions, such as what appears on the screens with low resolution.Wireless headphones or speakers can use the device that can be combined in a few seconds.

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Easy to use

With all the functions offered by this player, some users may think that it is something complicated for control, but this is anything but the case.I need to get used, with visual elements clearly created on the screen with which the player can easily navigate.be used. They want to take this device on a short trip can do this without worrying the battery device.They can even expand the internal memory of 16 GB adding aMicro roadTherefore, there are practically no restrictions on the amount of music and videos you can keep on the device.This extremely capable MP3 player can meet almost all its entertainment needs while moving.

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Soulcker 16gb

Checkpreis De Agptek A02S

Agptek a02s

Admits the best formats

What is an MP3 player if it does not support the best audio formats?Not very good, according to many that can really notice the difference between certain audio files.AGPTEK A02S MP3 LUSSS Sound Music Play admits 4 different audio formats.With this player you can open certain FLAC and APPE files together with MP3 and WMA.The FLAC and APER formats offer you the opportunity to enjoy a high quality stereo sound that is achieved due to the non -losses of the digital audio so that you can listen to your favorite music in your original fame and listen to every small detail of each song.

This player also admits audio that was downloaded from each source. Independently of whether to use a certain musical download service or prefers to contain songs from their preferred CDs to Rippendrm.Integrated 16 GB memory should be sufficient for most music collections. For those that need more storage space, you can expand total memory by adding a 128 GB microSD card.He only observes that the producer states that this player is only compatible with AGPTEK memory cards.

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Extremely long battery life

The AGPTEK -MP3 player is a compact and light unit that is built with a durable shock absorber surface and can support strict activities.It is perfect for people who run in a gym or only for daily use of this multifunctional device.You can enjoy your music collection while driving.

Compared to the other MP3 players in our review, this music player offers the longest battery life with a single load.The built battery can last approximately 70 hours a continuous audio reproduction.In a more likely scenario, this means that the player who most of the time of a week can be carried out before he has to load.This MP3 player offers a fast charging function to use a 30 -minute rate for 10 hours.We are sure that this option is not only important, but for each user it is extremely necessary.And a full-time time is approximately 3-4 hours, so he doesn't have to wait all day to resume the listening of his favorite music.For those who find the extremely long battery life as the most important aspect of a player, this model simply cannot be exceeded.

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AGPTEK A02 8GB MP3 Player Evaluation

What customers say about this product

Key specifications

My music library is colossal (music is my life), so it was an advantage not only to have 16 GBS, internal memory, for which the expansion is up to 128 additions -gbs, but also the AAC format (another needfor me).

height Weight

But I love its size, much easier than the iPod.


I bought this as a Christmas gift for my son ... He loves that he is an MP3 player (which is equipped with enough storage), a radio recorder and a language recorder


It is best how long the battery plays 24 to 30 hours before you have to load.I recommend it.

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Agptek a02s

Berennis A30 Checkpreis
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Berennis A30

Entertaiment center

Do you find an MP3 player used on the fly?

The heart of this model is a powerful chip that is integrated into the intelligent high fidelity system.It ensures a very decent sound and easily raises it with some of the most expensive models.But if you download music from good reputation sources, the sound will be clear and pure and you will definitely enjoy it.

Next, Berennis A30 admits a wide range of music formats: MP3, WMA, AP, FLAC and WAV, as well as TXT, AMV files and Radioles FM A book or watch a video that thanks to a 1.77 - screens are convenient fordo .The screen is bright, quite large and read even in sunlight.

The internal storage space is 16 GB;This is enough to save music, video and even a library of your favorite electronic books.You can also increase this space using a microSD card with a capacity of up to 128 GB, so that you can save thousands of books, tracks and films in its entirety.

Another advantage is the Bluetooth 4.2 function.

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Just touch and listen

Berennis A30's MP3 player has a thin high -tech design.He looks good and feels expensive.The player is very convenient for an operation of one hand.It is ergonomic and thin, so it fits perfectly at hand.

There are only 3 buttons: two for volume control on the left side and one button one/off (with the microSD slot) on the right side.Most processes can be carried out with 7 tactile buttons on the front.They are very reaction.and leads to use in weak light.

The A30 is equipped with a LI-Poly battery for the battery that is completely loaded in 2.5 hours, and offers up to 30 hours of continuous music transmission.

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Useful extras

In addition to all practical options, Berennis A30 is equipped with a sensitive microphone for voice recording.He is quite powerful and makes clear recordings from a distance.This is particularly practical to record a conference or other speech.

In general, this is a totally defeated player where you are not bored.As 30 US dollars and is easily one of the best models in its price range.

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5 Better 2021 MP3 player ratings (24)

Berennis A30


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