25 Russian Slang Phrases You Should Know (2023)

25 Russian Slang Phrases You Should Know (1)

Just as other languages ​​\u200b\u200bof our amazing world have a huge number of slang, Russian does not exclude this rule. The modern Russian language has developed hundreds of variations for every normal word. Even small declensions and final changes can create an entirely different meaning or situation in which this Russian slang word can be used. Russian slang is used not only by young representatives of our culture, but also by older people. It is part of Russian culture to simplify communication between them. And even if for someone some of these phrases in Russian can be seen not as slang, but as an ordinary phrase, we assure you that it is still slang. We suggest you not use them in a conversation where you want to be known as a highly educated man. You need to know these phrases only because by hearing them from your Russian friends you can know the meaning of what they are talking about.

We will provide brief explanations of each of the phrases and situations in which it can be mainly used.

  1. Do not chase!- Literal meaning - "Not so fast"o"don't drive fast🇧🇷 But actually the contextual meaning: a)You are talking about something unreal.; b)I can not believe you; C)You're saying something that I don't think is true.; d)do not lie.
  2. What are you taking me?– This Russian slang basically means the same thing as the previous one. Just another way of saying it.
  3. Stop talking off topic!– It’s hard to explain the literal meaning, but it’s more like: “Enoughaddition, change thehe"🇧🇷 It is usually used when you want someone to shut up and change the subject of discussion. Please note that this is a rather rude form of slang, so be careful when using it.
  4. Well, nifiga yourself!– The meaning of this Russian slang is that you express your astonishment. Slang phrase means a surprise you didn't expect. More like "Wow” in English, but in a more complicated way of saying it.
  5. She sails!– This Russian slang is short and very precise. This means: "I do not want"o"Fuck it, I don't want to deal with this."🇧🇷 Either way, both English meanings combined in Russian equal the phrase you wouldn't want to use but still need to know.
  6. I do not careoI do not care🇧🇷 – Those phrases that are the same mean the same thing: “I don’t care!” But the first is ruder than the second. We would say that the second is a childish phrase and does not contribute anything negative or positive.
  7. Don't suffer shit!– Literally means:Don't suffer for any rubbish🇧🇷 You may have a hunch that you are doing something wrong or unnecessary. which looks like this:Don't do it because it doesn't make sense.onot worth it.
  8. I just get high with you!– That's a good slang phrase. And we will explain why. Because it basically has the accent of praise. When you say: "I'm aloneexcitedyou!"o"I'm excited for you."
  9. It's already a complete mess!- WordzashkvarIt has the meaning that something has been exaggerated. Which brings us to the point that this Russian slang means: “This is too much"or when you tell someone they did something too complicated or over the top.
  10. Listen, don't slow down on the curve!– “Listen, don't brake on the curve!“We gave the direct meaning before the explanation because it is very clear to get an idea of ​​the idea when you can use it. But we have to give you a brief explanation anyway. This Russian slang is very often used in a situation where people want to rush or rush someone and they say:Come on, don't be silly and keep doing it right🇧🇷 Which means that when you brake or stop in corners, you slow down the process, making it very slow.
  11. It seems that Adrey is freezing a lot around us.. – “It seems that Adrey is rigidly frozen from us🇧🇷 Does that make sense to you? If not, then let's explain. In the culture of Russian slang "freeze on someone"it means to avoid meeting someone. Other words “to avoid” seeing someone. So this sentence means:It looks like Andrey is avoiding a lotg afind us
  12. Anton is extinguished by the police.🇧🇷 – Same meaning as the slang above, but with a slightly different accent. This sentence would be said by any young criminal than by an average teenager.
  13. Sveta fucked her boyfriend last night🇧🇷 – For this sentence, we want you to imagine a situation where a girl named Sveta had a date with a boy. After having fun with that guy on a date, she simply said "bye" but didn't continue the night with him. Hope you understand what we mean by that. Therefore, for some cultures it may be very strange, but for Russian culture it is quite a common situation. So that boy says a slang:Sveta "left her boyfriend without a bonus" after a dateor the meaning like "Sveta refused to continue the date with her boyfriend". And to be more precise, her boyfriend wanted to have some intimate relations with Sveta, but she didn't want to meet her boyfriend's expectations.
  14. Let's go to the store!– What you can see in the Russian text is a literal translation into English: “let's do marketing🇧🇷 It most likely doesn't make sense to you. Russian slang verb “bazar” means “to the market” (has nothing to do directly with this word, but with the verbbazarderived from the nounmercadowhich is market in English). You know the "market" is a crowded place and people talk loudly there. And so "bazar” means the slang version of “speak” in Russian.
  15. Brother, you're on fire!- Word "brother” is a slang version of “brother”. and the verb "will burn” – has the meaning of “being burned”. Therefore, the slang means: “Brother they saw you"o"Brother, has anyone seen you” (when in fact the “bro” didn’t want anyone to see it).
  16. I'm going hard today🇧🇷 - This one is very simple: "I'm very dumb today"o"I'm thinkingthisthis day”.
  17. It's kind of a gesture.🇧🇷 – In this Russian phrase the word “lata” means more like “crazy”, which is unusual. When you see how drunk your Bro is trying to do pirouettes and it's his 5aI try... That's it"lataand expresses: "what's going on here is crazy."
  18. Face, calm down!– It’s simple: “Dude, calm down!”
  19. I don't see shit🇧🇷 – “I don't see anything” but that's a rather rude way of saying it. Pay attention to where to apply this phrase.
  20. This is a very impressive article about Russian slang.🇧🇷 – In this case, we need to explain one word so that you can understand the complete sentence. It's an adjective: “залепательный” – slang meaning something is so interesting that you can't look away and stop reading. The current phrase basically means the following: “Is veryInterestingarticle on Russian jargon”.It's not bad slang and can be used in everyday conversation with young people of Russian nationality.
  21. let's eat. – “let's eat something🇧🇷 Simple, short, but also indecent. So try not to talk like that.
  22. Fuck nice guy!– This sentence has the word “typeand you already know very well. (see 18asentence from this list). But "go crazy” may be a new word for you and means “go crazy🇧🇷 So the full meaning is something like: “Crazy (go crazy), you're a good guy!” – It is short and concise.
  23. This Amerikos is a weirdo!– There is Russian slang for American citizens”Americans🇧🇷 It's not a rude word, but it's a common phrase in Russian. The second word is adjective "low” means funny, crazy and crazy, but in every good sense of the word. This word derives from the Russian word “Prague” – plague (disease). But then again, it's used to describe a guy who is a person who is full of life, who knows how to have fun and feel happy with his life.
  24. It's good to constantly send me🇧🇷 – In this case, the Russian word “bom” means “enough” in world jargon. and the verb "barcohas the normal dictionary meaning of “load(on)” and describes someone or something “carrying extra weight (problems, questions, sticky situations, etc.)”. What does the complete sentence mean: “No more constantly putting / carrying problems and problems in my head"o"stop bothering me constantly”.
  25. Rummaging in your pockets will not be superfluous!– This sentence is pretty standard except for the first word "to stir” which means “to look for something” or “to look for something”. Of course, again the Russian phrase is understood as slang. It's best not to use this slang in civil settings because you might misunderstand each other. The translation into English would be: "To search in pockets will not superfluo" or "To search in pockets not be superfluo" (It is necessary to look in the pockets, maybe you will find something there).

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